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  1. Thank you for all the help. I spoke today with the Centurion tech support . The kit i have is for 2015 model year. 2014 was not equipped with the system to handle both ram fill and PNP. I will have to install separate switches and wiring to power and run the pumps. Centurion does sell switch panel and the switches for my boat. I got the part numbers . Unfortunately they do not sell the wiring kit. It shouldn’t be hard to wire it up.
  2. I recently purchased a plug and play ballast upgrade for my 2014 fx22 from an authorized centurion dealer. Something that they had hanging around the shop since 2014 . The idea of having the system that would work from my touch screen was grate. kit comes with 2 fly high rear locker bags . 2 ballast puppy pumps all the hoses and connections. New pdm with wiring harness . Would anybody know where can i find instructions on how to install it. Specifically pdm and wiring install. Thanks .

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