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  1. I had the shaft break on my Falcon after a stringer up restoration too. My issue wasn't alignment. The history of the boat that I restored involved salt water use + I think the previous owner had hit something with the under water gear. Anyway, my shaft broke near the strut. Best we could tell, there was pitting in the shaft that weakened it. I bought a replacement and haven't missed a beat since. I was lucky though that all of it held together even though it was fully separated. The strut bearing kept it all there, so my prop didn't end up on the bottom of the lake. Good luck!
  2. From the Indmar website: https://indmar.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/1993-and-Older-Indmar-Operators-Manual.pdf
  3. Is your 454 a Mercruiser conversion? The manuals in PDF form are available online.
  4. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    Nice looking boats! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    You got any pictures of that boat, Kevin?
  6. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    There's a couple of guys over on the ball of spray forum who are gurus on barefoot warriors. Their screen names are Vonman and 6balls. You can find them in this thread: https://ballofspray.com/forum#/discussion/12341/skiing-behind-outboard-boats/p2
  7. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    Here's a one page summary in Water Ski magazine, but it's from 1986, not 1983. However in that time frame the boats were very similar. Hope this helps. https://books.google.com/books?id=Shw2AQAAMAAJ&lpg=PA107&ots=UsERpjSe0H&dq=water ski magazine january 1986&pg=PA51#v=onepage&q=water ski magazine january 1986&f=false
  8. That's great news! Glad you're up and running. Should be tons of fun this summer with that boat.
  9. I think it's just up to you...what's your preference.
  10. Will this video help you? Are you taking the shaft out to replace it? You boat is a v-drive, right? Prop Shaft Removal
  11. Hi Joel, Glad to hear you're making progress. My boat, a 1993 Falcon Open bow, is very similar to yours. I don't know what the original bilge pump is either because mine was toast. We replaced it with a new one. I ended up using a piece of angled metal to make a mountain bracket for it. You have to be careful here though, when I first mounted mine, I did so in a way that didn't let the floats move up and down smoothly and that cause it to run when it wasn't needed, in auto mode. Also, placement, I moved mine forward in the bilge a bit, to the lowest point. As a result, I have a pretty dry bilge and it rarely comes on. Post some pictures of that area so we can see what you're dealing with. You shouldn't have a problem picking a bilge pump that'll work for you and getting it installed. Make sure that the hose going from the bilge pump to the back of the boat isn't rotten and leaking water along the way too. -Tim
  12. Hi Dave, I was in the same situation as you when I did my Falcon restore. I ended up using the existing panels as guides to make new ones out of HPDE. Then, I used 3M carbon sheets to wrap them. I'm pleased with how it came out...but using a CNC machine to create newer sturdier ones would be even better. There's a guy over on the mastercraft teamtalk board who makes panels for people and he said he could do mine. But, I was in a hurry and anxious to get back on the lake. In my pic, you'll see that I also flush mounted in my dash a GPS / Fish / Depth finder. It's a pretty clean install.
  13. I'm going to add a bunch of links here to various archived versions of Water Ski magazine boat buyer's guides. I'll try to make sure the links open to the specific Ski Centurion pages: 1987 Tru Trac II 1989 Falcon 1990 Tru Trac III 1994 Falcon V Drive & LaPoint Tru Trac 1989 Falcon Bowrider 1995 LaPoint Elite LX 1995 Elite Bowrider
  14. 2000 Centurion Ski Sports

    I did the same as Dave. I had to rebuild all of the structure in the Open Bow due to it all being rotten. When I made my new side bolsters, I put an opening in each to create little cubbie holes where kids who ride up front could store stuff. Like what's in newer boats. Those cut outs allowed me to get my hands up behind the are where the upholstery bolts to the cap. Good luck!
  15. Hey Joel, Over on the iBoats.com forum, Austin just tore his Holley 4160 apart to rebuild it and he's chronicling it in his rebuild thread. Check it out. -Tim 1987 Tru Trac II rebuild

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