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  1. 302 or a 351W?

    Are you planning to chronicle your rebuild here on centurioncrew.com ? Or somewhere else? or not at all? My Falcon restoration thread was over on iboats. Check it out: https://forums.iboats.com/forum/boat-repair-and-restoration/boat-restoration-building-and-hull-repair/10391486-1993-ski-centurion-restoration
  2. 302 or a 351W?

    Will you have to re-power, or just rebuild the engine? My Falcon is a 1993, and it came with a Ford/Indmar 351...it too was toast. My cousin's 1996 Falcon donated it's low hour Mercruiser GM 350. So I now have a GM engine sitting where a Ford once was. It can be done pretty easily. How's the floor and stringers in your project boat?
  3. 302 or a 351W?

    Sorry, I just noticed the 1990 model year tag. Definitely a 351. probably the only powertrain available that year.
  4. 302 or a 351W?

    That's a beauty for sure. Look on the stern / transom and grab the last 2 digits from the HIN #. That'll give you (us) the year. More than likely...almost positively, it's a 351. You can look here on NADA and see that all of the 1992 inboards have the same HP and they were all 351s. https://www.nadaguides.com/Boats/1992/Centurion-Boats I'm going to bump the Falcon Thread in this forum. You can ask questions in that thread of other owners with similar type boats as yours. Welcome! Post more pics!!!!
  5. More potential information here, in this thread. Including guys who have mid 80s Tru Tracs. If that's what this boat is, they could probably help with a true prop shaft measurement. Also here's a link to WaterSki magazine, but this is the oldest one we could find. it's for 1987. https://books.google.com/books?id=8B02AQAAMAAJ&lpg=PA6&dq=1987 Water Ski boat buyers guide&pg=RA1-PA47#v=onepage&q=1987 Water Ski boat buyers guide&f=false
  6. The last two digits of the HIN number will tell you the year that the boat was manufactured. If your boat is actually a 1985 model, you should be able to determine what model it is by matching it up to the model specs located here on the NADA website. https://www.nadaguides.com/Boats/1985/Centurion-Boats Is it really a V-Drive? as opposed to a direct drive? a DD is a true inboard boat where the engine is pretty much in the center of the boat. Ski Centurion was one of the first to make a V-Drive, but they were pretty rare back then. V-Drives didn't become all the rage until way later in the late 90s about a decade after your boat. Post up some pictures and we can determine what it is. If it's a Tru Trac or a Concourse - both tournament ski boats, we'll be able to figure the prop shaft thing out. plus prop shafts from other manufactures will fit up. If it's a V-Drive you're probably going to have to fill out the measurement worksheet for Marine Hardware and have them make you a new shaft. I hope this helps.
  7. Hi, I hope this helps. Your boat came with a 1" inch diameter prop shaft. Off the top of my head I don't know the exact length needed. It's roughly 42 inches. Do you have a usable strut? Prop? Prop shaft log? Take a look at this catalog from Marine Hardware you'll see what's available. You might call them and they could advise you. http://www.marinehardware.com/downloads/running_gear.pdf Also you can contact Ron Tanis at Skiboatpartsonline.com and he might know what prop shaft you need too. http://skiboatpartsonline.com/Inboard-Ski-Boat-Parts/
  8. Just throwing things out there, most of which you probably already know: 1. Take the entire cooling system apart hose by hose and look for clogs, also check to make sure that none of the hoses are collapsing under load. 2. Check the impeller, is it possible that the shaft is worn and there fore the impeller isn't spinning at higher RPMS? 3. Take the thermostat out and run it without the thermostat, see what happens. Also, run it with a different temp thermostat and see what happens. After all of that, I'd dive into the risers and see if there's blockage there. Good luck! Great looking boat.
  9. I had the shaft break on my Falcon after a stringer up restoration too. My issue wasn't alignment. The history of the boat that I restored involved salt water use + I think the previous owner had hit something with the under water gear. Anyway, my shaft broke near the strut. Best we could tell, there was pitting in the shaft that weakened it. I bought a replacement and haven't missed a beat since. I was lucky though that all of it held together even though it was fully separated. The strut bearing kept it all there, so my prop didn't end up on the bottom of the lake. Good luck!
  10. From the Indmar website: https://indmar.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/1993-and-Older-Indmar-Operators-Manual.pdf
  11. Is your 454 a Mercruiser conversion? The manuals in PDF form are available online.
  12. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    Nice looking boats! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    You got any pictures of that boat, Kevin?
  14. Barefoot Warrior looking for info

    There's a couple of guys over on the ball of spray forum who are gurus on barefoot warriors. Their screen names are Vonman and 6balls. You can find them in this thread: https://ballofspray.com/forum#/discussion/12341/skiing-behind-outboard-boats/p2

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