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  1. You should be seeing 44-4500 rpms. These boats have a 1:1 transmission and you should get approx. 1 mph per 100 rpm. Good luck.
  2. 1999 elite models?

    My cousin has a 1996 Falcon sport that he ordered direct from the factory. So basically, he explained to me the build process and from that I gleaned that many of these boats are more "custom" than standard. They're all hand built and therefore many of the parts like the back seat are not interchangeable. Also, dealers or the customer were able to make requests about how they wanted the boat configured so basically every option/feature was available even within the pre-configured build packages. Makes it difficult to determine any amount of uniformity amongst models and years. In theory you could've said, I'd like an Elite bowrider, but I like the shape of the Falcon wind shield so can I get the Falcon windshield instead of the rounded one? And they'd be like, Yep. And then you'd have a one off franken boat.
  3. That is a nice looking boat! Let me see if I can sorta answer some of your questions: 1. Best guess on factory top speed would be in the 43-44 mph range, maybe 45. With a different prop you could probably get near to 50 mph, but you'd be giving up low end pulling power that tournament ski boats are known for. 2. Two speedos goes back to it's tournament ski towing roots. The speedos are notorious for going out, getting something clogged in the pick ups. So, there's two so hopefully at least one will keep working. I have one not working in my boat now. For speed though, load a GPS app to your phone and use that to see how fast your boat is going actually. The speedos tend to not be calibrated correctly too. 3. Factory prop size, I believe was 12 x 12 3 blade. On a 1 inch diameter shaft. I just replaced my prop with an ACME 541. That's the preferred replacement for slalom skiing. Do some google searching on props. The best prop for you will depend on what you intend to primarily use the boat for. Good luck!
  4. I replaced the captains seat in my Falcon. Most ski boats don't have pedestal style seating. What you need to get your new seat into your boat is a seat slider that mounts to the current platform. Something like this: Great Lakes Skipper seat slider Post some pics. If your boat has the plastic base like mine, this is pretty east to do. I cleaned up my base and then spray painted it black to make it look new again. Underneath, I cut a piece of plywood as an insert to add rigidity. I painted the plywood piece with some house paint just to give it some water protection even though water should NOT be in the seat base. Then I mounted the slider to the base and then put the new seat on the slider.
  5. Hi Hud, Nice looking Falcon. Glad you got it running good again. As to your question the NADA boat guide says that a 1991 Falcon weighs 2500 lbs. Your single axle trailer doesn't weigh 1000 lbs for sure. Maybe 750ish. Keep in mind that your boat has about a 25 gallon gas tank and so that'll add another 175 lbs when it's full. I think you'll be fine, just don't overload the boat (or the vehicle) with other heavy stuff. Enjoy the boat, looks great! I see some classic wood skis in there. -Tim
  6. Also, join us in the Falcon and Tru-Trac thread if you have more questions or things to share with the "older" boat owners. Tru-Trac & Falcon Thread
  7. Wow! That's a great looking boat. I have a '93 Falcon open bow. I've only ever seen the V-Drive in the brochures. Which, I think I have by the way. Shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll send them to you. And yes, I can confirm that all Falcons from 1994 came equipped with a 25 gallon tank. (or so says the brochure.)
  8. That Bolster should be removable from the cap, but I would imagine that the fiberglass behind it has a half moon cut to allow the speaker to have clearance. When you lifted the cap, did you lave the bolster attached? I'm assuming that you'll remove it to get them reupholstered. Are you going to keep the spartan head logo on the new upholstery? When I did my boat, I lost all of the centurion logos and graphics.
  9. Fender cleats etc

    Bakes online had the pop up cleats with Centurion engraved on them. However, when I called to purchase two they only had 1 left. I ended up with these. Pop Up Cleats
  10. Falcon Propeller shaft

    You have a picture of your Falcon? Post it here and/or in the Falcon / Tru Trac thread please. I'd like to see what yours looks like. Thanks.
  11. Falcon Propeller shaft

    Sorry. Throw that thing up on eBay and see if you can get it sold. I found my shaft paperwork and the one that I bought was 44" long and it fits great. Finding a 51" without having it made...I guess like I said, all of the brands, Mastercraft, Nautique, Ski Supreme, Ski Brendella, etc. used 1" od shafts back then, so you'll have to search far and wide to try and find one. Otherwise it's call Skidim or Marine hardware and have them start making you one. That's going to cost a bit of $$$.
  12. Falcon Propeller shaft

    another resource you can reach out to is Marine Hardware. marine hardware  
  13. Falcon Propeller shaft

    Do you have it out of the boat and are you sure that i's 51" L? That seems long to me. I think mine was 42" This one looks like it should fit. 1" drive shaft.  

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