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  1. Hi Hud, Nice looking Falcon. Glad you got it running good again. As to your question the NADA boat guide says that a 1991 Falcon weighs 2500 lbs. Your single axle trailer doesn't weigh 1000 lbs for sure. Maybe 750ish. Keep in mind that your boat has about a 25 gallon gas tank and so that'll add another 175 lbs when it's full. I think you'll be fine, just don't overload the boat (or the vehicle) with other heavy stuff. Enjoy the boat, looks great! I see some classic wood skis in there. -Tim
  2. Also, join us in the Falcon and Tru-Trac thread if you have more questions or things to share with the "older" boat owners. Tru-Trac & Falcon Thread
  3. Wow! That's a great looking boat. I have a '93 Falcon open bow. I've only ever seen the V-Drive in the brochures. Which, I think I have by the way. Shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll send them to you. And yes, I can confirm that all Falcons from 1994 came equipped with a 25 gallon tank. (or so says the brochure.)
  4. That Bolster should be removable from the cap, but I would imagine that the fiberglass behind it has a half moon cut to allow the speaker to have clearance. When you lifted the cap, did you lave the bolster attached? I'm assuming that you'll remove it to get them reupholstered. Are you going to keep the spartan head logo on the new upholstery? When I did my boat, I lost all of the centurion logos and graphics.
  5. Fender cleats etc

    Bakes online had the pop up cleats with Centurion engraved on them. However, when I called to purchase two they only had 1 left. I ended up with these. Pop Up Cleats
  6. Falcon Propeller shaft

    You have a picture of your Falcon? Post it here and/or in the Falcon / Tru Trac thread please. I'd like to see what yours looks like. Thanks.
  7. Falcon Propeller shaft

    Sorry. Throw that thing up on eBay and see if you can get it sold. I found my shaft paperwork and the one that I bought was 44" long and it fits great. Finding a 51" without having it made...I guess like I said, all of the brands, Mastercraft, Nautique, Ski Supreme, Ski Brendella, etc. used 1" od shafts back then, so you'll have to search far and wide to try and find one. Otherwise it's call Skidim or Marine hardware and have them start making you one. That's going to cost a bit of $$$.
  8. Falcon Propeller shaft

    another resource you can reach out to is Marine Hardware. marine hardware  
  9. Falcon Propeller shaft

    Do you have it out of the boat and are you sure that i's 51" L? That seems long to me. I think mine was 42" This one looks like it should fit. 1" drive shaft.  
  10. Falcon Propeller shaft

    It's definitely a 1" shaft. I had to replace mine too...1993 Falcon open bow. I ended up finding one off eBay. I think the one I got came out of a ski supreme. 1 inch shafts were the norm back then. You can switch to a 1"1/8 but you'll need a new transmission coupler, new shaft log, may need a new strut, need new strut bearings, and a new prop to fit the larger diameter.
  11. There's not a lot of places to choose from. others on her can chime in. You can put non-flush mount speakers, small ones on the dash, you can also place speakers into the dash if you can find enough room. Most just put them behind the driver's and passenger seats on the side. You'll have to probably make enclosures for them and sacrifice some storage space there.
  12. Austin - here's one on iboats that looks like it might work with your tower. https://www.iboats.com/shop/westland-sharkskin-plus-eta22xs-semi-custom-boat-cover.html
  13. @86SKI take a look at this...for ballast. https://www.wakegarage.com/projects-archive/ballast-projects/lead-bags-r163/

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