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  1. 1989 Falcon Sport Project

    Some of the answers to your questions are located in this thread. (attached) Falcon Thread Some stuff is going to be really hard to find. Post a pic of your dash and maybe we can come up with some replacement ideas. I made dash plates for my boat during my restoration. In fact, I fixed just about everything on your list. Good luck!
  2. See if this helps: Starter Motor Rotation looks like it's based on location and orientation of the starter motor itself.
  3. Upholstery

    Good luck with that. I had to do a complete re-upholstery job for 1993 Falcon too, and while I tried to see if I could preserve the Ski Centurion logos on two of the seat backs, it was more trouble than it was worth. There's no "factory" type replacements available so you'll just have to have custom work done by a local person. I had quotes on the job everywhere from $1000 - $7,000 for the work.
  4. Call Great Lakes Skipper. They have this Centurion ski pylon holder in stock. Ask them to grab it and then ask them if they have any pylons that will fit in that holder. I'm assuming that you have the 2.5 inch holder in your bilge? Centurion Pylon Holder Here's one that's 2 and 3/8ths. You might have to get creative with your mounting in the floor. I think you can find what you need to make it all work. I've seen used ones come up for sale including on this board. Get good at eBay searching for them too. gekko pylon available  
  5. There was a company that made "skins" for Nautiques, but I haven't seen one for Centurions. Your best bet is to find the marine vinyl that is a close match and then find a local person to work with.
  6. The three best places I've found for parts are: 1. Discount Inboard Marine: https://www.skidim.com/ 2. Great Lakes Skipper: https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/ 3. Ski Boat Parts Online: https://www.skiboatpartsonline.com/index.php The real trick to finding what you need is figuring out what will work on your boat off of other tournament ski boats of the era. That will include Mastercrafts, Natiques, Supras, Supremes, Ski Brendellas, American Skiers, and so forth. The drive trains and most of the underwater hardward were the same. I was recently talking to Ron at Ski Boat parts online and he said there was a lot of similarity among the boats built in Tennessee, but things got more difficult to match up when it came to the west coast boats, like your ski Centurion. Good luck and post questions here. We'll do what we can to help. Also some of the other brand boards, where there's lots of guys who've worked on older boats will be helpful too...if you ask nicely.
  7. Great looking boat...mine is essentially the same. I would say that idle RPM is 600 - 750 and it drops about 150 RPM when I drop it into drive and when I do it's buttery smooth. My does have a bit of a clunk when going into reverse, but it's not concerning...yet. Could be your damper plate or you may need a transmission rebuild.
  8. Color me jealous of your Carbon Pro ownership. Never had a chance to ski behind one, but hear it's the $hit! Pics please? BTW, nice post answer all of the questions with details.
  9. As long as it fits, I don't think there's a wrong one. If you don't like it, you can send it back and pick the other. Best of luck. Your boat is sharp. Mine is opposite colored.
  10. My cousin purchased the kit that we put on my 1993 Falcon when we were doing the restore a couple of years ago. I sent him a text to see if he could recall which one he purchased. He has not responded yet, but I think I've found the link to one that looks like what we put on my boat. You just need to make sure that the measurements match up. Here's the link: Rub Rail Kit
  11. Your wake should start to flatten out at any speed greater than 28 mph. What rope length are you using? You should be starting at 15 off...that's 60 feet. That should put you beyond the rooster tail. Are you running the stock prop? If yes, a new CNC nibral prop like the ACME 541 will reduce the rooster tail. Contact either ACME and/or Eric at OJ props for assistance with selecting the correct prop for your activity. Also, try to get the back of the boat out of the water...meaning, experiment with less gas in the tank and see what effect that reduction in weight might have. Consequently, you might try putting 80 - 100 pounds in the bow of your boat to see if that causes the nose to rotate down a bit and get the back of the boat to run a little lighter. Does your wake look like this:
  12. You should be seeing 44-4500 rpms. These boats have a 1:1 transmission and you should get approx. 1 mph per 100 rpm. Good luck.
  13. 1999 elite models?

    My cousin has a 1996 Falcon sport that he ordered direct from the factory. So basically, he explained to me the build process and from that I gleaned that many of these boats are more "custom" than standard. They're all hand built and therefore many of the parts like the back seat are not interchangeable. Also, dealers or the customer were able to make requests about how they wanted the boat configured so basically every option/feature was available even within the pre-configured build packages. Makes it difficult to determine any amount of uniformity amongst models and years. In theory you could've said, I'd like an Elite bowrider, but I like the shape of the Falcon wind shield so can I get the Falcon windshield instead of the rounded one? And they'd be like, Yep. And then you'd have a one off franken boat.
  14. That is a nice looking boat! Let me see if I can sorta answer some of your questions: 1. Best guess on factory top speed would be in the 43-44 mph range, maybe 45. With a different prop you could probably get near to 50 mph, but you'd be giving up low end pulling power that tournament ski boats are known for. 2. Two speedos goes back to it's tournament ski towing roots. The speedos are notorious for going out, getting something clogged in the pick ups. So, there's two so hopefully at least one will keep working. I have one not working in my boat now. For speed though, load a GPS app to your phone and use that to see how fast your boat is going actually. The speedos tend to not be calibrated correctly too. 3. Factory prop size, I believe was 12 x 12 3 blade. On a 1 inch diameter shaft. I just replaced my prop with an ACME 541. That's the preferred replacement for slalom skiing. Do some google searching on props. The best prop for you will depend on what you intend to primarily use the boat for. Good luck!
  15. I replaced the captains seat in my Falcon. Most ski boats don't have pedestal style seating. What you need to get your new seat into your boat is a seat slider that mounts to the current platform. Something like this: Great Lakes Skipper seat slider Post some pics. If your boat has the plastic base like mine, this is pretty east to do. I cleaned up my base and then spray painted it black to make it look new again. Underneath, I cut a piece of plywood as an insert to add rigidity. I painted the plywood piece with some house paint just to give it some water protection even though water should NOT be in the seat base. Then I mounted the slider to the base and then put the new seat on the slider.

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