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  1. Have you checked the GPS sensor it is sort of round and is attached with velcro. I have had issues in the past if that sensor is dislodged under my dash.
  2. Dry Suit Vs. Wetsuit

    Wetsuit all the way! I have a really good drysuit for kiteboarding but never use it... When I am out of the water I put on a windbreaker over top of the wet suit, I find that works in any temperature above freezing. Make sure you have a newer suit ... the older suits tend to lose the flexibility.
  3. GoPro 4

    Just purchased a go pro 4. We took it Dominican Republic and loved it. Here are some clips of go pro, iphone and canon water camera . I noticed you need to bump up the settings to 720 HD. The kitesurfing is the best and right in front of the hotel!
  4. Congratulations! Looking at it positively... the interest rates just dropped.
  5. I just ordered numbers for the first time from Domed numbers.... never had numbers for 9 years and nobody noticed!
  6. I went and did it

    That's funny..... I usually help them on and make sure they sit at the perfect spot. Then its just a matter of making sure they have enough food and drinks so they don't move.
  7. That's exciting. here do you buy a new Enzo in Vancouver?
  8. Thanks for viewing and sharing your thoughts. The water was 58-60 degrees. The only boat on the lake with water that smooth is a special day!
  9. Some of the best water of the year can be found, and still dreaming about it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CniFkvGGdbA&feature=player_detailpageo
  10. It has a Washington state rego. Must be coming up for the cheap gas and beer lol.
  11. Boat Security

    I installed a regular car alarm and added a something like a ten bulb LED strip on the tower that flashes like night rider to let people know I have an alarm. I sourced out a pressure mat from a marine supply company in the states. I typically cover it with a towel. It works great but dont try to fold it it. I also installed a couple of led above the dash.
  12. Thanks Dura.... I cant get to it today but will check it out or mention to service tech when i take it in for winter storage.
  13. Hey Dura. Not exactly sure what you meant re tranny filter. Is it what true kaotic said about my water temp?
  14. The water is up and down. Just have to get you feet wet a little. Ya its Alloutte lake. I hope to go again next week.

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