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  1. 2006 centurion avalanche c4

    re: "99% used for surfing" me too. I feel I've maxed out my Elite's capabilities with 750#'s in the rear lockers (plus 250# mid) and a suck-gate. Any more weight than that and I feel the boat becomes unsafe. It produces a really good wave on the regular side but I ride goofy. The goofy wave has a short pocket and a dirty face. I have a friend with an Avi with a Switchblade on it, and it produces a very big wave on both sides. I don't wanna go the Switchblade route b/c its a gas suck and it really affects the handling of the boat... all the time... no matter what you're doing. I'd rather add ballast weight and surf tabs. Hoping to get a good sized wave with a clean face (even on the goofy side). Although there are many factors, the bottom line is the bigger the boat, the bigger/better the wave.
  2. The boat is currently configured to be listed only to the port side for surfing. It has a huge custom bag on the port side that fills the rear locker and runs up under the seats. I don't know how much water weight it holds but I'm guessing well over 1000#. The starboard side has a custom bag (I'm guessing 720#) that only fills the locker. I'm not a huge fan of listing boats to surf them. I'm planning to put Infinity Wave tabs on this boat and evenly weight it. So I'm thinking of getting another 720# for port side and see what kind of wave I get on #1500# plus the center hard tank (another 225#). I'm not really looking for a monster wave per se. I just want one with a nice relatively long pocket, good push, and a clean face. I ride goofy btw. I'm just wondering if anyone here has experience with this setup and/or this boat and give me some pointers. Thanks for any advice. PS: I've owned an 07 Elite C4 with 750#'s in the lockers and 225# hard tank with a suck-gate and it produced a really nice regular wave, however, the goofy wave had a narrow pocket and a dirty face. Hoping to build a much better wave with the Avalanche.
  3. 2006 centurion avalanche c4

    I just bought a 2007 Avi C4 with 253 hrs on it. I've owned a 2007 Elite V C4 for 3 yrs (514 hrs). The only issue I've seen with them is the hinges. They used crappy hinges on the engine cover and the front bow cushion. Those are pretty minor issues though.
  4. The hinge is broke and my repair attempts don't look good. My google searches haven't yielded any promising sites to purchase one. Is this something I'll have to call the dealer for? :\
  5. Wakesurf Edge Pro vs Ronix Eight.3

    I have 750# in each locker and then 250# built-in mid-ship. I weight it evenly and get a good wave on either side with the shaper, but the wave is really best when I've got 4-5 adults on the back seat. I just want to find a suction cup solution that works as well as my Ronix XL shaper. I started with the NautiCurl and it just never gave me as a good a wave as the Ronix.
  6. Question: I use the ronix eight.3 XL shaper and it works great -- creates a really nice wave behind my '07 elite V (with a lot of ballast that is). However, I don't like the velcro solution. The velcro starts to pucker and peel (on the leading edge) after a few uses. Has anyone tried the Wakesurf Edge Pro? It looks similar in size to the ronix. Thanks in advance
  7. Elite c4 surf and value?

    This is a great site for comparing centurion models ... http://www.thewaterskiproshop.com/new_vehicle_compare.asp?veh1=42639&veh2=42636#compare
  8. Elite c4 surf and value?

    First let me say I freaking love my 07 Elite V! It's a great all-around boat and it can be setup to surf quite well. Avalanches and Enzos are better surf platforms however, precisely b/c they are wider and longer boats. Some other things to consider (at least they were for me)... - storage: my storage unit has 10 x 14' door and the Elite is the narrowest boat in the lineup so it goes in w/o much problem. An avy or enzo would be a very tight fit and I would prolly need a spotter getting her in w/o hitting the doorway. - tow vehicle: the Elite is the lightest as well. I believe the dry weight is 3500lbs. The avy's and enzo are close to 1000lbs more. This was a consideration for me b/c I didn't want to upgrade my tow vehicle - re: surf setup: it does like a lot of weight to achieve a big wave, b/c of that you need to learn how to drive the boat so you're not taking water over the stern as well as in the locker breathers. The elite sits lower in the water (especially weighted) than the Avy or Enzo so a big wave will come up onto the back covers if you're not an experienced driver - it looks to me like the Boulder boat doesn't have Perfect Pass. Those are expensive units so I would really want my purchase to already have that feature, b/c you'll likely want to upgrade the ballast, stereo, surf gate and maybe even the prop (I ended up down-pitching my prop to get a better hole-shot) ... mo money ... mo money - my elite was factory plumbed for 400lb bags in the rear lockers so it was a very easy to upgrade those to 750's. If you buy one and it isn't plumbed for sacs, I would look real hard at buying the sumo sac's b/c they have a super fast pump. Trust me, you'll want faster fill if you can get it. My boat takes about 15min or so to get it nice and pregnant for a good surf wave - if you do buy the elite, the Ronix is the best shaper for this boat -- at least it's better than the NautiCurl - last point: if you've been bitten by the surf bug (meaning that's all you really want to do ... I kinda fit that description lol) I would seriously consider trying to find an Avy or Enzo with a switchblade on it. I have a buddy who has an 06 Avy with a switchblade and he gets a significantly bigger wave and doesn't have to put nearly as much ballast weight as I do. That boat is super clean and it would be a fabulous purchase ... especially if you can get them to put perfect pass on it. Here's a couple of shots of the my (goofy) wave a few weeks ago at Lake Powell. Good luck and let us know if you decide to purchase
  9. Glove box lid.

    I have a buddy who has offered to fix mine -- the lid has come away from the hinges. If the fix turns out well I'll post some pics so you can see how he did it.
  10. September 2017 Pics and Video Thread

    Agreed! I have used 2 400# bags (one for the seat and one for the floor) when I've only got 3 people in the boat. Made a big difference in the height of the wave. It's a crap-ton of weight in the boat though. If your going to buy a new sac, I'd look real hard at the sumo sac b/c the pump they have is sweet - https://www.wakemakers.com/straight-line-sumo-max-flow-ballast-pump.html ... It pumps a lot faster than anything else I've seen on the market.
  11. September 2017 Pics and Video Thread

    I run 750# (full) in both rear lockers and my 225# mid-ship hard tank full as well. Ronix XL shaper on port side. 4 adults sitting on rear bench seat in this shot.
  12. September 2017 Pics and Video Thread

    Last week at Lake Powell ...
  13. 07 Elite V - not enough push to surf

    Just a follow up in case someone with a similar boat finds this thread and would like to know -- here's how I got my 07 Air Warrior Elite C4 to surf with plenty of push ... With only 3 people in the boat (driver, flagger, surfer) ... - 750lbs in both sides of the rear lockers - built-in center ballast filled (250lbs) - 400lb fatsac centered on the rear seat - 400lb fatsac centered on the floor in front of the rear seat - Ronix Eight.3 XL shaper (using 1" shim on lower chine) ... it surfs great on either side with this setup however the wave is definitely cleaner on the port side due to left-hand prop rotation The crowning glory moment came a couple of weeks ago when my friend with the 07 Mastercraft X-45 said "I wish my boat put out a wave like that" ... YES!!! Notes: 1) I did down-pitch the prop (from 4-blade 13.5 x 17.5 to an acme 537 [13.5 x 16]) as was recommended by acme (as I have a 1.46:1 gear box). I don't really think it made a huge difference but it probably helped some since I typically run at 4800 ft in elevation. 2) if I have 6-8 people in the boat I don't use the external ballast on the seat and floor, just put everyone on the back seat Happy surfing everyone and thanks so much for all the input!
  14. 2006 T5 Air Warrior

    I have an 07 Air Warrior Elite C4. It took me most of summer to get it setup to surf well (solution: Ronix Eight.3 XL plus 2600# stern ballast or people weight). Surfing is super addicting and It's extremely likely that once you get into it, you won't want to do much else. That makes a T5 a bad choice b/c you want as much weight in the stern as possible. Avy's are bit bigger boat than the Air Warriors and are thus a better platform for surfing. If you can find one with a switchblade then you'll be the envy of most surfers as it will produce a monster wave (assuming good ballast setup). The Elite's are cheaper and can do anything: ski, board, or surf. Bottom line: find a v-drive in your price range. I know Moomba, Supra and Centurions can all be setup to produce a good surf wave. Good luck.
  15. Enzo 230 prop

    Don't know if this helps but ... I have the same prop (817) on an 07 Elite Air Warrior (1.46 / 1 gear ratio). In Salt Lake, the lakes are generally around 4900ft. I run 1500# rear and 250# mid ballast (evenly weighted). I have to be going 12.5-13.5 mph to get a surf-able wave, however it doesn't have enough push to drop the rope. I just barely got off the phone w/ acme and they recommended the 537 (1 1/2in less pitch) than the 817. Your boat is longer and heavier so my guess is you'd need even less pitch. Maybe call them both and compare the recommendations.

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