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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, I am fairly new to wake surfing, but have been wakeboarding my whole life. Just bought an 04 enzo sv230 and trying to dial in my surf wave. Looking to buy a new surf board to help progress my skills. I feel my current board is too big. I am 6 foot and 175-180lbs. Currently riding a hyperlite broadcast 5'4". Leaning towards a hybrid so I can learn some spins, but also airs. Any suggestions on the best board and board size for myself for the money would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. We have had a long standing relationship with Mike Walker of the Walker Project. Many of his boards have passed under our feet over the years. Many Crew members that have ridden with us or been to a past CCC Weekend have seen or ridden the original Double Fish, pictured below. After years of being passed around and ridden hard it is time for her to retire. When we thought about having the Double Fish II made the first person that came to mind was Mike Walker since some of the features of this board were inspired by him back in the day. Talking with Mike brought out the idea of sharing the entire board build from beginning to the end with the community members of the Crew. The project started with us providing Mike with the original design drawing of the Double Fish we made back in 2009. For those that have not had a chance to ride the Double Fish. With the fish tail the rails run the full length of the board maximizing the rail length. The tail also causes the rails to be pushed out further than most boards due to the width making it super fast down the line. The tail design removes some of the surface area behind the fins compared to a pin tail, this gives the board more bite and drive keeping the tail under control when making hard turns on edge. The tail has a slight rocker giving it more speed and stability when being ridden revert. The hard edge of the rail starts at the back of the board blending into a softer edge that starts just behind the nose rocker, giving the board a rolled nose area for easy slashing without cutting into the face of the wave. The nose or second tail was added to the original design just to be different since everyone at the time had a blunt or diamond nose plus it compliments the board shape. We found out after the fact the nose shape gives the rider several subtle advantages. The board seems more stable when being ridden revert and offers more stability when doing 360's. The wider nose keeps the board from pearling as easy and the split nose has a tendency to let water come under and around the leading edge nose and over the outside area of the nose making it much easier to recover from pearling the board. Overall this has been one of our favorite shapes going on eight years, so much so we are having a new one built for the 2017 season. For those of you that have ridden the Double Fish and offered, begged and pleaded to buy it, this is your chance. Mike will build a limited edition run of 15 boards that will be on a first come first served basis. Once the 14 slots, yes since one is ours making it 15 total boards are spoken for the board and shape will never be built again. More details on the boards including pricing, options, colors, etc. will be posted in the near future. More build details to come, hope everyone enjoys the build. Let us know what you think.
  3. Need help/advice: I can't seem to dial in a wave that gets enough push so that you can drop the rope. The wake looks pretty good from inside the boat, but when you get out and surf it, there's no pocket really. 07 Elite V Air Warrior Here are the two setups I've tried 1. Even weighting: 750# in both rear lockers, 225# in the built in mid-ship tank, 200# under each seat in the bow, NautiCurl wave shaper as far back and down as possible on the opposite side 2. Listed (starboard/goofy/surf side): 750# in surf-side rear locker, ~400# opposite side rear locker, 225# in the built in mid-ship tank, 200# under the surf side seat in the bow 3. Listed (starboard/goofy/surf side): 750#, 400# on surf side seat in the cockpit, 225# in the built in mid-ship tank, 200# under the surf side seat in the bow I know I have a 4-blade prop but I don't know what the pitch is. The boat will do over 50 mph so I know the prop isn't designed for the hole-shot. The boat has to be going at least 12.5 mph to get a decent wave. 13-13.5 seems best. Anything slower and it washes out. I don't seem to get any significant help from the wake shaper. It seems like it I can't get it low enough in the water b/c the hull is too shallow and there's a slight curve on the lower portion of the hull that prevents positioning the NautiCurl low enough in the water (even w/ 750# in the rear locker on that side). I've been thinking about making a DIY surf tab that attaches to the teak swim deck. My presumption is that I can position the tab further back to more properly affect the wave, and I can get it lower in the water. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. I love the boat and don't want to sell it, but if I have to start dropping major coin (e.g. switchblade) to get it to surf then I may have to re-think things. Thanks in advance.
  4. This is the official 2016 Centurion Boats all new Ri237 Model release thread. Teaser post will be made leading up to the reveal date of August 14th, 2015 at 2pm PST (5pm EST). The first teaser photo is below. It is coming the all new never seen Centurion Boats Ri237 model.
  5. Surf setup

    We just bought a S238 and we have put about 10 hours on it trying to tune in the best Surf wave. I have not found the perfect wave yet. I have tried running full capacity of everything in the boat( hard tanks, two bags in the back and the bow bag) with the quick surf tab and the wave looked good but didnt have the push. felt very soft while riding. Then i took all the weight out of the bow to see if i could get a higher firmer wave and that didnt seem to help much either. We are new to Surfing but plan to be doing A LOT of it this summer and i need to figure this out. Anyone found the secret recipe for weight/location of the weight speed ect. on this awesome boat? Thanks for the help a head of time.
  6. Comparing

    I currently own a 2007 240 Enzo. It's a great family boat and we love the amount of floor space for the kids to cruise around and on. I just took a ride on the Ri237, it's a great boat but It doesn't have the floor space. What do you think, should I get a Ri237 or the FS44? I love the hammerhead bow on the FS44. What to do for a good wake surf and family boat! Thanks!
  7. Start making plans for the 25th of September 2015 This year we are moving the CCC Weekend up two weeks, so on Friday the 25th of September CenturionCrew members, family and friends will begin to descend on Bethy Creek Resort near the town of Riverside, Texas an hour north of Houston. For a weekend of fun on the water, full of Centurion boats and water related activities. We choose to have the event this late in the season to give the crew members to the north a chance to ride and possibly make this their last ride of the season. The fun of an event like this is that everyone shares their boats, boards and has a blast riding and hanging out with friends. The core group will arrive Friday morning to start setting up for the CCC Weekend. Everyone is welcome to check in when ever they would like and stay as long as they like. Friday - Will be the main arrival day, crew members will check in and get some riding in. That evening CCC will provide an eat and greet meal of sausage wrapped in tortillas along with chips and something sweet. Once everyone has had their fill several wake videos will be shown at the pavilion along with a group fire, giving everyone a chance to meet and put name and faces together. Saturday - Ride Ride Ride and Ride some more, a day full of boat hopping, board swapping, in general spending time and riding with crew members you usually don't get a chance to ride with. Learn some new tricks, try the wake on a different model boat, just get out there and have some fun in the Texas sun. There is a sand bar in front of the resort, the plan is to meet at the sand bar for lunch/break at 2pm and switch up boards, boats and riders, then head back out for more riding. Crew coming in from out of town can rest assure that they will have a boat to jump in and a board to ride behind, so there is no need to bring any boards if you are flying in for the event. After a full day of riding, dinner will be served by CCC which will consist of something really good that has yet to be decided, including something sweet. After the meal, everyone will gather around the fire area for music fun and door prizes. Also, if we can work all the details out, crew members will be able to take hits on the ERC (Endless Ride Cable) 2 tower cable system, boards will be provided or you can use your own. See post below for further information on the cable system which can also be ridden the entire weekend. Sunday - Morning rides depending on your travel plans, there will surely be crew members planning to ride most of the day. So anyone remaining on Sunday will still be able to see some action on the water. For those that are considering flying in from out of town, the Bethy Creek Resort is only 75 miles from IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport). There is a chance of talking a local crew member into a ride from the airport or grab the cheapest rental car you can find for the weekend. See post below for directions to the CCC Weekend. If you have any QUESTIONS, Please contact CrewAdmin
  8. Checkout the 2015 CenturionCrew.Com T-Shirt Design! (Design may change slightly, most likely you won't notice it) Left image is front and right image is back. Click HERE for higher resolution version of image above. All members can order the shirts. CenturionCrew.Com Supporting Members will receive a 20% discount before shipping. Male Shirt Choices: Gildan brand 5.3 oz. preshrunk 100% Cotton jersey knit with seamless double-needle 7/8 collar, taped neck and shoulders, double-needle sleeve and bottom hems, quarter-turned to eliminate center crease t-shirts in black adult sizes. Gildan brand 6.0 oz. preshrunk 100% Cotton jersey knit with banded neck and armhole Adult Tank Tops in black adult sizes. Female Shirt Choices: Gildan brand 6.0 oz. preshrunk 100% Cotton jersey knit with seamless double-needle 5/8 collar, taped neck and shoulders, double-needle sleeve and bottom hems, quarter-turned to eliminate center crease t-shirts in black adult sizes. Pricing: $20.00 per shirt Shipping: United States Crew - $6.00 shipping for up to 2 shirts, more than two will be a little more Canada Crew - $22.00 shipping for up to 2 shirts is the best we have found through USPS, if anyone can find a better price we are happy to look into it. The shirts will be available by pre-order only, shirts must be ordered and paid for on or before the 20th of April 2015 before Midnight Central time. If you plan to order shirts please do so ASAP. To order shirts please PM CrewAdmin the shirt sizes and quantities you would like to order, an invoice will be created and sent by PM.
  9. On 12/08/2014 Centurion Boats announced the all new Quick Surf System. The new system will be available on Centurion and Supreme boats starting January the 1st, 2015. The new Quick Surf System allows boat owners total control of their wake surfing experience. The Quick Surf System adds a uniquely shaped tab on the port and starboard side of the boat, fully controlled by the Centurion Boats touch vision system. Combined with the CATS system, the Quick Surf System allows boat owners to have more control over the shape of their wake than any other boat on the market to date. Looking from starboard side towards the center of the boat. Looking from port side towards the center of the boat. With the all new Quick Surf System listing the boat is no longer required, simply fill ballast equally on each side and use the Quick Surf System to instantly transfer from Port (regular) to Starboard (goofy) side within seconds using the touch vision system. http://youtu.be/uoPzyK73gXY Combine a Quick Surf System RAMFILL (No Pumps, No Delays, The largest, fastest filling, ballast system in the world) and CATS (Centurion Articulating Tracking System) for the best wakesurfing boat on the market today!
  10. Be sure to tune in Friday and Saturday for the LIVE broadcast of the World Wake Surfing Championship by clicking the image below.
  11. Over the weekend WakeDiva and I attended the It was a good event, great seeing old friends and meeting some new ones. The event featured many of the best riders in the world. Prize money was awarded for 1st , 2nd & 3rd place in each of the four Pro Divisions. Amateur & Outlaw Divisions podium placers will received prizes from the event sponsors.Texas Ski Ranch was a great host, plenty of activities to keep everyone busy along with shade to get everyone out of the HOT Texas sun! Below is a link to the album of photos from the event as well as podium pictures of the riders that placed in the event. We got a late start and it was TEXAS HOT!, so not a ton of photos, enjoy!
  12. I have an 06 T5 Comp direct drive. Trying to learn how to wake surf with the boat. It has the rear fat sack above the gas tank. The wake is ok but we need more. Any idea on placement of weight or any past experiences with this boat?
  13. BEST WAKESURFING SLASH PHOTO Get those cameras ready and start snapping pictures! Post your image(s) on this thread to be entered in the contest. Enter as many times as you want and... Contest Rules: Photo must be taken by you or your crew. Photo must contain your crew. Photo must be taken during the 2012 season. Boat is not required to be in the photo. Does not matter what angle, lens, type camera used. Photo must be raw/original, no touch ups or changes to original. Entries must be posted before midnight on the 31st of August 2012. Every PHOTO has a chance to WIN the Prize On the 31st of August this thread will be closed at midnight central time and a link to a new thread will be posted. The new thread will be a poll, the selected PHOTOS will be re-posted there. All crew members will have the chance to vote one time for the photo they like best. The voting will end on the 25th of September 2012 at midnight. If there is any kind of tie the photos in contention will be re-posted on a second poll to determine the WINNER! GOOD LUCK everyone, get out there and take some photos! Regards, CrewAdmin

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