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Found 15 results

  1. When I fill the ballasts on my 2017 Ri217 and set my stinger plate to zero the actuator is still extended 2 to 3 inches. I have replaced the actuator on my stinger tab two times, and my dealer states that it is a faulty actuator. Has anyone else had this issue? I have removed the lower bolt on the actuator and rotated. It clockwise to get it back into the zero position and prior to filling my ballasts. The stinger plate works correctly until the ballasts are filled again, and the same issue keeps occurring. Any thoughts would be appreciated! thanks
  2. Currently, I have a 2017 - Ri237 (the last year before they changed to the Opti-V hull in 2018) & I am waiting to test surf a 2023 - Ri245. I am considering trading it in for the new Ri245. Any opinions if the wave is much better than my Ri237 or any other pros/cons to consider? Thanks.
  3. Looking for some thoughts on what first boat to buy. We want to keep things sub$120k and we've found two great boats: 2017 Ri237 and a 2021 ZS232 that are the same price. https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/68107075 https://www.onlyinboards.com/2021-Supreme-ZS232-for-sale-ROHNERT-PARK-California-136159.aspx We'll likely surf 40%, board 40% and tube 20%. The warranty is important to us, but the quality of the wake is most important. You guys are the experts, so I'm hoping you can help us decide whether a slightly older Ri is still better than a new ZS232. Thanks in advance!
  4. I just took delivery of a 2020 Ri237 with Coverfire setup. Sound systems works and sounds great except that when I connect my iPhone Wired Aux/USB or Bluetooth a faint beep comes through the speakers. The noise does not increase or decrease with the volume. It also continues if the music is stopped/paused. The beep only starts when I connect the phone, but does not go away until I turn off the system with the dash mounted "Radio" power button. I can even change the source and the noise continues. I haven't had a chance to check for loose connections yet. Any help is appreciated.
  5. First post and I am proud to say I am a week away from becoming the new owner of a 2019 Ri237. Very excited that this community is active and can't wait to join you guys. However, I am having a dilemma selecting my boat. There are two almost identically optioned boats and I can't seem to make my mind up on how important the differing options are. Boat 1 has the H6 engine upgrade and all the bags (WCCS edition bags which I'm told doesn't matter) Boat 2 has the H0 6.0liter 450hp engine and all the bags except for the bow bag. I am going to be an absolute freak about wave tuning and will be using lead (surfing mostly with some wakeboarding) and I was told that they normally don't order front bags in the Ri237's due to them not liking weight in the front in that specific boat. What is your opinion on this? How expensive is it to buy an aftermarket bag for the front if I decide I need it? Engine time.... The H6 is their newer direct injection engine but it makes almost the same power figures as the 450hp 6.0 liter. They say its more fuel efficient but I'm guessing that's marginal, is there anything else I'm missing? Seems like saving the 5k and taking the 450hp 6.0 is the move over the H6. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Today, I was checking a used 2018 RI 237 and found that ALL the RamFill gates were VERY sticky to operate manually, and one of the 4 was broken. The handle and the rod came right out of the plastic housing. The others were so sticky that there was no way the motor and the plastic gears and straight plastic gear rack would work without stripping. HAS ANYONE else had problems with these valves?
  7. ACME 1235 Propeller


    • FOR SALE
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    ACME 1235 prop. Used. Good condition. 14.5x14.25. 1-1/8” Left. Stock prop on all 409 engine Fi & Ri. Also stock in some Malibu VLX with 350 monsoon. Would make a good spare or cheaper than new replacement. Asking $400. May ship if you want to pay for shipping. Located in 98685. Vancouver/Portland area.


  8. Could you guys please share your RPM's you guys are running at surf speeds, boat, year, model, ballast. Trying to get a feel of what is good. Currently on my 2015 FS44, listed, PnP rear full, PNP front 70%, RAM 100%x20%, surf 11mph up river and 12 down, I'll run 3300 to 3800 depending on how many peeps even weighted with mission delta WS, rear PnP full, front PNP 70%, both RAM 40% to 65% depending on peeps, RPM's 4100 to 4300.. on both boat will stuggle to keep speed after 8 to 9 peeps. What you are guys at, and what's your thoughts on mine. This may not matter much soon since looking at getting a 2018 Fi or Ri ? this year but I'd like to know what normal is.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    http://www.onlyinboards.com/2016-Centurion-RI-237-for-sale-mesa-Arizona-59311.aspx Click on the Ad above for the rest of the pictures $104,999 for a forum member. I own it outright and its ready to go like new! DOMINATING THE WAKESURF INDUSTRY -- OWN THE BEST SURF BOAT AVAILABLE.Gently used -- Factory Warranty*PCM H6 *NON SKID FLOORING*DOWNFIRE CULL COCKPIT AND SURF AUDIO PACKAGE*TOWER SPEAKER LIGHTING*COCKPIT SPEAKER LIGHTING*STEREO STERN REMOTE*BOW BALLAST PNP*STERN PNP *RAMFILL* CATS*UNDERWATER LIGHTS* QUICKSURF* BOAT COVER* DUAL BATTERIES* CENTURION TOUCH SCREEN DASH * TANDEM TRAILER WITH FRONT BOARDING LADDERA rigorously innovated 23-foot 7-inch water sports boat, the new 2016 Ri237 is the next level in World Championship Towboat performance, design and craftsmanship. This new model is optimized from the running surface up to exceed Centurion’s dominant water sports performance. The Ri237 furthers this storied performance with a newly designed Deep-v Hull pushed by GM Gen 5 direct injection power from PCM with C-Force.AMBITIOUSLY DESIGNEDThe Ri237’s form follows its function with an ambitiously designed exotic sports car exterior featuring a one-of-kind modified v-bow, uniquely shaped body lines and a stylized transom that is as handsome as it is hangout-ready. Luxury interior accommodation like a 3-position Slide Seat and patent pending Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision technology make days on the water in this Centurion last even longer. Inspirational is the only way to describe the level of craftsmanship applied to the Ri237. From the resiliently soft Comfort Strong vinyl to the GORE® TENARA® Thread made by GORE-TEX® holding it in place to the artistically applied gel coat to the quiet unibody construction is all built on, the Centurion Ri237 is a new generation of World Championship Towboat.WAVES & WAKESDominant performance continues with the seamless integration of Centurion’s signature wake/wave enhancement technology. The Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) and the Stinger Wake Plate fine-tune the shape of your wakes and waves with a touch. RAMFILL Ballast fills in 45 seconds to create huge walls of water, while QuickSurf Pro can move your surf wave from side to side in as little as 2 seconds behind a level boat. To decrease your time to plane and completely eliminate bow rise, touch “QUICKLAUNCH” on the SxS HD Touch Vision screen. This will send both available QuickSurf Pro blades and the Stinger to 100% engaged on take off or instantaneous starts even when weighted.


  10. Hey Guys, Thought people here might like to see the videos that Centurion made in connection with our dealership and Devin SuperTramp. Centurion Ri237: Centurion Ri217: Ramfill Ballast: QuickSurf: SxS Touch Vision Dash: Deep V Hull: Cheers!
  11. This is the official 2016 Centurion Boats all new Ri237 Model release thread. Teaser post will be made leading up to the reveal date of August 14th, 2015 at 2pm PST (5pm EST). The first teaser photo is below. It is coming the all new never seen Centurion Boats Ri237 model.
  12. Hi All, Anyone have a Ri237 in Reno/Tahoe area? Would love to check on out for 5 minutes to get a good look. Thanks so much!
  13. What do you think is a better boat? Looks better on the water? More flashy? Better surf wake? More room? Thanks!
  14. Comparing

    I currently own a 2007 240 Enzo. It's a great family boat and we love the amount of floor space for the kids to cruise around and on. I just took a ride on the Ri237, it's a great boat but It doesn't have the floor space. What do you think, should I get a Ri237 or the FS44? I love the hammerhead bow on the FS44. What to do for a good wake surf and family boat! Thanks!

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