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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for some help. Just bought a brand new Fi23 with 450 motor and surfing at 5500ft in elevation. It has the high alt prop 16x13. the boat has the all the additional Plug an Play Ballast. This boat will not get to surf speed with two 200lb men and two 120 lb women and full Ballast. I have to dump the two Bow tanks and about 30% of the Ram fill to get to 10.8 MPH. Is this normal?? I would think this boat should be able to surf with full ballast.?? Right?? Should I be looking for a new Prop? I would think the 450 should be plenty of power but its not getting us there....My dealer is NO HELP! Very upsetting! Any info would be much appreciated! Sold my X35 MC to buy this boat. I have Lots of surf experience in other boats, just new to Centurion.
  2. Hey everyone, My family currently has a 2005 Enzo SV230, but we just placed an order for a '19 Fi23 this past weekend! After doing some reading around here, we decided to skip the downfire system and add some Wetsounds speakers. We are only going with a pair of speakers and will be using clamp mounts to get them out of the walking path (me and many of my family members are 6'3" +). Our dealer is suggesting that a pair of Rev 8's would be plenty, but I'm leaning towards a pair of Rev 10's. We normally have audio running when we're surfing or cruising, but not for tubing, wakeboarding, etc. mainly because our current setup can't reach back that far without deafening everyone in the boat. Would a pair of Rev 10's be overkill?
  3. ACME 1235 Propeller


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    ACME 1235 prop. Used. Good condition. 14.5x14.25. 1-1/8” Left. Stock prop on all 409 engine Fi & Ri. Also stock in some Malibu VLX with 350 monsoon. Would make a good spare or cheaper than new replacement. Asking $400. May ship if you want to pay for shipping. Located in 98685. Vancouver/Portland area.


  4. Hey everyone, I'm new to the "crew" but I'm excited to get some thoughts. I'm putting in an order for an Fi23 (yes, I'm unbelievably excited!) We will be primarily surfing, but will definitely do some wakeboarding too. So I've added the essentials like QuickSurf, RAMFILL, Silent Stinger, and p-n-p, but I'm wondering about CATS. With the new hull design I'm wondering how much impact CATS will have and if I'll regret not having it. I know that there's not a ton of experience with the new hull design but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys, Here is a video we put together showing wakeboarding, wakesurfing and water skiing behind the same boat in one take with no edits, cuts or anything else. If you want to see what the stock setup of the new 2018 boats looks like for all 3 sports this will give you a solid idea. Hope you like it! http://www.mmwatersports.com/boat-performance/surf-ski-wakeboard-one-boat-5-minutes/

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