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  1. Warranty work

    Im not sure but they told me all the black covers bleed. They replaced ALL my interior AND my cover with a grey one.
  2. Warranty work

    I had my entire vinyl replaced 3 months ago under warranty on my 2014 FX22. My dealer did everything, Fineline was slow. Its all about the dealers relationship with Fineline. BTW Fineline stated that a few batches of 2014 vinyl were bad and also the black covers. They also replaced my black cover for a grey one under warranty.
  3. SOme of the Ri237s (like mine) had the port and center timers backwards. filled the opposite one that you touched.
  4. Got my Worlds invite. Had to decline due to our baby possibly being born the same weekend lol. I hope they get your invite to you soon @DarksideR!!!
  5. Wave is looking good Joe! Looks like Roosevelt lake with 4 peaks in the background Lakerat.
  6. @DarksideR You will get an invite for sure, top 10 get invites. It definitely doesnt make sense and is the most flawed point system ive ever seen. I only competed twice this year and got 3rd and 5th, so you should be ranked higher than me. My high points from last year shouldn't have that much value. We will not be going this year so at least someone who deserves it will be getting my invite after I pass on it. Such a pain in the a$$ to get to Kelowna... Not to mention Emily will be popping out our baby boy right around then lol.
  7. Wipe out pic and videos

    Yes he was riding for Tige at the time.
  8. Wipe out pic and videos

    Yes he was riding for Tige at the time.
  9. Cmon @DarksideR are you ever going to catch me? 3 spots to go I kid I kid! World ranking system is the worst point system ever. You SHOULD be ranked top 3 by now with all those wins. I only competed twice this year.

    • FOR SALE
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    It has had all of its required services done with full records from Century Marine. I have the title in my safe I own it outright and it has brand new AZ registration as well.2014 Centurion ENZO FX22 2 years of transferable warranty left BRAND NEW interior that was just replaced under warranty BRAND NEW Carbon fiber vents BRAND NEW full boat cover 247 hours on the PCM EX 343hp motor ACME High Altitude (performance) prop CATS adjustable center fin technology Gladiator wakeboard tower swiveling board racks bimini top 4250 stock ballast W/quickfill technology and plumbed PnP bags all controlled by touchscreen adjustable wakeplate full digital touchscreen instrumentation Zero Off GPS cruise control 3 port heater with extendable tubes depth finder docking lights tilt steering flip-up bolster driver's seat glove box Clarion AM/FM CD Bluetooth stereo w/2 amps 2 wetsounds rev 8 tower speakers 1 10" wetsounds subwoofer built-in cooler LED mood lights throughout the boat snap out carpet cup holders wind dam dual batteries w/switch underwater lights forward and rear tower lights Paint matched tandem axle trailer w/folding tongue and custom wheels with matching spare use this link to see the rest of the pics https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0YW_28xymb7aTRqak1WVVN6ZGM



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    brand new with fins $349 obo this board sold in stores for $859


  12. Almost sank her

    LMAO who knows, probably came from fineline. It was in the engine bay with the rest of the loose nuts and bolts that are always rolling around in there when you get a new boat Same location on mine.
  13. May pictures and video 2017

    He was one of my favorite riders to watch! Epic style!
  14. May pictures and video 2017

    Those 2 specifically dont drive in very far before a trick and they like lots of push for easy recovery and transitions betweent tricks/combos. I drive for pro divisions often and they vary from 10.0 to 12.4 but most riders are pretty consistent on their speeds and you get to know who like what for a baseline for speed and height. Last year at wakeshredder throwdown on the 2017 Ri217 those 2 both had it a 10.0 and asked to go slower lol. Probably gives you and extra trick or 2 on the course. Keenan on the other hand had me going 12.3 on the same boat
  15. Almost sank her

    The same thing happened to me at my wedding at Lake Powell! The t handle actually wiggled out and wedged itself under the Vdrive while underway so when we stopped we couldnt unwedge it without a pry bar. I made a makeshift plug out of surf wax until we got it back to the houseboats and it worked great lol. Agreed check BOTH plugs every outing (even though I did) and now I check that center plug a few times every outing.

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