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    It has had all of its required services done with full records from Century Marine. I have the title in my safe I own it outright and it has brand new AZ registration as well.2014 Centurion ENZO FX22 2 years of transferable warranty left BRAND NEW interior that was just replaced under warranty BRAND NEW Carbon fiber vents BRAND NEW full boat cover 247 hours on the PCM EX 343hp motor ACME High Altitude (performance) prop CATS adjustable center fin technology Gladiator wakeboard tower swiveling board racks bimini top 4250 stock ballast W/quickfill technology and plumbed PnP bags all controlled by touchscreen adjustable wakeplate full digital touchscreen instrumentation Zero Off GPS cruise control 3 port heater with extendable tubes depth finder docking lights tilt steering flip-up bolster driver's seat glove box Clarion AM/FM CD Bluetooth stereo w/2 amps 2 wetsounds rev 8 tower speakers 1 10" wetsounds subwoofer built-in cooler LED mood lights throughout the boat snap out carpet cup holders wind dam dual batteries w/switch underwater lights forward and rear tower lights Paint matched tandem axle trailer w/folding tongue and custom wheels with matching spare use this link to see the rest of the pics https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0YW_28xymb7aTRqak1WVVN6ZGM



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    brand new with fins $349 obo this board sold in stores for $859



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    Only used 3 times (the board is too big for me at 185lbs) One of four ever made sporting the "James Walker Wakesurfing" brand, this board is a custom hand made board built by The Walker project. Built for riders up to 260lbs, this board has a wide range of riders and is capable of performing maneuvers from smooth carving to even the most advanced tricks. Call for more info. $799Obo.


  4. Rubber Duck - Test

    Double the price and ill take it How much factory ballast does it have?
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    http://www.onlyinboards.com/2016-Centurion-RI-237-for-sale-mesa-Arizona-59311.aspx Click on the Ad above for the rest of the pictures $104,999 for a forum member. I own it outright and its ready to go like new! DOMINATING THE WAKESURF INDUSTRY -- OWN THE BEST SURF BOAT AVAILABLE.Gently used -- Factory Warranty*PCM H6 *NON SKID FLOORING*DOWNFIRE CULL COCKPIT AND SURF AUDIO PACKAGE*TOWER SPEAKER LIGHTING*COCKPIT SPEAKER LIGHTING*STEREO STERN REMOTE*BOW BALLAST PNP*STERN PNP *RAMFILL* CATS*UNDERWATER LIGHTS* QUICKSURF* BOAT COVER* DUAL BATTERIES* CENTURION TOUCH SCREEN DASH * TANDEM TRAILER WITH FRONT BOARDING LADDERA rigorously innovated 23-foot 7-inch water sports boat, the new 2016 Ri237 is the next level in World Championship Towboat performance, design and craftsmanship. This new model is optimized from the running surface up to exceed Centurion’s dominant water sports performance. The Ri237 furthers this storied performance with a newly designed Deep-v Hull pushed by GM Gen 5 direct injection power from PCM with C-Force.AMBITIOUSLY DESIGNEDThe Ri237’s form follows its function with an ambitiously designed exotic sports car exterior featuring a one-of-kind modified v-bow, uniquely shaped body lines and a stylized transom that is as handsome as it is hangout-ready. Luxury interior accommodation like a 3-position Slide Seat and patent pending Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision technology make days on the water in this Centurion last even longer. Inspirational is the only way to describe the level of craftsmanship applied to the Ri237. From the resiliently soft Comfort Strong vinyl to the GORE® TENARA® Thread made by GORE-TEX® holding it in place to the artistically applied gel coat to the quiet unibody construction is all built on, the Centurion Ri237 is a new generation of World Championship Towboat.WAVES & WAKESDominant performance continues with the seamless integration of Centurion’s signature wake/wave enhancement technology. The Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) and the Stinger Wake Plate fine-tune the shape of your wakes and waves with a touch. RAMFILL Ballast fills in 45 seconds to create huge walls of water, while QuickSurf Pro can move your surf wave from side to side in as little as 2 seconds behind a level boat. To decrease your time to plane and completely eliminate bow rise, touch “QUICKLAUNCH” on the SxS HD Touch Vision screen. This will send both available QuickSurf Pro blades and the Stinger to 100% engaged on take off or instantaneous starts even when weighted.


  6. Our New Location

    Saw it on FB, looks nice Travis!
  7. Wow, I didnt know fineline dealers were even be allowed to win fineline contests.
  8. Yea its setup just like the 237 with a center ram tank and a front PnP bag on top of it.
  9. Love this and that looks better than their black pearl 2.0 that todd and shane posted on FB. Im still a hater of the surf graphic and the wave gel design and think it looks cheap and cheesy on a 100k+ boat. I dig that tan as well, i think it looks better than that Nautique tan too! With teak non skid flooring that would look awesome!
  10. Unfortunately I cant, my price may or may not include a few other special circumstances. That MSRP price was FULLY loaded including the H6 as well. I would expect it to be about around 20k less with the same options. I bet you could build one decently optioned with the h5 for around 105ish here in AZ but not sure about other markets. since the new vdrive is so much more responsive it makes the 799 ft lb torque monster engine unnecessary IMO. Historically MSRP on the flagship centurions and actual sale price is roughly 20% lower though.
  11. so the MSRP on my dealers RI237 is $134,206 that she has on order but my actual price is MUCH lower. So my hopes for this boat is restored and I cant wait to ride it at worlds and hopefully take one home with me!
  12. I agree, and that was my gripe with my 226 and s21 and all supremes really. But a lot of people like the bow space. For me it just holds 8-10 surfboards and skimmers so i dont really care.
  13. It looks quite a bit smaller inside than an S21, I have yet to see the S211 in person. How do they compare in size interior and exterior Dark?
  14. The s21's were priced more for sure, supreme brought their prices down drastically this year (2016). But my dealer was selling s21s at $57k fully loaded down here. 226s loaded were at 62ish (my friend bought one from her at that price). We may just have a cheaper market that im used to.

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