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  1. Got an offer on my 13 Elite V C-4 that has served my family very well. Seriously considering this boat https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/bod/d/chilliwack-2016-centurion-enzo-fs44/6892096259.html which some of you may recognize. Is the H5 engine enough for this boat with a full crew and ballast? Are the screens difficult to run or setup? More concerned for my wife who will be using it with the kids when I'm working... Any reliability concerns or overall concerns with this boat/model overall? Thank you in advance for your wisdom and advice! Al
  2. These settings work great on my 13 Elite V. Try and get a couple more adults in the boat and you'll be impressed. 10.8 MPH. Wedge up, 750lbs on each side and center tank full at 250lbs. No weight up front. Just our 2 young kids, my wife and I and two adults. Have the adults sit on the riders side but drive straight. Good luck, we're super happy with our setup. Everyone is riding a lot farther back and for much longer on the water. The boat is a lot less sensitive to people moving around now but a little more people weight in the corner helps.
  3. For those of us that are lazy or not mechanically inclined there's this option: Just Google SuckGatewakesurf. I tried a friends Mission Delta and liked it but he recommended the "suck gate" because his brother has one and it's cheaper. I didn't think $250 was much of a gamble..... Used it for the first time with the family and we're very impressed after taking a couple hours time to dial it in. No more driving in circles and now the goofy wave is just as good as regular which makes my wife happy. 10.8 MPH. Wedge up, 750lbs on each side and center tank full at 250lbs. No weight up front. Just our 2 young kids so we filled up 400lbs on the floor. Sorry no pics but I might be able to post tomorrow. Nice longer rampy wave that's a lot cleaner than stock. I don't even want to surf the old way now and I don't worry about water coming up into the vents anymore. We're excited and feel like we don't need to upgrade our boat now. I'd like to say that it turns a $50,000 wave into a $100,000 wave but that would be giving it too much credit, It's just a much nicer shaped taller wave overall and there's no need to drive in circles. I wish the tether was a bit more high tech but the one supplied seems beefy enough.
  4. Hi Everyone! My 13 Elite didn't come with tower speakers but there are nubs that show the tower is pre-wired from the factory. I'm planning on installing 4 tower speakers and can't find where those wires end up. Yes, I did check all of the usual suspects. If anyone who has done this can provide any useful advice on the topic, I would be very grateful. I'm a little concerned that this job might be more than a mechanically inclined person should tackle.......
  5. That's a hell of an upgrade to an FX22, must have been a plenty of coin for that upgrade Dark. Re: The A-Plate, is there a thread on this, I can't seem to find one? It would be pretty important to do this right the first time.
  6. Thanks for the informative post Dark. Yes, the boat came with a Lenco and a 343. I originally read Dura's post about the A-Plate but I can't message him. Ideally, it would be good to find someone who makes them. Do you just secure it to the existing plate?
  7. Hi Everyone! My name is Al and I'm in Kamloops, B.C. I've got a 13 Elite V C4 that's been very good to my young family of 4 .I already use the 750's and my boat throws a pretty impressive wave for an entry level boat. It's been mentioned in a post that the A-Plate makes a big difference for the goofy wave and my wife is the only person in our family who rides goofy. Where can I get one? Unfortunately, my boat is already in the water...... Cheers, Al
  8. Thanks for the info!!!
  9. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, we sure are and very happy with our "new" boat. About once a week this summer (we use it a lot) the check engine light comes on, but when I restart the motor the light turns off. It's a PCM 5.7L. The oil was changed last week but not by the Centurion dealer as we don't have one in our city. I've checked the usual suspects and can't find anything wrong. The blower motor has not worked since delivery and we planned to have that fixed during winterizing. The boat is running fantastic. Is there any way to retrieve any codes from the computer that might give me a clue as to what's wrong? If so, how can you interpret the code?
  10. Bimini tops

    I had a local upholstery shop build one and I'm really happy with it. Better looking than stock and a lot less expensive than ordering one from Centurion.
  11. Thanks Zap! Worked like a charm. Cheers, and have a great season!!
  12. I've got a 2013 Elite V with 750 in each locker and am really happy with the wake for wake surfing when we've got a few people in the boat. The problem is that I can't seem to dial in a decent wake for wake boarding. What works for you guys? Thanks in advance!!
  13. Well, there you have it. Thanks guys!
  14. This a great forum and I've learned a lot! Just put my "new" 2013 Elite V in the water and was testing it out. Has dealer installed 750's in the rear lockers and of course the center tank. Although the bags and the hard tank are plumbed to drain water out the sides of the hull. I never see water leave any of the ballast systems via the holes in the sides of the hull. The bags and tank fill and drain normally. I'm miffed!! Shouldn't the water exit the ballast systems through the holes provided along the sides? Is this a problem? What if anything should I do?

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