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  1. This Blog has been very helpful to me and may answer some of your questions. http://centurionavalancheballastinstall.blogspot.com/2009/09/electrical.html
  2. Has anyone removed the Engine Hatch cover to access the bilge pump easier? I'm fairly small and I haven't successfully accessed my bilge pump yet to clean it out.
  3. I have done several LED light changes: 1) installed a Dioblo Ryal Customs "VEGA PRB" boat plug light. ($230) https://boatpluglight.com/collections/drain-plug-led-lights/products/the-vega-prd-133-watts-at-8000-lumens a) I wired this up with a 20Amp fuse holder from amazon directly to the battery. I also got relays and I plan to install a switch at the drive seat this winter. installing and removing the fuse to turn on/off is kindof getto. 2) swapped the curtsy light out with blue LEDS. This was the easiest project and looks great. I also ordered new curtsy light covers as mine looked brittle and had a yellow tint. 3) added one "Eagle Eye" Blue LED back in the cup holder area. I ordered these off amazon also. 4) Lastly, I swapped out my old Xenon tower lights for new LED tower lights. I had to do this because my perfect pass would drop out if I had the music up and turned on the tower lights. The old Xenons pulled 60 or 100 watts each (3 total) and were VERY bright (and HOT). The new LED lights are not a bright (6watts) but get the job done just fine. http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Watt-LED-Replacement-Wakeboard-Tower-Light-Bar-Bulb-and-Housing-/331169137932 a) I tried the typical "Bar" type LED lights but did not like how they looked. I didn't like the black light on chrome tower. And it didn't look factory. The new chrome LED light look like they belong. In the attached picture I have the tower LED lights on and the Boat Plug light on. I didn't have the wave very clean at all this day so pardon all the white wash.
  4. That oil filter number is the same as what I use on my 2004 lightning. I don't have the fuel filter part number.
  5. A few people on centurion crew had 2004 lightings. Big show and Poise. They both moved on to other boats but I have viewed a lot of there previous post doing research. To surf regular I have a 1100# in the port locker and a 400# (maybe half full under the port bench seat. I also fill the factory tank which is 250# I believe. I have a pretty good wave and have experimented with more weight in the bow but never liked it too much. I think I would need to upgrade my prop to an Acme 911 if I added a bow sac. Big Show I believe had a bow sac and the acme 911 prop. Pictures of his wave looked awesome. I regards to the plugs: the T handle plug is under the back middle seat right there near the V-drive. I normally don't even use that plug. It's possible since you said you had previously installed ballast system that they used this T handle plug as the suction hole for the ballast. I know wakemakers.com offer that as an option when designing a system.
  6. http://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/pullers/three-jaw-puller-set-4-pc-69104.html For 30 bucks this was worth the one time use. Google this if the link doesn't work: Three-Jaw Puller Set 4 Pc Pittsburgh Automotive - item#69104
  7. Best movie rental app for iPad?

    We use a Roku box to stream Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle (free but commercials), and Amazon Prime. We dropped cable two years ago and pay $8/month for netflix, $8/month for Hulu, and i think $80/year for Amazon prime (includes free two day shipping which i use a bunch). Prior to dropping cable we paid over $150 per month for cable (or "bundling" that i don't want a land line). The only thing i miss is sports on ESPN. But living in the south someone else always has a football party.
  8. blower replacement

    I will look at how mine is lined up next time i am at the boat. Maybe a previous owner saw the intake hose and exhaust hose sitting in there and thought they should have been connected.
  9. New Alt installed. Easy installation. I got a cheap set of ratcheting wrenches that made the job a good bit easier for only 20 bucks. http://www.harborfreight.com/7-piece-sae-ratcheting-combo-wrench-set-96654.html
  10. I'm guessing the cheaper one is just made cheap in china or something?
  11. Earlier DrNate recommend this site. http://www.skidim.com/products.asp?dept=1174 and i found an alternator (item 30708)for $300 that looked like a matched my 2004 350Mag. Planned on ordering this alternator but.... I just pulled out my old alt which had a stock number (mercury marine part # 863077-1) and i found several sites with a new alternator for only 89$. (http://www.dbelectrical.com/p-3650-new-marine-alternator-mercruiser-863077-1-19020611.aspx) Does anyone know the difference?
  12. Winter surf destinations

    Lower Alabama and Northern Florida is nice for another month or so.

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