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  1. How hard was that to get done? And was there any color problems when u took off deal?
  2. So the original Sony explode sub is open air? And is it just mounted to a decorative wall I can just take down and slide a box in that area? I hope so that was the original plan lol
  3. I have 2007 Enzo will I need to build a box to enclose a new 12inch sub?
  4. brigade wake surf board

    Bought a wakesurf board from Brigade can't wait to try it out!
  5. 2007 enzo needing bow filler :-)
  6. Do you need to replace the rubber seals in the bigger tower part or tighten them ever?
  7. I'm ready for a surf weekend!!!!!!

  8. What board next?

    I've been working with brigade wake surf board and they have been great. They hand make there boards! Check them out
  9. On the belt I just took mine into Napa and they matched the belt.
  10. surf board fin replacment

    My mucus only has two slots one on either side No middle so it's quite hard to ride w one fin on the edge lol.
  11. Upholstery pics

    Looks good!
  12. surf board fin replacment

    I'm still wondering if anyone has and standard 9am speedline fin or fins. Can anyone help :-)

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