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  1. I run a 1433 on my 2013 V226. No way it would hit 40 mph (IRC- around 34 mph or so max, unloaded) but it does extremely well loaded down 4k + people for surfing. Runs about 2800 rpm in that mode 11.2 mph.
  2. So I received the new cover. Anybody know how the pole support strapping system is supposed to work? No instructions in the box and I don't know what all these straps are supposed to hook to. Anybody?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I take care of the covers similar to InfinitySurf but not to that extreme. I clean it and spray waterproofing on it. My boat sits out on a boat lift in the sun/wind/downpours as we aren't allowed to have boat lift covers. I tent the cover and it does a pretty good job of not pooling up as long as I make sure it's tented properly. I cheat and throw an old fat sac seat filled with air in the front instead of messing with the pole up there. That works really well. So for insurance sake I was able to find a brand new/unused factory cover yesterday for $280 complete with poles. I figured it's cheap insurance in case something happens to my current cover while the boat is sitting on the lake. My buddy ordered a "custom cover" and it took weeks and when he received the cover it didn't fit right and he had to send it back. Unfortunately this happened during a bunch of storms so he was not a happy camper. If my current cover lasts 4-5 years more I'll have a replacement that should last another 5-7.
  4. I'm curious how long the factory boat cover lasts. My boat sits out about 5 months, 2 of those months are very wet via rain and 3 pretty good sunny months. The canvas boat cover on my previous boat lasted 19 years before it dissolved. It should have been replaced about 5 years sooner but I kept patching and gluing it back together. The V226 cover doesn't seem as thick or durable and is much bigger and different material than the last one so I'm wondering roughly how many years on average these things last.
  5. I had the same thing happen on my Malibu. It would run but start popping and missing at around 2000 rpm. Chased everything and finally found the insulator cracks on 2 different Autolite plugs. Found out later it was a known issue for them to split or crack after a few seasons.
  6. I've got a couple of them I can borrow. I tried one for an afternoon and we found the same thing. It takes the lip off and makes it hard to get air. I found that it does give a little wider play area and worked well for skimming. For surf style I like the boat heavily weighted/listed. I'll have to try it for Goofy riders. We typically don't have any goofies on board but we're messing around on both sides of the wake so it would be a quick change over if we can get enough wave to make it worth doing. More testing...
  7. Lead

    Thanks for all the visuals. Decisions...decisions.
  8. Lead

    Thanks for the visual Nick. That's very helpful.
  9. Yeah. Just tried it in my truck and it works really well. I like that you can adjust the volume on both the low and high end and control the ramp up by the speed settings.
  10. Lead

    Right. I have room for one layer of 45lb plates but there is a lot of wasted space with the indents of the plates and the space between them. They are round so the fat sac kinda fills in the gaps and indents but it would be nice to have a better solution with a little added weight.
  11. Lead

    Does anyone know the dimensions of the 50lb lead wake bags or the POP bags? I'm using some 45lb plates under the fat sacs but would like to have something a little more elegant that I can stuff into smaller areas. I'm assuming both the pop and LW bags are about 2-2.5" thick.
  12. Awesome. I'm going to try this over the weekend.
  13. That's a good idea. I've never tried it but that would be very useful for me. I'm always having to mess with the volume. My truck has speed based volume control and it works well enough although I wish it had a little more volume range.
  14. Ok...so I'm 5'10" and 160lbs. My son is a little lighter but same height. We both like the nubstep 4'6". It's more surf style but it does let you spin around like a skimmer. I like how it handles. We ride it without the nubster fins so we can spin it easier. It has great drive running all 4 for surf style. Might be something to check out.

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