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  1. Hi all. I have a 2014 sv226 and have noticed that my center ballast fills automatically (even if I don't fill it). Any ideas on what is wrong?  I assume a one way valve is broken. Would appreciate advice.

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    2. bryceh


      Ill keep looking. The two are obvious. Not sure why I am having trouble figuring this out. Thank you.

    3. tprice


      Everyone I know who had a 2014 226 and me included it does this.

      i just make sure few times  a year I have to trailer I drain it.

    4. bryceh


      I think i have figured it out. the pump for the forward ballast is a tsunami pump right at the very back of the boat above the bilge pump. it is a different pump than the others, smaller as well. I think i need a loop above the water line as recommended. thank you everyone for advice. 



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