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  1. I would remove the filter header (filter base) and use a vise and what ever type of plier or wrench it takes to remove it. Remember to lube the gasket on the filter before install..... even a fuel filter. New engine oil is about as good of lube for this application as you can get. Follow the filter manufactures pictographs on the filter for required tightness. It is typically half a turn after the gasket touches the header. Over tightening can lead to the problem you are having with a stuck filter and under tightening leads to leaks.....it’s hard to say what caused your filter to become stuck... good luck!
  2. Just in case anyone else out there with a 226 have problems with a leaky prop shaft seal, don’t fret. I changed mine out when I was winterizing a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it actually was. As I was first assessing the job, I figured it was really going to suck but i didn’t have to tear much apart. Unhooked hoses, pressure switch wire, shift cable clamp, 4 bolts on the shaft coupler, and 6 bolts on the vdrive to tranny mount. With a cherry picker, the vdrive just fit through the access hole under the back seat. Removed the coupler nut and used a coupler puller to pop the coupler loose from the shaft. Installed a new OJ props serviceless seal assembly and put it all back together. Whole job took about 3.5 hours and the only help I had is from my daughter who ran the cherry picker for me. I would add picks but the site says I’m out of space.....hope this helps somebody else save a little cash buy doing this yourself!
  3. 2012 V226 shaft tube outer diameter

    Did you get your leak stoped with that seal part number, honey badger
  4. Another "suckgate" story

    Wakedirt, in my experience, shapers don’t work well on a 226....the wave is really good listed....that being said, I went down the path of a GSA system. It’s pricy, but it’s worth the money......it does require at least 4K in ballast to throw a big wave.
  5. X2 on H’s comment...... Soulcraft and Chaos are great boards but I would add if you have money, the new Hyperlite virial boards are super fast from what I am hearing from some of my boys......for only a small price of $1200😬. Lol. I’ll stick with my Chaos!
  6. Zs232 opinions

    I’m headed to the Denver boat show in a couple of weeks, I really hope they have a ZS to look at. If they surf similar to a fi but still have the supreme simplicity, it’s got to be a winner! The only thing that bothers me is the ZS is getting pretty close to the FI price. I would think at that point a guy just steps up to the Centurion.
  7. It’s the same top that fourwinns used on their H200/210 reverse arch boats (2012/13).
  8. Anyone on here spent any significant time on the new zs232 yet? Curious to hear the feedback!
  9. The 1847 did the trick on my v226. Surfs great with 4K of ballast.....also will pull a skier or wakeboarder great!
  10. They are awesome.....they are pretty bright and work great for getting off the water after a late evening set....I don’t think you will be disappointed if you add them.
  11. Moved back to Utah from NE

    If you were in the cornhusker state you should have hit us up! Lol
  12. Think my short term swim deck solution is to raise mine as well.... I have some 2 x 2 inch aluminum square tubing I’m going to use with 2inch longer screws.....
  13. I tried to post up a pic of the goofy wave I had last weekend but I see my membership fee is due and it wouldn’t let me.......I felt pretty good about my 226’s performance till I just watched a vid of a 257’s goofy wave😳. Either they had a great camera angle or that wave was like 5 foot tall!

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