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  1. The gps is to insure that you don’t forget to retract the tabs when you decide to go faster than 17mph....it will auto retract them. If you use the app.....it will display your speed via gps. It is mainly for the launch option which deploys the tabs to help you get up on plane......
  2. Silicon the crap out of the wires going through the hull! I even hit the inside as well. You are right with the plugs.....left to left..right to right and remaining plug goes to the controller you mounted under the throttle.
  3. There should be a common ground block which looks like you found in this pic. There should be a common key switch block under there somewhere as well where you can steal power from. If you have a open accessory switch you can use it for power as too. That is what I wanted to do but I am using mine for other accessories. I am just using the key switch at this point.
  4. Keep working through it my friend! The end is in sight!
  5. FYI to any GSA customers that Ryan’s email got hacked this weekend and there are people trolling with his email as we speak.........😡
  6. Great job Bomoseen! You have had a few more challenges than I did on my 226 but looks like you have worked through them pretty well. Placement for your control is perfect because it keeps it away from the shifter cables! The gps antenna has a magnet on it so I just found a bracket under the dash and stuck it on top! Keep us posted on your progress!
  7. How did he Supra stack up to you rig? Did you have boat envy? Lol
  8. This was supposed to be the weekend to put my boat in the water😞 this is what I woke up to! I love the heartland!
  9. Stabil in fuel?

    You are spot on with the consistency. Not only does it change with brands of fuel, but what part of the country you live in makes a huge difference as well. The epa has many “zones” that they require different additive packages to be used. It’s crazy stuff!
  10. No credit to me.....I stole the idea! Lol
  11. I saw someone on her do this and I thought it was a great idea to pick up just a little more storage! This is the dead space / access above the transmission and vdrive under the middle cushion of the back seat. It is a $3 container I got at Menards. 19”x12”x8”. Fits perfect!
  12. Chaos Nano for the kids

    I know what you mean about the “push”. My 13 year old was wakeboarding by age 7 and surfing at 10. My 10 year old is super athletic but politely says she would rather watch.....my 6 year old doesn’t give a crap about anything and just wants to dive off the tallest point of the boat! Girls.....they are as confusing as their mom! Lol
  13. Stabil in fuel?

    Most people (even mechanics) don’t really understand how a fuel/water separator work. There’re several methods but the most common is to coalesce the water with one layer of filter media and then strip the coalesced water droplets with a hydrophobic mesh. When you add a product that emulsifies the water in the fuel like stabil, it counteracts the ability of the coalescing filter media to do its job.
  14. Chaos Nano for the kids

    Sorry about the double post😳
  15. Stabil in fuel?

    You guys are on the right track. Octane is relavent to compression ratio and timing. Higher compression engines need higher octane fuel to prevent detonation. The same can be said if the tune is pushing the limits on timing. I can tell you first hand from many hours on a dyno that buying expensive premium pump gas to burn in an 87 octane engine is a waste of money. Now if you were buying a race gas that had additives that promoted combustion, that would be different. The sta-bil on every fill is cheap insurance that if you get water in your fuel, it stays dispersed enough to not cause problems. For the record, stabil accualy counteracts the effectiveness of your fuel/water separator. If your boat has a fuel/water separator, it’s best to use additives only at storage. If you don’t have one, every fill up is best.

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