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  1. Infinity, what engine do you have in your SV??? 343 or 409?
  2. Well I pulled the trigger on the 1847 (14 x 14.25 .150 cup). Hope that wakes up my launch while surfing but doesn’t twist the motor to tight while wakeboarding and skiing We will see. I went with Nettles in Austin.......
  3. I’m all about input on this deal....1433.....1617???????
  4. Uggggg........my launch problem might be due to the 1939 prop on my boat☹️ Need a replacement
  5. Lol.....Yep, I set mine to those angles as well. I called Ryan after my first outing and he told me this, “I wish you would’ve called me and I would have told you to use much less of an angle. “. I believe every boat probably has a very different set up. I don’t blame Ryan, but I do wish he would add to his instructions to advise him of your boat for specific angles of the tabs.
  6. My RPMs have not changed from listed to GSA. 11 mph is 3100rpm. It is definitely lugging the engine more though.
  7. I think ultimately more weight probably = bigger wave but if I can keep replicating the wave I have now, I think I can be fairly happy. It’s about as tall as my loaded listed wave and has good push back 20 to 25 foot. If I can ditch the near 1k in lead, the boat becomes easier to tow. The fact is I want an Ri wave but thats not going to happen out of my 5 yr old “value” surf boat. If I can get close and the wave is easy to achieve, I’ll consider that a win. Plus I only have 50k invested!
  8. So 0 degrees deployment would be the tab being perfectly level with the bottom of the hull. Negative deployment would be angling downward into the water. Positive deployment would be angled up towards the swim deck. Different people describe this differently but I am a old toolmaker that uses above the “0” plane as positive and below the “0” plane as negative. I’ve read over on the Malibu forums that some of those guys are running positive 1 to 4 degrees loaded down with weight. The “clicks” are equal to about a degree in a half on my boat. On the dial between “surf” and “skim” there is only about 6 degrees of movement
  9. I’m guessing by the air it’s a good wave!
  10. So it seems we are both at the same point in our journey with our GSA systems....I am thinking just like you that there is potential to ditch most of my 900 lbs of lead and just use hard tanks and PNP bags in the rear. My best waves to date are with all factory tanks empty and just PNP bags full plus 800 lbs of lead in rear lockers and 100lbs of lead in the bow. I also agree with Infinity that we both could probably use a little more aggressive prop to help us with our lack of speed with more weight on board. With a little more prop and more weight, I think you can have your tabs deployed at a +1 to +3 degree angle and have a killer wave....my best wave to date is at a deployed angle of -1.....Ryan said the only part of the tab that should be doing any work is the thrusters. From what I’ve seen, this is probably true.
  11. Cruise control

    I did the gps upgrade ant it works very well..... much more consistent speeds in choppy conditions
  12. I got out last Sunday for a couple of hours and had a crew of 5 adults. Regular wave was pretty sweet right out of the gate. Goofy wave took a couple of minutes to dial in but after I drained a little off a little port side ballast it cleaned up good. With 5 adult crew members, the only water ballast I had filled up we’re my 2 rear 1k sumo sacks. I also had 400 lbs of lead in each rear locker and 100 lbs of lead in the bow. Pretty good waves for only 2900 lbs of ballast.......next time out I will post up pics.

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