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  1. Im sure I could have bypassed supreme headunit and have the BT-RS go straight to the amps to act as the main, but i did not want to replace the stock supreme unit. I only wanted a remote control function for the supreme headunit. (maybe this is what i did wrong) And honestly, as you can probably tell - im not an audio guy and anything beyond that is past my diy. It looks good and clean - does everything i need except control volume.....Im sure that my current setup volume issue is more of a result of the IPHONE not being able to control main volume than anything else (based off what you mentioned earlier). If i was streaming from a device that was capable of controlling main volume i have zero doubt that the current BTRS setup would follow suite. Either way - thnx again for your incite
  2. The BT-RS is just connected to power. Then Bluetooth connected to my phone acting as a remote control for whatever music app is being played on the phone. No splicing, no input or main connections being used by the BTRS.
  3. Let's See Your Rides

    So stoked on it!
  4. Well, long story short. there is no aux input on the Supreme head unit. Confirmed by supreme. Going to keep the setup just to control play/pause and skip tracks on a playlist. Thnx for the responses and help on this!
  5. Maybe i answered that poorly. But this is definitely the current set up and it definitely works. Supreme Headunit is in BT. Supreme head unit is connected to Iphone via BT. BT-RS is powered on and connected to Iphone via BT. The phone is providing all the media and streaming everything. The BT-RS just simply allows me to bypass the phone inorder to play/pause skip. Neither the phone nor the BT-RS will allow me to control master volume. If the phone would allow me to do it - then I'm assuming the BT-RS would allow me to do it. Volume can only be controlled on the supreme headunit - which is fine, just wanted the option to control it from the phone or the BT-RS. Apologies for any obvious beginner explanations regarding audio equipment.
  6. and here comes the lightbulb moment - ive been looking for a physical aux connection and never troubleshooted to do something so basic as to look at the settings to see if there was even an AUX-IN "mode" on the head unit. I cant recall off the top of my head. We definitely have a tuner and bt mode. Will check tonight when i get home. Interesting regarding the Apple phones not being able to control volume
  7. Thank you for the help Wylie! - yes music plays whe iPhone is connected to BT-RS - main head unit is in BT mode
  8. Yes - devise is the BT-RS. The headunit is the supreme factory all in one unit. It controls everything. There is not a "stand alone" radio headunit on the boat. The Iphone connects to the supreme headunit and basically all music is played from the phone. On the phone itself, i can control song selection, play/pause, and skip. I can NOT control volume on the phone. The BT-RS is connected to the phone and basically allows me to do the same. Play/Pause and skip track - but no volume control. The touch screen headunit allows me to do everything. Zone control, volume control, and pause play skip tracks. I can NOT connect the BT RS straight to the headunit via bluetooth and i cannot find an aux port to physically connect to the headunit. The latter is what i was hoping for in order to control the master volume. I actually called supreme to ask and was told that these new all in one units did not have an aux option. So for now going to leave it how we have it unless there is a creative way to override it and control volume from the BT RS. Im just not much of a touch screen person, especially when under way. Its not an issue, just personal preference.
  9. Right now the device is connected BT to an IPhone 13. There is an option to run the device on an aux line straight into the main source. I just did not see or find an aux option behind the head unit.
  10. Hi guys, So, i installed a wetsounds rocker remote control inorder to have a physical button instead of being committed to the touch screen. What i was really hoping to be able to do is control the master volume. My main question - does the supreme 2021/2022 headunit have an auxiliary that can be plugged into? Right now i have my device installed and setup on bluetooth. The bluetooth connects to my phone and allows me to control pause/play and change songs forward or back. I cannot control the volume with this type of set up. I was hoping to connect directly through the aux and hopefully be a able to control the master volume. Worst case scenario, the current set up allows me to easily hit pause if a rider falls down and we want to back off the radio or skip a track in a playlist.
  11. The rough water ride is great....but here's a day we caught not too long ago in the keys
  12. Brent! lol - will give you my honest rough water/cruising experience. As mentioned, we are constantly in Biscayne bay Miami Florida and the keys and for a "wake boat" this has to be as close to as good as it gets. We specifically bought a supreme because of the deep v hull design. I'm very protective of the boat and try my best not to beat it up, so any time the water gets above a 2/3 foot chop I do throttle down a bit and just make sure to time up the chop or rollers. We've been out ocean side to get to some of the nicer reef locations in the keys in some nasty stuff, slow and easy, zero problems! The silent stinger plate is a great feature if you want to get that bow down a little to cut through some of the chop. These boats obviously don't handle like center consoles where you can get above a 2/3 foot chop and just coast over it. Being what they are, I think supreme does a really good job with it! As far as cruising speed on a good day - we have the 450 and i typically try to run around 3900 rpm just to conserve fuel and keep it easy on the motor. At 4200rpm on a good day you can probably sit at 26mph all day. Can you push harder and run 28 yes, wide open throttle the most I've seen has been 35mph.
  13. Thnx Troy, and appreciate your inputs all over the forum. I definitely found a lot of useful info when deciding to switch over to supreme. Honestly couldn't be happier with the boat - absolutely love it.
  14. Long over due update.... We officially took delivery of our 22 S240 this past April and its been amazing. I'll try to give good/bad ect ect and so you know my previous boat was a mastercraft x35 salt water series because we live in south Florida and ALL our boating is either in the FL Keys or in the bay The GOOD - Size!! Size and freeboard are amazing. Thats the number one thing we were after when shopping for a boat. We wanted to be in the 24ft range - Rough water ride is fantastic. The boat feels extremely well built. There is not rattling, everything feels solid and the tower is stout - Interior materials are amazing. We went full OTB and couldnt be happier with the result. Everything cleans up very easy and seems like it will last a very LONG time. - Computer/controls on the boat are very simple and striaght to the point. Gotta say i do like the automatic adjusting volume on the radio - Engine bay is very well laid out. You can tell that they took time and though into making a boat that can be properly maintained. Due to salt water use, i constantly make sure to clean and protect every engine component, this lay out makes it very easy to work around the entire engine. - PCM 450 has been above expectations. Fuel efficiency is very good & plenty of power with a loaded boat - Silent stinger plate does its job! - Wakeboard wake and surf wake have both been very easy to setup & enjoy - SEWLONG BIMINI IS AMAZING! This was a splurge when we priced the boat and its honestly one of my favorite features - Wetsounds champ sys is more than enough for us The not as good: - The flush mount system being under the swim platform. I did prefer our flush mount sys on our previous boat which was located above the swim platform. Makes in water flushing a lot easier - Water drainage when washing the boat. As the boat sits on the trailer i find it difficult to get "all" the water out of the hull when washing. No matter how high/low you place your jack on level ground, not all the water will drain. I'm a bit OCD for drying out the boat and had a 3rd bilge installed just to ensure that all the water exits the boat. Seems like these boats want to collect a little bit of water in the belly of the hull - I have had to go in with my wet-vac to fully remove the water after washes. - Interior hull floor is covered in a black hardened finish. Nothing is wrong with it and i do appreciate the black color to give off a more finished look but it would be nice to have it finished off in gatorstep like the nautiques. - I also dont necessarily care for the touch screen audio function. especially when under way. I prefer a physical button to handle the volume and ability to change song - that being said we are installing a wetsounds rocker pannel remote to take care of this. Verdict VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY WITH THE BOAT. As far as price/performance this has to be as good as it gets. The boat is gorgeous and when the sunlight hits the metal flake it goes to another level! Its an extremely comfortable boat that my family and I are beyond grateful to be able to own. Will get better pics up soon....

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