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  1. Oh and on color scheme, I'm mad at myself for "playing it safe" but super happy that we will have a classic, never go out of style, color scheme... However, if I was a bit more ballsy, I would have gone military green metal flake, military green all the way through the boat with full tan interior - LOVING all the OD Green boats that all manufacturers are putting out lately!! Left the color choices up to my household and majority vote went to white/silver/gray
  2. So, I too like and prefer the styling of the ZS and am honestly quite shocked that we even made the decision to swap over to the S240. I did not get into the major differences in the EZ-V versus the Tapered V - i did figure that the newer tech and newer hulls would all go the route of EZ-V hence the new ZS252 - that played a small factor into the decision making. We wanted a solid rough water ride and we knew that both hulls would deliver on that. The biggest part of the decision was just size due to where and how we do all of our boating. We are in the Florida keys and constantly on the bay where there is just no substitution for size with a large family and long days on the water. My dealer played a huge role in the decision as well, we literally trusted their opinion and are buying the boat without ever sitting in or seeing an S240 in person. We spoke about potentially making the change as soon as the boat was announced and waited for feedback from our guys after the official release and dealer meetings. Once we had real feed back after these guys were on the boat, they came back stoked and thought that the S would fit our particular families wants and needs a bit better than the ZS. My biggest concern was freeboard, I LOVE the freeboard in the ZS and the guys came back very confident that the S240 had more than enough freeboard to feel as if your sitting "in" the boat. As for the decision to go with the 450, it was basically, well, to be very honest, a splurge. I felt as though the 450 option would be good for resale and would never leave us feeling as if we "should" have opted for more power with all ballast options selected, a large family, and the large capacity fuel tank. The boat is heavy! Dry weight and the slightly easier on and off of the swim platform from the back of the boat also played a factor in the decision. We have small kids, 11, 10, and 8 along with nieces and nephews that are much younger and while it might sound a bit silly, we do a lot of hanging out at the reefs/snorkeling in the keys and i thought the S240 would be slightly more comfortable for the all day getting in and out of the water through the back of the boat due to the slightly lower freeboard at the rear.
  3. Well, its been a while and a couple things have changed so I figured id jump on and post an update. We put our deposit down on a ZS232 back in Feb of 2021 and while waiting we were obviously constantly keeping up with Supreme, became super super intrigued with the release of the S240. Dealer told us we had time to swap and wouldn't necessarily loose our place in que for the build so we made the change to the S40. Gel got sprayed in December and we should be taking delivery first or second week of February. Will post some pics upon receipt. We've had an amazing experience with our dealer, couldn't be happier - super stoked! The reason for the change to the S240 was purely due to size. The S fell right into our budget and offered that little bit of extra seating capacity. For the build here's more or less what we optioned out: White/silver metal flake sharp scheme Whisper Gray Main Seat Color Whisper Gray Seat Boxing White Accent S2S Gatorstep (silver cloud/sharkfin) Sewlong bimini SST Tower with white base PCM 450 Champ Audio package - white Did want to say thank you again for all the info provided here regarding the ZS, it was greatly appreciated!
  4. 2022 ZS232 Updates?

    I wish they ghosted the flag into the gel, we actually asked if this could be done. When the time comes closer we will know - to the extent of my knowledge they do not do this. The S2S basically comes with the gatorstep package and the flag holders. And yeah, completely agree with you, that green Ri S2S is out of control!
  5. 2022 ZS232 Updates?

    Sorry for the delayed response Our plan is to go solid white gel, white tower, white speakers with mocha main pannel/mocha boxing/white accents. We did splurge for the salute to service package. Love and appreciate our military - especially in times like these.
  6. 2022 ZS232 Updates?

    So, we gave our deposit on a 2022 ZS232 in March, patiently waiting, dealer is hoping that we can go into production sometime in December or January....the wait is not easy - lol. We came out of a mastercraft and committed to the zs strictly based off of a ridiculous amount of online research. We got lucky and were able to test ride a 2022 zs212 and see, touch, feel one for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It confirmed our decision and we were blown away by the "size" of the boat. Its alot of boat with a lot of freeboard. I've been a little concerned about layout and internal size of the 232 but all my concerns are put to rest. Not going to lie, the new s240 has made me consider whether we should opt for the 240 and the 16 passenger rating vs the 232 and the 14 passenger rating. At the end of the day we are going to stay with the 232 because we just like the lines of the hull, pickle fork, and the additional freeboard way too much. Such a unique aggressive looking boat on the water. With that being said, they killed it with the S240. Really good looking boat. Boardco released a great walkthrough on youtube. December/January cant come fast enough! Daydreaming abt the 232. Enjoy your guys posts! Thank you for the info!!
  7. Hello all, anyone know if they are making any hull/interior/electronic/color option updates to the 2022 model year? Not that any are needed, just curious
  8. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    So NICE .. congrats!
  9. Not yet - no dates. Waiting for official 2022 build/cost sheet from dealer. We did one based off of the 2021 pricing/options. Hopefully we'll be given a target date soon.
  10. I was told the same thing about the new facility in GA! Final question (maybe final question) did you guys do the 409 PCM or the 450 PCM and what has your experience been? We were planning on going with the 409 wanting to place a bit more emphasis on the fuel efficiency. We do looooong days on the water so really looking forward to the 80 gallon fuel tank which is much larger than our last boat. Last boat was a major gas guzzler, and honestly, to the point where it was problematic. Are there realized daily used gains to going with the 450?
  11. Thanks for all the info...genuinely appreciated. Will absolutely post build pics when it gets going. Got a feeling its going to take a while given the current build schedules. Crossing the fingers to be able to build and receive by the end of this year, hopefully December. Good thing about the FL keys is that the boating is year round
  12. I'm located in Miami, FL.....so ice will definitely not last. We are ordering the boat through Miami Nautique. They've been great to work with.
  13. Another random question - have you actually used the rear wet storage as a cooler? Can it actually keep ice frozen for a decent period of time? is it possible to add a weather striping or gasket to seal and keep ice a little better?
  14. WE PULLED THE TRIGGER! Gave our deposit and now a waiting game to get on the build schedule . Thank you guys for the info! Until the last moment we were still considering a Centurion Fi23 and we finally got to see one at the dealer. After seeing the Fi in person, we immediately decided to go supreme. The freeboard is a big deal for us and while we do like the Fi23 we decided to go supreme based on the depth and height of the hull. Plus i just love the lines! All of our boating happens in south Florida and the Florida keys, hence why such a big emphasis on freeboard height and ability to handle a little chop. Nothing new - but going to be doing an all white on white build with large decals and trying to decide between mocha vs camel interior (Difficult to get a real feel for the colors online). I know its a bad word around these boats but we are building a full salt water packaged boat....we've lived on the coast our entire life and know and understand how to maintain saltwater boats like new. The OCD is next level. Now comes the waiting game and trying to suppress the excitement.
  15. Really thankful for the feedback. Surf wake looks AMAZING! We were never able to really dial in our MC X35, part of the reason we sold it. We still constantly kill ourselves on the wakeboards acting like age aint a thing . Will be nice to surf a little.

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