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  1. Although I have never dealt with Fineline directly, it was always good to know that was an option. Being from Edmonton we have had to deal with a poor dealer for years. Luckily the dealer out of Calgary was always able to take care of my needs. Now with Wizard Lake Marine on board, hopefully our local dealer is able to provide the support that is necessary.
  2. 2014 SV233 Top Speed

    Ok, was out on the lake yesterday. My SV 233 was running 4600 rpm at WOT, at around 35 mph. Currently running an Acme 1847 - 14" x 14.25" prop.
  3. 2014 SV233 Top Speed

    I have a 2012 - 233 seems low, but I will verify what mine is next time out. Rarely running WOT heading across the lake. Which lake are you at? We hang out mostly at Wizard Lake.
  4. Malibu sinks at launch in high winds

    Glad to hear everyone is ok Infinity. Like you say, i hope the kids don't get a little gun shy. It has been quite a few years now, but we got hit by a surprise storm about 20 years ago. Only had to travel a couple miles to get to the launch, but things got pretty crazy before we got the boat loaded. Mother Nature can get pretty vicious sometimes.
  5. Yep us too. We just hit 333 hrs. Bought it with 100 hrs on it. Relatively trouble free. Have to put support braces on the engine covers, change a heater vent, change a cockpit light. Tighten up a loose throttle. Nothing major just general maintenance.
  6. I used to do the same thing, but have been slacking. Only been out 4 times this year but keep forgetting to give them a spray which probably explains why my valve stuck open yesterday when we pulled the boat out of the water. It will get a good spray today.
  7. It has been a couple years since I messed with my valves. Mine were sticking so I had my son hit the open button and I gave the red key a twist. They would only open part way so I hit them with some silicone spray lube. Worked them back and forth a couple times and managed to get them functioning a bit better. Yours are probably sticking, that is why one turns more than the other. Try working it back and firth and hit it with some spray lube. Sometimes I can't get them to fully functional on land, but after some spray, the always seem to work on the water. Maybe the extra hydrostatic pressure while submerged helps with opening the valves. I was coming up on a long weekend at the time so I ordered up a back up valve, and at that time the only thing I could find close enough to get shipped in time was another drainmaster valve. As luck would have it, I have had to work the valves a couple times to get them working over the last 3 years, but have not yet had to change the valve. Still have the back up valve in the boat. We are heading back out today and I noticed one of the valves had stuck open when we loaded onto the trailer yesterday. Looks like I might have to work them again today. Even if you can't get them to open and close completely with the red key, spray them down a few times, and let it sit for a few minutes. Don't hesitate to test them on the water even if they are not fully functioning, they seem to react differently on land then they do in the water. Even if the only open a little bit, that is enough to still fill and once the hydrostatic pressure equalizes on both sides, they will probably function well enough to get you through the weekend. Good luck. Wish I was closer could have lined you my back up valve. Happy 4th of July. Hope you get through the weekend.

    2013 SV233 Love the discreet markings on our boat. We hangout on a small lake littered with Nautique, Malibu, Moomba, and Mastercraft boats. Very few Centurions. I quite often get compliments on the wave, and get asked what brand of boat it is due to the lack of brand logos on the side. Nice compliment coming from some pretty prestigious brands. I tell my kids to surf proud when we are surfing amongst royalty, lol.
  9. Suck gate wave pics on SV244

    I get a kick out of watching our regular crew surfing the suck gate for the first time. They don't realize how much longer the pocket is. It takes them a bit to realize they don't need to keep pumping the board to catch up to the wave. Once they relax and let the wave do it's thing they are pretty amazed at the new wave. We have it dialed in for a much longer wave with much more push and I think we can get it even better with a bit more weight in the bow. That was 225# ballast and 180# person in the bow. Hopefully we get back out tomorrow. Hoping to try 500 - 575# in the bow. Myself I find it to be a slower wave than the fast steep listed wave I have become accustomed to, but with 2 min change overs just to move the suck gate, it means way more surfing and less time waisted swapping ballast. With a couple goofy riders on the crew, the suck gate is going to get a lot of action this summer. It probably doesn't hurt that my son thinks he likes the suck gate wave better on the goofy side.
  10. Suck gate wave pics on SV244

    A few pics of the wave today with our suck gate in action. Used it all day today.
  11. Listed, 2012 SV 233 Port side: Both QF 100% P PnP 100% P Pro 100% 90# lead in rear port and rear stb lockers No cats on our boat Biggest dude in the ballast boy seat. No bow weight. 11.2 - 11.4 mph Extra bodies or extra weight means a bigger wave, but at 250# I can surf just fine without adding any more weight than mentioned. We have started using our suck gate more often when we need to switch back and forth to goofy. Longer wave, lots of push, not as steep, but definitely lots of fun to surf. Two different style waves, but both are enjoyable.
  12. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    Pulled our old 23' typhoon and now our SV233 with my 1998 Z71 half ton. No issues. It basically stays hooked to the boat all summer. Been going on 10 years with no issues. We are always late getting out of the driveway, so the foot is in it, but I usually back off the gas long before corners to let things slow down without too much brake use. We are fortunate that we are mostly flat grade from home to the lake.
  13. Suck gate wave pics on SV244

    Definitely a cleaner goofy wave than we get. Do you have the A plate? I keep saying I need to get one, but still havent. We can get a nice clean wave listed, but not with the suck gate.
  14. Suck gate wave pics on SV244

    Yep, figured I was probably going to need more bow weight. We were running a light crew. One body in the bow helped but still felt like we needed more weight up there. The lead was buried deep under the full ballast bags in the rear lockers or we would have moved them. That's the plan for the next time out. I love the steep, fast wave we normally get without the suck gate, but I think we have more push and a way longer pocket with the suck gate, and that was without spending much time fine tuning the wave. With me at 250#, more push is always a good thing. We messed with the trim, found having it at 100% helped get up to surf speed after the launch and then backed it down to between 30 - 50%.
  15. Suck gate wave pics on SV244

    Was testing our old homemade suck gate from last year on our SV 233. QF full, PnP full, pro ballast full, no bow weight, 2 people in the boat. We also have 90# of lead on each side. Had to dump a little weight out of the QF on the fly to bring the bow down a little, probably due to the extra lead. Wish we had an extra body or bag for the bow. Had a couple bags but we rarely use them so I forgot to grab the pump out of the rope bag we left in the truck. No cats, and still playing with the trim. Port side was a great wave, longer, flatter, more push. Bumped speed up to 11.4 - 11.6 mph. I'm 250# and can surf no problem on the Trident, with or without the suck gate, but definitely had more push with the gate. The wave is quite different, I really like the faster feel of the steeper listed wave, but think I could easily get used to the suck gate wave. We have a couple goofy riders as well, so quick change overs is nice. We don't have the A plate, so we just couldn't get the lip to clean up on the goofy side. Normally I can clean the listed goofy wave up with the port QF 2/3 full and 30% trim, but no luck with the suck gate. My son did like the extra push, and thought it was a better wave than our listed wave. Sorry no pics. Did take a couple vids, but the water was a bit choppy today so the vid doesn't do the wave justice.

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