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  1. Unfortunately, not a clue as to the problem you’re experiencing. You should still be under factory warranty though.
  2. Do you have a local Centurion or Supreme dealer? That might be something they have to order from the tower manufacturer. If not, you can always call Centurion/Supreme direct. (209) 384-0255
  3. That’s interesting. I don’t have experience with the Chinese product, but I would also be interested in saving roughly 2/3 of the cost. What is the return policy on the Chinese product? If you can return it if you’re not happy with the quality pre-install, I’d take a flier on it personally.
  4. I guess it’s worth a shot on the tabs. Just make sure the tabs you get aren’t bent to match the contoured of the Opti-V hull. The tabs for a 2017 ri or a Supreme S238 should work since those boats have a similar hull design to yours. On the swim platform, you’re probably right. Without ballast, the platform on the newer Centurions/Supremes sit pretty high out of the water. Probably 5” or so I’d guess. There was a guy on here that did raise his platform like 10-12yrs ago. You might be able to find that thread with the search feature.
  5. Engine compartment dividers

    If you look at the PDF attachment in the first post of the thread link below, there is a picture of the divider reinforcements that I had on my old Avy.
  6. Engine compartment dividers

    Through-bolt aluminum U-channel to the dividers for reinforcement. Otherwise, the ballast bags in the lockers can push/bend the dividers and dislodge them.
  7. Engine compartment dividers

    There are actually 4 of them in your boat. 2 large and 2 smaller forward. You can try calling centurion. They might be able to point you to a vendor. Otherwise, you’ll have to make them. I’d use plastic as thick as the U-channel on the floor will hold. I’d also reinforce them with U-channel aluminum on the engine side. 209-384-0255
  8. I’ve had good luck getting PCM parts from these guys: https://skidim.com/
  9. I’d try calling Centurion directly.
  10. Dial in my wave 04 SV230

    I haven’t heard much in terms using a wake shaper on an Enzo. My opinion is that you probably don’t need it. That Enzo hull likes to lean. Start by filling your Enzo sac on the port side, keeping the starboard empty, and running at 10.5 mph. You’ll probably end up needing more weight, but that will give you a good baseline to start from. Adding weight to the rear/under the port side seats will make the wave bigger. You can play with the speed too (I wouldn’t recommend over about 11), but if I recall correctly, 10.5 is what most of us were running with Avys/Enzos back in the day.
  11. I had luck finding a cover for my Avalanche with double-up tower back in the day with GreatLakesSkipper. They sell overstock OEM parts. SewLong out in Utah might be able to help you. If not, you can call Centurion and ask them who they used as their cover manufacturer back in ‘08. 209-384-0255
  12. I agree and meant to make a similar comment. I think it's a power issue more than a location issue as well. That said, I love my observer storage and would probably try to find another location. Especially considering that in that boat you're probably going to end up running bags under the seats and taking up that storage. Maybe try running the 10" above the dash by itself with your current amp bridged and see how that sounds? That is, unless you like the sub in the kick panel idea for aesthetics. In that case, just pair the sub and amp properly and you should be good to go. All that said, in full disclosure, I am by no means an audiophile. As long as it sounds good while sitting in the boat hanging out and I can hear it clearly while surfing, I try to stay out of the weeds on the audio stuff.
  13. My understanding is that the area behind the kick panel is not sealed. I do recall someone making a thread on here where they cut a square hole in the kick panel, made a box, and fiberglassing it back in place. That general area is where they put the sub in the new Supremes and Centurions. My ZS232 has a 12" Wetsounds sub there that is completely exposed on the back side when you lift the driver's side bow back rest, so I assume it is a free air sub. It was factory installed, so I don't know the model number, unfortunately. If you wanted to go that route, I'm sure you could call Wetsounds and get that model #/some recommendations.
  14. Maybe something like this? https://www.cutandcouple.com/product/material-suction-and-discharge-hose/?attribute_pa_hose-i-d=4&gad=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoeemBhCfARIsADR2QCsnNVPBAdd86cnrf4nd568rTae4yZNneciL7hMEgsLSC9F14A-YVtsaAh5CEALw_wcB

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