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  1. If you have no interest in fixing it and keeping it, I agree with you that I wouldn't want to deal with trying to fix it and flip it. If you can take it and the $47k, there is some value in the boat for sure. There are plenty of people that aren't afraid of a project and would take it off your hands for $5k-$10k or so. As @jtryon suggested, the motor alone has pretty good value. I also agree with @Bigcatpt that it's a good idea to take this question to the Facebook group. You might even find a buyer there... Do you know if the title is "salvaged"? I know it works differently with cars than it does boats. Cars are immediately deemed "salvaged" when the insurance totals it and pays you out for it regardless of the extent of the damage. It is not exactly that way with boats. For example, I bought my old Avalanche from a boat repair shop that had bought it from an insurance company after it was "totaled" and the previous buyer was paid out. The story I got was, the previous owner didn't have the trailer coupler properly connected to the ball, turned a corner leaving his neighborhood, trailer came off ball causing damage to the trailer, breaking the windshield and tower, and cracking the hull above the rubrail in the rear by the engine vents. The title was not salvaged on that boat. That said, I also agree with Bigcat that if the title is salvaged, obviously the value and potential buyer pool are reduced. But, if it is not salvaged for some strange reason, that could make it more appealing to someone who isn't afraid of the project... I did a quick search on 2007-2010 Enzo's on Boattrader and your boat in good condition with a trailer is worth low $50k-ish, so $47k and you take the boat isn't too bad of a deal.
  2. The Lightning is the Storm Series model of the Elite V. Same boat/hull, but with the storm series package.
  3. I did hear from my local dealer earlier in the year that there was going to be a mid/late year price increase. If I recall correctly, he said all boats sprayed after October would have this price increase (I want to say 3% or so, but that could be totally wrong). He said their '21-'22 Price increase was 7% and the industry standard for the year was closer to 10%. Your dealer should have known and should have been upfront with you about it. To me, this is something that would drive me absolutely nuts if I found out 3 months down the road like you, but I could handle if I knew going in. All this madness in boat pricing and demand is seriously making me consider selling my ZS232! Hahaha!
  4. 2011 Air Warrior?

    Like Dreamer said, you are for sure going to need to add ballast. From the look of the switch panel, I believe that boat has the stock 250# hard tanks in the rear lockers, and a 250# center tank. You are going to want to, at very least, replace the locker hard tanks with 750# fat sacs. That's an interesting boat. I'd be curious what it's history is. It has a tower and gelcoat scheme from '06-'07 time frame, but newer vinyl and motor.
  5. I am not familiar with that particular boat, but it sounds like you have a few loads on one circuit breaker that has tripped. I had a similar situation on my first outing. I live in AZ and bought from a dealer in FL! Give your dealer a call and they should be able to talk you through it. Best of luck!
  6. Factory Build Times

    @69C10 hopefully that schedule holds for you! It would suck to have that delivery date pushed into summer.
  7. Factory Build Times

    Boy, that’s tough. I hope whatever the issue is gets resolved quickly and you can get your boat on time. As far as quality, I would imagine they have some senior people from Merced there making sure the build process/quality remains the same as the CA plant.
  8. I’m not sure if it applies to the older engines, but PCM put out a tech bulletin recommending dexos2 5w-30 last year.
  9. We were in a similar situation last year. We looked at every new “budget” boat out there as well as a fi23, ri237, and fs33. We wanted to stay in the $100k range or possibly under. We ended up finding a screaming deal on a Supreme ZS232 and couldn’t be happier. In terms of the boats you’re looking at, I’d lean ri or fi for the opti-v hull. They throw an incredible wave on both sides and they’re designed to work with the tabs so they’re very easy to switch side to side if you have both goofy and regular riders. This was important to us because the wife and I are reg, but the kids are goofy (ZS hull is very similar to the opti-v).
  10. Awesome! Congrats @Jumbo09
  11. ZS252

    Good to know. I don’t think resale will be hurt. As soon as you show a perspective buyer the wave, they’ll be in.
  12. 2007 Response LXI boom?

    Malibu Response LXI? You might want to try the malibucrew.com forum.
  13. ZS252

    I agree. I was always intrigued by the ZS252, and was fairly sure it was coming for the past few years, but we’re very happy with our 232.
  14. ZS252

    I wonder if the 252 going to the EZ-V is a glimpse into the future for the 212/232? Thinking back to the original ri, they had a traditional “Enzo style” deep-V hull. Then they came out with the opti-V on the ri257 at first, if I’m not mistaken. Then the rest of the ri’s transitioned to the opti-V. I could be wrong on that timeline, but I think that’s how it went.

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