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  1. Chrome Trim Cleaning Tips

    Nevr-Dull always worked well for me. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Eagle-One-1035605-Nevr-Dull-Wadding-Polish-5-oz/15125758
  2. Are you talking about just the head unit plastic cover? If so, that is not a Centurion part. I think most single DIN head unit marine covers would work. Here's a similar one I found on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/MCK2000B-Marine-Cover-Retractable-Black/dp/B019IHQVG2/ref=sr_1_16?keywords=marine+radio+cover&qid=1666876088&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI0LjM4IiwicXNhIjoiMy45MiIsInFzcCI6IjMuNzAifQ%3D%3D&sr=8-16 As for the head unit itself, you can replace it with any single DIN unit. Hope that helps.
  3. I typed "Kenworth" (That's a Semi truck not audio equipment. Haha). What I meant was "Kenwood".
  4. What is the budget you're working with? What kind of results are you looking for (system that you can hear across the lake or something that sound pretty good while surfing or hanging out)? In my last boat I had a system with 6 6.5" Polk Audio in-boats, 4 6.5" Polk Audio tower speakers, 1 10" Polk sub, and 2 cheap Kenworth amps. It was a budget system, but sounded good while surfing and hanging out. My current boat is all Wetsounds (6 6.5" in-boats, 12" sub, 2 Rev 8s and 2 Amps). Obviously the system in the current boat is superior, but at a significantly higher cost.
  5. 2017 Supreme S226 pnp upgrade

    contact Wakemakers.com. I believe they have an aftermarket kit that replaces the rear PnP with bigger bags and also includes bags that run under the port/starboard seats.
  6. Skiing behind a 2017 s238

    I don't have experience with that specific boat, but in general, yes you can trim it out with the stinger plate. It won't be competition ski boat level, but skiable for someone just messing around on the weekend.
  7. Newby

    Nice! im sure the current owner can get you setup with the proper surf setup.
  8. Newby

    It said EX3 Crusader engine, which I believe is the 5.7L, but I could be wrong. The pumps for the ‘16 will be on switches. Not a big deal. You would just have to switch ON/OFF to start/stop pumps as needed. I don’t have a ton of experience with the S238, so I’m not sure what the best surf setup will be. I do know it is capable of throwing a legit wave though.
  9. Newby

    It looks like both of the S238s have the 5.7L. My understanding is with the 1.72:1 gear ratio the smaller engine is not an issue. I guess the big question is, what is the price difference on the two? With the '17 you get the newer dash with the display (which includes timed ballast that will automatically shut off pumps when full/empty), the newer Octo Tower, the newer/upgraded stinger wake plate (notice the wings on the center plate of the '17), and a new engine with only 8hrs on it.
  10. Newby

    That Sanger wave doesn't look bad at all. I'd certainly want to know what the ballast set up was and test it before pulling the trigger. I'm sure it is not stock ballast. All things being equal, if I had to choose between the 2, I'd still go Supreme. Obviously with a $10K price gap, all things are not equal. That said, I believe the Supreme will hold it's value better in the long term. Also, not knocking Sanger build quality or R&D, but I am very comfortable with the R&D that goes into Supreme and the build quality. That 2017 was designed by the same people and built at the same factory as the Centurions. Out of curiosity, how much more would a used 2019-ish Supreme ZS232 cost? That would be a game changer if it's in your budget. Down here they go for about $90-$100K (US).
  11. Newby

    Correct. With the Enzo, you would have to drain the ballast from one side and fill the other when switching riders from reg to goofy or vice versa. I should also note that Enzos have a phenomenal reg wave, but the goofy wave is notoriously washy and not nearly as good as the reg side. If I were a goofy rider, I would shy away from the Enzo for that reason. It "can" be cleaned up, but takes some work and tweaking. The newer boats have a surf system of some sort that makes them easy to switch sides. For example, Centurion/Supreme (along with many other manufacturers) use surf tabs. On the Supremes you posted above, these are the tabs on the L/R corners. Malibu/Axis uses surfgate which is a tab that pushes out from the side of the swim platform area. I am familiar with Sanger as a brand. They're made in Central California about an hour south of where Centurions are made. They're a small builder comparatively. Obviously they have less tech with no display etc. I have no idea what you could expect out of the surf wave on a newer V237. The malibu is pre-surfgate, so it would be similar to the Enzo in that you would have to drain ballast from one side and fill the other to switch surf sides.
  12. Newby

    All 3 of those boats are capable of throwing a really good surf wave. All 3 also require more ballast than they come with from the factory. They might already have it though. The S238 is obviously the nicest of the 3, but $ talks. I personally would shy away from the S211 just because they are a little small for my liking. If you get much more than a single family in there it gets tight. In terms of your broader question, there are older boats that can throw incredible surf waves. The Enzo was the best surf boat on the market for many years. The old Avalanches could throw a really high level wave as well when properly weighted. The 2 big advantages of the newer boats with the surf tabs is that you can switch sides much quicker and they have taller freeboard. With the older boats, you have to drain all of the ballast from one side and fill the other to switch from regular to goofy or vice versa. Additionally, on the older boats because you slam them one one side, they lean pretty hard and it can get a little sketchy in choppy water. On my old Avalanche we used to have the surf side rub rail under water. On my ZS232, when surf loaded you can't even touch the water when reaching over the side.
  13. factory upholstery skins

    I used to have a hook up in the upholstery department at the factory. Unfortunately, I don't have his # any more.
  14. Boat Upgrade

    It is in the owners manual on PCMs website. It looks like it is pretty easy. https://pcmengines.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/2021-PCM-DI-Technical-Information.pdf
  15. How far off are you? Could you deflate your trailer tires a little?

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