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  1. On the ATX under seat storage, they’re able to make it so deep because the space isn’t filled with sub-floor ballast like the Supremes. Agreed on some of the features offered on other boats. I will say however, the drivers seat serves as a good seat back for the seat directly behind the driver on the ZS. The fit/finish, quantity, upholstery, etc. are better in Supremes than any other “value class” boat for sure. And you’re right to make the power plant a priority. I absolutely love the PCM power plant in my ZS. We have also been very happy with the Champ audio package. I’m not a huge stereo-head, but can say that the Wetsounds systems in these boats are really nice. The one thing I’d like to add to the stereo is zone control. My dealer said the big difference between the S line and the ZS line is that the S will have less freeboard and of course less ballast than the ZS.
  2. It looks like the new hull is similar to the ATX 22 and 24. We crawled all through a 24 and it had very deep storage under the seats. The new Z3 looks like a cool boat.
  3. I should have added… I would imagine that the new Z3 will be more user friendly out of the box than the older model, but will likely still need an extra 500-1000 lbs of lead to really get the full potential out of the boat. This seems to be the trend with most if not all non-Centurion/Supremes these days.
  4. Ok. I did see the ‘22 Z3 is all new and appears to have more freeboard in line with other newer surf boats. I was a little confused about the 20-21 Z3 in the original post because the last I had seen of that boat (in 2019 when I was looking for a new boat) was that it was the older hull and called an R3 (didn’t look to see it the R3 carried into 20-21). Assuming the S220 EZ-V hull behaves like the opti-V and Tapered-V, here is a good starting point for the S220 and 2020 ZS232 wave. This is how I set up my ZS232 and the wave is incredible. Fill all of the ballast and then drain 10% off of the non-surf side main subfloor tank, PnP locker bag and rear corner tank (RCT only in 19-21 ZS). Start with the surf tabs at 70 and increase to clean up any wash as necessary the more people (weight) you have in the boat. Stinger plate at 80-100 for skim style riding. This will make the wave more mellow. Stinger plate at 40-60 for surf style riding. This will make the wave a little more rampy. best of luck. Let us know how the water tests go.
  5. I’m not sure how similar the hull is on a 20-21 Z3 versus a 2015, but I have surfed behind my brother in law’s 2015 Z3. I know the Z3 is capable of throwing a really good wave because I’ve seen it, but I think it takes a fair bit of tweaking and extra weight. To be honest, I had a Centurion Avalanche at the time and the Avy wave was far better than what we were able to produce in the 2 days we were messing with the Z3 (stock ballast only). It’s going to be tough to get firsthand experience on the S220 because it is so new. A few things to consider are, the new EZ-hull on the S220 is a variation of the opti-V hull that Centurions run and also very similar to the tapered-V hull that the ZS’s run. These hulls are proven to throw incredible surf waves. Also, you are not likely to need extra weight (lead or other) in the S220. My ZS wave is fantastic out of the box with stock ballast and I would expect the same from the new S line. This is something that is of particular interest to me because I hate the idea of hauling around hundreds of lbs. of lead at all times whether you’re trailering, cruising, or surfing. Last thought on a potential S220 advantage… Again, if the 20-21 Z3 is the same hull as the older models, you’ll have more freeboard on the S220. The older Z3 did not have near the freeboard of the newer boats. I went from a ‘07 Avalanche to my ZS232 and the freeboard is such a huge difference. It’s much more comfortable not having to sink the boat to the rubrail to produce an optimal wave. On the other hand, the Z3 is a foot longer which is a plus. I just don’t know what that equates to in extra cabin space. The Z3 also likely has better tech in terms of display etc. I hope this helps! Keep us posted.
  6. Mine is a 2019 450, not a ZR409, but the same 6.0L block. Mine takes 5 quarts. It wouldn't be a terrible idea to fill with 4.5 quarts and take the extra 1/2 quart out with you next time you take the boat out. On the water is the most accurate reading...
  7. I would think you have the quick drain system. See page 10 of the link below. https://pcmengines.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/2021-PCM-DI-Technical-Information.pdf
  8. I have never used antifreeze, but then again I lived in CA and now live in AZ. If I were in NW Montana, I would use antifreeze just for peace of mind. Look into something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Camco-Winterizer-Winterize-Preparation-65501/dp/B0000AXQU2
  9. 2022 ZS232 Updates?

    We'll probably go out this weekend, so I'll take a look at the rear corner tank area and see how feasible my thought is.
  10. 2022 ZS232 Updates?

    I wonder if you can remove those hard tanks and add the bigger bags on the 19-21 ZS? I’ll have to check that out next time I go out. It would be cool to do that and maybe plumb the extra pumps (currently used for the hard tanks) to the main quick fill sub-floor ballast if possible.
  11. Are you talking about the new standard tower, or the Roswell tower that was standard for 20-21 (an upgrade now)? I don’t know on the new towers, but most fold down inside the windshield and will sit at about the general height of the windshield. The Octo tower on my ZS has similar arms for the bimini. When the bimini is stowed, to put the tower down it is tight by the throttle, but will collapse all the way down. If you want to cover with the tower down, you’d have to drop the tower, then put the cover on.
  12. 2022 ZS232 Updates?

    Gotcha. I was looking for those flag holders when I first bought my boat, but couldn’t figure out where to get them. I had seen them on the Ri S2S boats.
  13. 2022 ZS232 Updates?

    Nice! I haven’t seen the S2S package on a ZS. What does it include? Do they do a ghost flag in the gel coat or anything like that? The green Ri237 S2S is probably my favorite boat I’ve ever seen… 100% agree with you on the love and appreciation for our military.
  14. New FI23 or used RI237

    Until the 265 came out, the 257 was pulling the worlds. To break it down in a basic sense, anytime you have a longer version of the same hull (provided you’re running ballast at a comparable ratio) the longer/bigger boat will throw a little better/longer wave. the 237 is awesome. The 257 is just slightly more awesome. For me, if I had a diesel tow rig, I’d go 257 over 237. That said, at comparable $ I’d go 245 over used 257 just for the extra tech/ bells & whistles of the 245.

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