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  1. That Enzo was actually a FS44, not a SV244. He had it advertised wrong. My ZS is a 2019. The big difference between the '19 and '21 ZS are the tower, the display, and cooling system. The '19 has the back swept Octo tower and the '21 has the forward swept F-Series tower. The '21 has a larger display that included some cool features like rider presets and a "fill all/drain all" function for the ballast. Nothing ground breaking, but cool nonetheless. The '21 has a closet cooling system that runs antifreeze through the engine and has heat exchanger that cools the antifreeze with raw water (lake water). The '19 runs raw water through the engine block for cooling. The closed cooling system seems nice and is a little easier to winterize, but I personally would not look at it as a deal breaker. The '19-'21 ZS232 comes factory with 4600 lbs of ballast and it's all you need. The wave is big, adjustable, and powerful. I don't know a ton about the Moombas you posted. It's my understanding that the Mojo got a running surface overhaul a few years back for improved surf wave I don't know what year that was though (could have been '15 for all I know). When I was in the market, the Momba dealer I talked to here in Mesa, AZ said that the Max throws a pretty good surf wave. He said, probably the best in their lineup. However, when pressed he did say that all of the Moombas like a little more weight than factory. He said they typically recommend 500-1000 lbs of lead. I'm not a fan of carrying a bunch of lead around in my boat. Main reason, it's always there. Trailering, loading/launching, cruising, etc. you always have that extra weight onboard.
  2. Like Bigcat said, the SV244 has a very big main cabin area. It will also throw one of the best surf waves out there. I didn’t play with CATS and how it impacts the goofy wave in the time I spent on the 244, but in general, the Enzos were tough to clean up the goofy wave. It can be done, and I believe CATS helps, I just don’t have any direct experience I can share. Having surfed behind SV244s and now owning a ZS232, the 244 was the best wave I ever surfed until I got my ZS. The ZS has a very similar running surface to the newer Centurion opti-v. Like Bigcat said, the ZS uses quick surf (tabs on the back), so you fill all of the ballast and use the tabs to creat the wave. With this setup, you can switch sides in like 2 seconds, which is obviously very convenient. The ZS also has much more freeboard, so you’re sitting up higher in the water and not slammed with the rubrail in the water. Like I said, they both throw top notch waves, I think the variability of wave and push is just a touch better on the ZS.
  3. Glad I could help. Keep us posted when/if you buy that boat.
  4. Yep. You're good to go. This is what the older hull with the cutouts looked like: https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/2002-centurion-23-concourse-mercury-350-mag-open-bow.176722/
  5. @codo511 it looks like a super clean boat from the pic provided! It looks like the boat you're looking at has the newer Avalanche C4 style hull. It's a great surf hull, especially on the regular (port side). The goofy wave can be cleaned up with some work as well, but it'd take adding an electric actuated asymmetrical trim tab. This hull does better without a wake shaper. To start with, you'll want to remove the rear ballast hard tanks (if equipped) and replace them with these: https://www.wakemakers.com/collections/wakeboard-ballast-bags/products/fly-high-jumbo-surf-sac You'll also want to throw one of these under at least the surf side seat (or do both): https://www.wakemakers.com/collections/wakeboard-ballast-bags/products/fly-high-rear-seat-sac To get you started, you can use one of these to fill/drain, but you'll eventually want to do custom ballast if you're going to be primarily surfing: https://www.wakemakers.com/collections/wakeboard-ballast-pumps/products/fly-high-fatsac-supa-tsunami-pump-juiced-edition Down the road if you want to do a custom ballast system, remove the sideswipe, and/or add an asymmetrical winged trim plate, many of us have done these upgrades and there are many threads on them here.
  6. As @jtryon mentioned, the '06 Typhoon "should" be the deep vee hull that runs all the way to the stern. The later year Typhoons were a 23' version of the Avalanche C4. Which is to say, as long as you have enough ballast to lean it, it'll produce a great surf wave. There are many different upgrades from removing SideSwipe to custom ballast that you'll likely want to get into down the road if you pull the trigger on this boat.
  7. The third ballast tank is the center tank. It is under the floor in the main cabin area. If you look forward from the v-drive access under the rear seat you'll see it. You need WAY more ballast! There are a million different ways to approach this. Everything from buying a few fat sacs and a Tsunami auxiliary pump to doing a full custom ballast. My recommendation to get you surfing would be to buy the following: 750# sac for the surf side rear locker https://www.wakemakers.com/collections/wakeboard-ballast-bags/products/fly-high-fat-sac 370# sac for under the port seat (for surfing regular side only) https://www.wakemakers.com/collections/wakeboard-ballast-bags/products/fly-high-tube-sac Tsunami portable pump for filling/draining sacs https://www.wakemakers.com/collections/wakeboard-ballast-pumps/products/fly-high-fatsac-supa-tsunami-pump-juiced-edition With this approach, you'll want to remove the factory hard tanks from the lockers to take full advantage of the 750# sac. If you don't mind spending a little more $ and want a more permanent solution, there is a retrofit kit that Wakemakers has to hook up your factory ballast pumps to the fat sacs after removing the hard tank. Of course, this is a little more expensive, but also takes advantage of the factory pumps. I would still recommend buying/using a Tsunami pump to reduce fill/drain times. The factor system is very slow. I would also still recommend getting the 370# sac for under the port seat. https://www.wakemakers.com/collections/factory-wakeboard-ballast-upgrades/products/centurion-cyclone-05-tankbuster-rear-upgrade Whichever way you go, you'll want at minimum the surf side locker full and the center tank full in order to be able to surf.
  8. 2005 Elite V C4 Air Warrior

    You’ll want to throw a bag under the port seat from locker to observer compartment. If I recall correctly, the Fly High 370 fills that space very well. if you have goofy riders in your crew, you might want to throw a sac under the starboard seat behind the driver as well.
  9. What is your current ballast setup? seems to me that you need more ballast.
  10. Obviously the ri has more bells/whistles Etc. For me, I would go ZS due to the running surface. The ‘17 ri still had the “Enzo style” deep vee hull and had not transitioned to the opti-v. The ZS has a tapered-v hull which is a slightly modified version on the opti-v. Both are great boats, but the surf wave and wakeboard wake will be better on the ZS IMO.
  11. That seems rather outrageous. I hope it works out in your favor without having to get lawyers involved.
  12. Factory Build Times

    Nice! The Fi’s are sharp boats. We looked at buying one that our local dealer had on the lot, but they wouldn’t budge on the price.
  13. Glad it’s being taken care of, unfortunately you’re going to miss the bulk of the season, if not the entire season for it. Did they give you a timeframe? I wonder if your dealer will let you use a demo boat now and then?
  14. @Whatstheclaim I see what you’re talking about. I’d get it to my dealer for an evaluation.
  15. The picture didn’t load. I’d be curious to see it if you can get it to load. That said, are you sure it’s not a gel coat blemish or something like that? Have you contacted your dealer about it? If it is truly a hull defect, at least there is a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of the hull. Though it’s very rare, hull defects are not completely unheard of.

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