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  1. 10.9-11.2 for the speed. We run at 11.2. Here are a few good videos for wave setup.

    @Chris O nice boat! We used to have an ‘07 Avy and loved it. My oil extractor has a flexible but rigid about 3’ section at the end. I could get it into the pan on my old Avy by twisting and working with it, but as I recall it was kind of a pain.
  3. New Delivery of 2021 ZS232

    @Riverguy Congrats! Did you fill ballast and tinker with the wave at all?
  4. I have found the engine data to be vague and confusing in the same way. My options list from the dealer says "Engine Upgrade to HO 6.0L 450". From the engine specific technical information documents available on PCM's website, and the location of the water drains, it would appear to a ZR4 6.0L HO. Go to the PCM site Support>>Owners>>2020>>ZR4/ZR7/XR7/XS7 Technical Information and that should cover your engine.
  5. 2021 Supreme S211

    Given your requirements in size/tow weight you would not be making a mistake with a S211. That said, there is some good info on ballast setup and potential ballast upgrades from S211 owners in the thread below that’re worth a look. Bear in mind, short of the ZS212, I am not aware of a boat in this segment that will not require some ballast tweaking to get the optimal wave:
  6. 2021 Supreme S211

    This is True. The ZS is a beast!
  7. 2021 Supreme S211

    I don’t have direct experience with either of these boats, but there is a fair amount to info on the S211 wave/wave setup on this site. They can throw out a really impressive wave with a little tweaking, extra ballast. Supremes are made in the Central Valley of CA. That’s probably why they are not very popular in NY, but they are a legit boat brand made on the same factory line as Centurions (until the new Supreme plant in GA opens). If surfing is your top priority, I would suggest a ZS212? The ZS is the new flagship line of Supreme. I own the larger version, the ZS232, and I would put the ZS surf wave up against any other boat in the market segment.
  8. @Hudzon do you have a gelcoat spray date yet?
  9. I have the 450. My boat was a leftover 2019 sitting on the lot in Orlando last year, so I did not order my own options. Luckily, it came loaded. When I was working with the local dealer and getting ready to place my order, we were going to go with the 409. In retrospect, I am glad I have the 450. We typically boat at lakes at 1500' to 2500' in elevation and will go to Lake Powell occasionally which is 3600'. Even with the 450 when I had 14 people in the boat I had to have a few jump in the bow to get to surf speed when fully ballast loaded. All that said, at sea level I think you would be fine with the 409. As for fuel efficiency, I have been very pleasantly surprised by this boat. Depending on how hard we go surfing v. cruising/floating and swimming, I can get as many as 3 day trips on 1 tank of gas. The Tapered-V hull of the ZS is very similar to the Opti-V that Centurion is running. Here are a few cool videos Boardco did on fuel consumption compared to other brands:
  10. 👍🏻 Same here in AZ! ☀️🌵🏄‍♂️ The good thing is, the GA Supreme production facility is opening in a few months. They say it will increase production capacity by over 100%.
  11. My 2019 doesn’t have that system, so I am not sure. It seems almost too easy to be true. On my ‘19 there are 8 drain plugs. They also recommend pulling the water pump outlet hose and the circulation pump inlet hose. I would call PCM to be sure.
  12. I would suspect not on the ice. I actually bought mine from Nautiques of Orlando. That’s why I asked.
  13. I have. Ice doesn’t last very long back there in the AZ summer. By the end of last season we just used it for wet storage (ropes, vests, etc.). I suspect it would work better in a cooler climate or spring/fall. What dealer did you order from?
  14. Congratulations! All white is a very clean look. I haven’t seen the mocha in person, but I have seen camel and it looks great. The ZS212 my wife wanted to buy was camel/white with camel accent and black welting and looked great with the toffee gator step. In person camel looks more tan and less orange than the boat builder online.
  15. On my old Avy I ran 2 Johnson’s off of one 1” thru-hull. I also ran a ballast puppy and a Johnson off of another on that boat with no issues.

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