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  1. 2004 SV230 Surfing

    Bigcat is 100% correct! You can trust him. He's been a ballast guru for years!
  2. It Shipped this morning! Should be here Saturday. Here are a few pics that the salesman send today.
  3. Cool. Glad that you found a resolution.
  4. I'm not sure on the brackets. You'll have to contact a dealer on that one.
  5. RSB, Here is a link to the custom ballast install thread I did on my Avalanche. If you search, there are many more very good threads on custom ballast options.
  6. That boat will throw a monster wave. You just need to weight it properly. Like others have said, you’re going to want to replace your factory tanks with sacs. In my old Avalanche (similar hull) I used to run 1100’s in the rear lockers and a 580 under the port side seat. If you’re goofy, or have goofy riders out with you on a regular basis, you’ll also want to add the biggest sac you can fit under the starboard seat. You could also run custom Enzo sacs if you didn’t want separate sacs for the lockers and under seats.
  7. vDrive dash light

    That’s interesting. I had the Merc and Walter setup in my Avalanche, so unfortunately I can’t help. Best of luck.
  8. vDrive dash light

    I thought in ‘07 they used Mercruiser engines and Walter V-drives exclusively?
  9. If you have a local Centurion or Supreme dealer they should be able to order the new brackets for you. Years back you used to be able to order direct from the Factory in Merced, CA, but they are much more corporate since Correct Craft became the majority owner a few years back. Years ago I used to live about 30 min from the factory. I ordered a bimini for my old Avalanche and they gave me a factory tour when I picked it up. It was pretty cool.
  10. That’s what I was thinking... cant wait to get that ZS here and get back on the lake! I haven’t surfed since I sold my Avy in October of 2016.
  11. Hey Troy! I was leaning hard toward a Scamp, but based on the positive reviews and price (it is for a 6 turning 7yr old) I ended Up ordering this: https://nauticurl.com/products/goldy-grom-kids-wakesurf-board Hopefully it works out.
  12. With our new ZS232 on its way next week, my daughter wants a surfboard for her 7th birthday. I’d guess she’s 45 lbs or so. Any suggestions? im leaning toward a P5 Scamp, but would like to spend a little less if possible.
  13. Hi all! I’ve been gone for a while since I sold my Avalanche in late 2016. I just bought a new leftover 2019 ZS232 from a dealer in Orlando (I’m in AZ). The Opti-V of the Centurions and the Tapered-V of the Supreme ZS look very similar. Does anyone know the difference? I can’t wait to get that boat here by the way! Shipper picks it up Wednesday should be here Friday!
  14. I'm Back!

    I finally got the funding sorted out and boat is set to be picked up by shipper Wednesday! The boat is in Orlando and I am in AZ. I was going to go through Boat US for the loan because they were advertising the best rates, but they kept stringing me along only to find out they were taking about a month to fund from Initial application submittal. So, I ended up going with the dealer’s broker and got a good deal plus funded in a matter of days. Another bonus I found out... this boat was previously under contract and the previous buyer wanted the bombshell racks, so those are being thrown in for free!
  15. 2016 S238 Supreme owners manual

    There is this general owner/operator manual on Supreme’s website: https://supremetowboats.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Supreme_owners_manual.pdf

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