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    Nice! We had an ‘07 Avy before we got our ZS232.
  2. Hard Water Spots

    I haven’t been able to get out and buy any boat bling or other similar product, so I tried 50/50 vinegar/water today. It worked very well to remove the hard water sports. I still plan to get something that includes some UV protection, but in a pinch vinegar/water is a useful option.
  3. RI245 out the door price

    Nice. You’ll be impressed when you see it. Keep us posted. Thanks for the additional torque info.
  4. S238 vs. The Usual Suspects

    Sounds like you got a good deal. congrats!
  5. RI245 out the door price

    Thanks Dreamer. I started looking into it myself after asking the question. That's about what I came up with as well. Are you ordering an Ri245 for sure or just kicking around the idea? My son and I crawled through a 245 and 265 at the local dealer in Mesa, AZ. Both are spectacular boats! I told my son, "We're going to have to put the ZS for sale and I'm going to have to start working some overtime! haha!"
  6. RI245 out the door price

    Out of curiosity, what is the difference between the 6.0L HO 450 and the H6?
  7. RI245 out the door price

    I would think the 450 would be adequate. We have a 450 in our ZS232 and haven't had any issue with as many as 14 people in the boat fully surf loaded at as high as 2100' elevation. That said, the RI245 is 1300 lbs heavier than the ZS fully surf loaded. The ZS dry is 5450 + 4600 in ballast for a total of 10,050. whereas the RI245 is 5700 dry + 5650 in ballast for a total of 11,350.
  8. This is interesting. Initially, I was going to say that the first part didn't seem too out of the ordinary since the lowest point on that boat is in the front/middle portion of the Deep-Vee hull and the bilge pump is in the back. So, in theory you could be carrying water in the hull that doesn't drain out until you get it on a steep enough slope for the water to run to the back of the boat (assuming you don't drive on any significant inclines on the way home). The standing water in the observer compartment seems odd if you haven't taken any water over the bow. I am not sure why you would be experiencing that.
  9. S238 vs. The Usual Suspects

    Congratulations @Guppydriver! MB makes a good boat. 23' B52 was high on my list when I was recently searching for a new boat. What color combo did you go with?
  10. Thanks @Wylie_Tunes. Always appreciate your insight.
  11. @Wylie_Tunes do you know anything about the crossfire 2.0? Any thoughts on this one?
  12. I would imagine so. That said, I’ve never surfed behind that boat. The suck gate is typically not great for the deep-vee Centurions, but you might be onto something with a SV220.
  13. Is it truly a SV220, or was that a typo and you meant SV230? If It is a 230, $35K sounds like a pretty good deal. If it is a 220, it depends on what you want it for. The 220 doesn't have the traditional "Enzo" Deep-Vee hull. The 220 flattens out toward the stern similar to a Wakesetter, Mastercraft, etc. from that era which is better for wakeboarding, but not for surfing. The 220 will not throw the surf wake that a 230 will.
  14. Winterization 2007 Elite V

    I would think with the closed cooling system you can get away with just draining the heat exchanger etc. as for Ramfill, isn’t there a trailer mode or something that opens all the valves?

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