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  1. Chrome Trim Cleaning Tips

    Great, will give this a try!
  2. Does anyone know how to remove/clean the stepping plate located on the gunnels? Happy to remove and use whatever I need to use to get these looking new again.
  3. Hi Nick, I have a 2008 AVY 4 and was wondering if we could connect for 5-10 to review the ballast set up I was thinking? Custom sacs vs connecting #1100's and #480s per side. Think I have an idea of what I want to do but would really appreciate the feedback before I go all in ha. Thanks, MIke
  4. SURF HELP - 2008 C4 AVY

    Bigcatpt-- Much respect for the feedback! You really think the shaper is holding me back here? Doing what you said, could the shaper be an addition to supporting a great wave, or at that point (leaning over to the rub rail) we're talking diminishing returns/not going to make a difference? Any recommendations/brand on what #580 side sacs to grab and/or #1100 pound sac for the rear sacs? Round or square rear sac to better protect pushing too hard against the hull? Could I even buy two custom #1800 sacs, all in one, one port one starboard, that continue from the rear under the port/starboard seats? This way I would be able to use the plumed in lines for the sacs so filling and draining would be simple. (Switch from #750 to #1100 or the all in one #1800) Otherwise, the two #580 side sacs (one port one starboard) will be using my tsunami drop-in pump. Rider side switch, drain one side then fill the other. A 10-15 min process I don't really mind for the upfront money I saved, but want to be as efficient with this fill/drain process as possible. My current trim plate is flat and manual. If I keep this, any recommendations as to what position to leave it in? (All the way down, up, neutral) Same question if I grab the wing trim plate. (Down, up, neutral) I don't want to be in the water with a wrench making adjustments all day ha, and not going to drop any $$ on an electric one. Sorry for all the questions but man I appreciate your knowledge!
  5. Anyone have any advice on who I can turn to or best set up for my 2008 Centurion C4 AVY? Currently have: #750 Port Rear- Sac #500 Starboard Rear- Sac #200-250 Center- Hard Tank #300 Bow- Sac #160 Bow Seat- Sand- Move to surf-side for rider (Regular/Goofy) Surfed well last year on both sides with a wake shaper. Wondering if I can add more/move weight etc I can make improvements. Anyone who has this boat dialed in I am alllll ears.

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