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  1. enzo/Ri/Fi

    Fi21 and ri 217 will be very similar wake wise. I would go fi21 as I believe the 217 has been discontinued which will affect resale down the road
  2. You will get the same wake from the fi25 as you get from the 257. Same hull just different tops. It comes down to what one you like best as far as styling goes.
  3. You have to remove the stainless cover to access the bulb. I recommend switching them both to a LED bulb
  4. There is a large block fuse down by the starter that will need replacing.
  5. Yep I went to the same event and now have a shiny new Fi25 sitting in my shop. Love this boat
  6. Maiden voyage is tomorrow
  7. Let me know how it works out. For sure you can plug into the back of the screen though. The screen has two camera inputs on the back side. It is a split screen so the camera would show up on one side when on and all the adjustments on the other side. Down side is you can't use navigation when the camera is on .
  8. Camera looks good. Can I ask why you chose a second monitor instead of plugging into the back of the screen? Still have not decided which way I'm going on our 25
  9. New Fi25

    We are installing a camera as well ,just know the screen is split.if you have navigation you can not use it while using the camera
  10. New Fi25

    Love the colors and interior on that boat. I was thinking of doing that color way but NWBS beat me to it. So clean and classy .
  11. New Fi25

    Looks awesome. I crawled through that boat before ordering our fi25 congrats and welcome to the NWBS family.
  12. Fi21 vs Fi23

    23 over 21 but not by much. Resale will be better on the 23 though because not many people are looking for a 21. 23 seems to be the magic number
  13. New Fi25

    What color? Did you buy from NWBS?
  14. Do the rev 10's we had a fi23 last year and did a set of 10's and it was $$.with the 23 the factory mounts are ok because of how far back the tower sets. I just installed a set on our fi25 and someone is going to hit them for sure LOL

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