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    I have been told you are the expert in setting up the S238 for a great wave. We have a 2106 s238 with the surf package, our dealer told us to fill up the boat and then use the tabs, but we have figured out the more tab we put in it the less push the wave has.

    How do we best set it up for the best wave with push? We surf regular, our friend surfs goofy and her side seems to always be great, but the regular side not so much.

    Would love to have your set up and any tips you could give. Thanks so much

  2. What are the best aftermarket ballast bags for the s238 rear lockers?

    1. h20king


      Go with the wakemakers kit.  I have the NW Boat Sport's fly high kit that is the same thing just a little larger sacks but not sure they offer it anymore 

  3. WELCOME: Swell Wakesurf

    you could not be more wrong. These cheap devices are made for boats that don't surf. I have a factory surf system and still get a better wake listed. Read through the forum you will see im not the only one. There is such A thing as diminished returns when it comes to ballast. It would be nice if you could just keep throwing more weight at a boat to get a bigger surf wake but that is not the way it works.
  4. Nice not sure what boat you have so your on your own on the kick panel part. If you have a 238 I think I still have a template I could send you.
  5. Box is 20 inches tall 22 inches wide and 9 3/4'' inches deep with a 3/4'' spacer ring the port is 3'' X 5 5/8"" long . Dimensions are outside measurements. Box is built from 3/4"" birch then rhino lined.
  6. also I think the pic is somewhat deceiving. The box and fake wall only come to where the lower mesh pocket ends. I still have full use of the small mesh pocket and the fake wall hides the 4'' fresh air hose in the corner. Here is the box before the fake wall. Truekaotic helped me design it and I could not be happier. Had a w6 with more power in a sealed box in our last boat but this w3 in a ported box with less power has more output and I think sounds better.
  7. no plenty of leg room left and tons of output
  8. like this ?? just order with factory basic system and do your own. That's how we do it beats anything you can get from the factory
  9. They will have a center windshield if you look there are spots for the hinges. Center windshield and Bimini are back ordered
  10. nice copied my interior exactly. Speakers are rev 8's and you could order standard grills form wetsounds
  11. it is similar to the micro touch screen used in some of the centurions and yes I think it looks ok.all boats now have gone digital except for sanger so it is no longer a choice
  12. here are a couple more pics of the trailer. side trailer marker lights are a sticker rear steps are a after thought and are just a piece of plate welded to the tube steal ,spare tire is belly mounted and the bend is a welded miter joint where as boat mate is mandrel bent. the trailer just feels cheep. the selling point is side steps and fenders bolt on axles are higher capacity and trailer is powder coat vs paint on boatmate. Shure hope the factory reads these posts because we will not buy a new boat if it is on the extreme trailer
  13. Im holding off on buying a 17. I hate to say anything bad but fact is I absolutely hate the extreme trailer and the new tower. When you park the 17 on the extreme trailer next to the 16 on a boatmate you are going to have a hard time selling the 17 as the whole thing feels like a downgrade.
  14. Also keep in mind those pics are of the first 17 shown in the supreme reveal pic. Nw told me the production boats tower will clear the windshield.the 16 tower clears the windshield as well as long as you dont have the top board racks. The new tower is sturdy and looks good but does not operate as nice as the 16.
  15. Don't want the bounty was just trying to help not sure what is up with our camera.took a bunch of pics that did not turn out. Tower sticks up four inches or so above the windshield but keep in mind the extreme trailer does not ride as high as the boat mate. I'll get you solid measurements once NW gets the boat out of storage and to the shop

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