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  1. Fi 23 vs xt22

    I never skied our fi23 but have suffered the sl you for sure get a surf upgrade with the fi23
  2. Ri Series recommendations

    Ri 257 and fi25 shares the same hull just 7" shorter so wake performance should be very close. I like them both but wife likes the layout of the 25 interior so a 25 it is .placing our order in November
  3. Ri Series recommendations

    Wake performance is so close pick what one you like best. We are getting ready to place our order for a fi25 draft and hull is almost identical to the 257 no bad choices here. As for cats we had it on our fi23 and will have it on our fi25 I use it all the time
  4. Turn all power off at the battery switch then back on go to trailer mode and cycle the valves and you should be good. My wife put boat into trailer mode then killed power. Next time we launched ballast self filled because gates were open. You can override the boat and put it in trailer mode while filling bags so it gravity fills like quick fill so to my knowledge they don't automatically cycle closed when you turn on the key.
  5. I call you a troll because you post the same thing everywhere. My guess is it's your approach. Take a step back and look how you are handling it. Would you go out of your way to help someone that is acting like you? Like I said above you have a dealer problem.
  6. Just read your post again and believe acme is just guessing and really has no idea. I spent a hour on the phone with Jim over a month ago guess I better call him again before I have the prop reworked LOL
  7. Acme recomend I have. Thirty thousands removed from the cup when I called about the prop growl so going with there advice
  8. Yep back to the 16X 13 yes I do get some growl but it is what works. I went with the 15.5 X 15.5 for a while and it worked great at sea level but we went to one of our lakes at 2000ft and could not get to speed so we went back to the 16X 13. I am having some more cup taken out to try to get rid of the growl
  9. Rodger 4X4 is a must with some of the ramps in Nevada, California and Arizona it's non negotiable LOL buy once cry once
  10. We run the 16 X 13 and are at sea level. Tried other props but the 16X13 works best.
  11. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    I run the 16X 13 on my fi23 surf RPMS are at 3600 boat has the 409 with 1 1/8 shaft. Tried other props but the 16 X 13 works best
  12. Is the 237 for 95k or the fi23 new if so that is an amazing price. We have our used fi23 listed for 107k. If you are coming from a 240 both the ri237 and fi23 will feel small inside compared to the 240. I would look at the fi25
  13. New boat

    I need that in my life.I have hit the dock at the end of the day with the gas light on more than once. It's easy to burn through the fuel if you ride all day. 50 + gallons a day is normal for us in the fi
  14. You my friend are a troll with obvious dealer issues. Let us know what you buy next so we can tune in for your rants. All brands have some issues
  15. New boat


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