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    I have been told you are the expert in setting up the S238 for a great wave. We have a 2106 s238 with the surf package, our dealer told us to fill up the boat and then use the tabs, but we have figured out the more tab we put in it the less push the wave has.

    How do we best set it up for the best wave with push? We surf regular, our friend surfs goofy and her side seems to always be great, but the regular side not so much.

    Would love to have your set up and any tips you could give. Thanks so much

  2. What are the best aftermarket ballast bags for the s238 rear lockers?

    1. h20king


      Go with the wakemakers kit.  I have the NW Boat Sport's fly high kit that is the same thing just a little larger sacks but not sure they offer it anymore 

  3. Hey bro wondering if you still have dimensions on the new trim plate you made??


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