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  1. Fi 25 on the way

    We flip every year but do our own stereo. For example the factory system is 8k and we just bought our wetsounds systems from one of the members for $4400 and shadow caster LEDs for $700. It costs me less,sounds better and adds at least the same value as stock but helps set our boat apart come time to sell.
  2. Seriously you getting the XXX 15 ? Cant wait to hear one.
  3. Nick you should bring that bad boy to Shasta you will regret it if you don't
  4. You will be fine. I had 900lb bags in the lockers 350 lb bags under the seats and 650lbs of lead in our 16 238. You will need the high altitude prop though if you don't already have it.
  5. Why not make it yourself? The mount can be made of wood and then covered. It will never get wet where you plan to mount it
  6. Fi23 - Bent my prop

    Yep if you would have mentioned that you never see elevation I would have suggested you stay with the 16X15
  7. Fi23 - Bent my prop

    Of course the 16 X 13 will run slightly higher than the 16X 15 but it will also push more weight and perform ar elevation. Get that 16 X 15 up at 2000ft then let me know your thoughts.
  8. So did you get them to work? Ill be doing mine soon.
  9. Is it possible the lights need a relay installed? The shadow casters draw at least 5 Amps each. On our fi23 we did lifefourm 9 lights and they only draw 2.7 amps each and worked with no problems.
  10. No that should have taken care of it.
  11. You have to enter the dealer code on top left of settings screen to turn on power to the factory lead
  12. Yes I know we had a fi23 and did lifeforms on it. You need the dealer code to activate once you wire them in
  13. What shadowcaster lights did you go with? I ordered our fi25 without and am going with the shadowcaster scr-16 in bimin blue
  14. Fi23 - Bent my prop

    The 16 X 13 Is perfect with the 450 and 1 1/4" shaft. It works great on the 409 as well but makes noise with the 1 1/8" shaft
  15. FI25 finally on the water

    Went with a black hull and silver flake in the slice design. Interior is moca, wisper grey and charcoal with whiskey barrel gator step.

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