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  1. New Fi25

    ?? Fi loves bow weight. I run full center and 40% bow sack. As far as how log can you get the wake it super long when set up correctly. If you want real feedback join the official fb Centurion owners page. Myself and many others have posted a ton over there.
  2. Coverfire

    Coverfire and the power tower are also options for the ri plus a bunch of new colors and gel schemes
  3. Coverfire

    Three 8"drivers and you can add gel colors to match the boat to the bottom side of them
  4. New Fi25

    As for fi pricing nothing budget about it once you start checking option boxes.
  5. New Fi25

    Fi23 is a monster wake wise. Power tower is a option. Drop zone speakers are similar to downfire but has three 8" drivers. No wetsounds for Centurion but the 19 supreme will have a quad rev10 option. Also a New model from supreme is coming that I think will get everyone talking. Might be the rebirth of the brand and rumors are opti v hull
  6. The problem with blue tops is that once they have been depleted they will not take a full charge again but will still test as OK
  7. Fi21 Garage Measurements

    New boats are nothing like your boat. The engine sits way deeper and the rear center locker eats up access room
  8. Fi21 Garage Measurements

    As for getting to the impeller just take it to NWBS and have Ryan do it. Like you said engine sits so deep it is hard to work on. Not worth the frustration.
  9. Fi21 Garage Measurements

    19's come out in July. Rumors I hear is power folding tower option. Might be worth waiting for.
  10. Fi21 or Supra SR

    Yep power tower in 19 will be a option
  11. You have a cracked exhaust manifold and or riser.. If it was a head gasket you would get water in the oil.
  12. American Lake, WA!

    My good friend rides American lake. Keep an eye out for a black and orange 238 supreme. Flag him down and introduce yourself his name is Tony
  13. Try great lakes skipper on e bay put ski centurion in the search. Won't help calling the dealer as centurion will not have anything for a boat that old.
  14. If I recall there is some wiring change when switching to the valteras. Pat Brian NWBS? Have a answer?

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