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  1. Fi23 Mods

    If you have a 18 it's easy just order the hinge from your dealer and install. It's a factory option in 20.
  2. Fi23 Mods

    More than likely not the trans but the sending or receiving unit. The throttle is digital not cable.
  3. 2016 Supreme S226 Blistering

    States plain and clear in the manual to not moor for extended time. Also says if you want to moor to have bottom paint installed. With environmental restrictions resin and gel has changed through the years. I wish you luck but am fairly sure it will not be covered.
  4. VI24?

    Ri and fi are top dogs vi is shorter and weighs less but add the extra weight and it is capable of putting out the same wake until you start talking fi25 or ri257
  5. VI24?

    238 and 244 are about equal as far as wake goes the fi25 and ri257 are on a completely different level though. Given the choice between a 238 and 244 I would probably do the 244 as long as it had ram fill and cats
  6. VI24?

    I have a nice 19 fi 25 for sale
  7. RI257

    You can PM me on fb Harold Hemming the magor difference is in the exterior style wake performance is so close you could not tell the difference.
  8. RI257

    Yes cats is a must . Ho 450 engine or H6 with high altitude prop is also a must for Tahoe. I have a loaded Fi25 that will hit the market in two weeks if you are interested. Full wetsounds stereo with Rgb LEDs shadowcaster underwater lights, ceramic coated inside and out, tint ect, trailer is loaded as well
  9. Sorry to say most new boats have some issues that need worked through. You dont qualify for the lemon law so your best option would be to look for a diferant dealer with finelines approval.
  10. Sorry we missed you will have to get down to vegas
  11. Nice rock guard where did you get it ? LOL
  12. enzo/Ri/Fi

    Fi21 and ri 217 will be very similar wake wise. I would go fi21 as I believe the 217 has been discontinued which will affect resale down the road
  13. You will get the same wake from the fi25 as you get from the 257. Same hull just different tops. It comes down to what one you like best as far as styling goes.
  14. You have to remove the stainless cover to access the bulb. I recommend switching them both to a LED bulb
  15. There is a large block fuse down by the starter that will need replacing.

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