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  1. looking for advice on boards

    Honcho my advice if spending that sort of $$ is look at soulcraft or Chaos. Both Jeff and Nick have been building boards for years and with that experience comes amazing boards that work not to mention the quality and pride they put into their products.
  2. looking for advice on boards

    Doomswell board of the year ? ROTFLMAO really they are mass produced made in China junk
  3. That is the high altitude prop
  4. Fi 25 on the way

  5. Centurion comparison

    Mb needs to be a 18 or 19
  6. Centurion comparison

    The b52 has 5000lbs stock ballast and only needs a couple hundred pounds of lead in the bow. Get the powder coat package and the dash does not look to bad
  7. Centurion comparison

    The MB b52 surfs absolutely amazing. I surfed it at the polar bear and was super impressed with the wake that boat puts out. IMO the 23 mb b52 is the best wake $$ wise. You get a awesome wake and a nice boat for way less $$$ than anything out there.
  8. Centurion comparison

    The x series is super nice and surfs really well. Nxtt is a crossover so you will never get the wake out of one that you get out of the avalanche. I really like the x24
  9. Fi 25 on the way

    Should bring it home Friday if it's not raining. My dealer NWBS installed our shadowcaster transom lights so just need to do the stereo then we are ready to go.
  10. Fi 25 on the way

    All black with silver flake. The factory did a custom flake swim deck for us as well so the swim deck does not blend in.
  11. Boat shipping/transporting

    Where are you located and did you do the purchase through a dealer? The ri is a lot of boat to be hanging in the wind with no dealer support
  12. Zs232 opinions

    The zs in no way feels like a budget boat. Fit and finish is super nice. The only thing I don't like about it is the bimin top other than that the boat is a home run for supreme
  13. Zs232 opinions

    Did you surf the makai? I surfed one at the wake 9 polar bear the was ok with a extra 1000lbs and 8 grow men in the boat. It was about on par with the sl supra. It for sure is a big boat but the wake is nowhere close to a centurion wake and in my opinion it lacks sex appeal. I have crawled all over the zs232. It is a nice boat it's a huge boat that sits higher on the trailer then a ri257 so i expect big things from it. Given the choice between the zs232 and makai I would go supreme all day
  14. Yes I would assume you have larger sacks that take you to the 5550 lb mark. If larger sacks were sent form the factory it would be to get the boat to current levels not beyond or all the new boats would come with larger capacity sacks

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