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  1. I was going to do it in my 238 but my dealer NWBS said I needed to increase the size of wire going to the pumps so I just sold the boat and bought a new one LOL
  2. Yes just the slightest nick or bend will cause vibration. Quit using the boat tell you get a new prop or get the one you have fixed
  3. Yes you can do a fixed asymmetrical plate do a search there should be a old thread somewhere I believe darksider did a thread. You have the blade why not try it first? It's a pain but it works
  4. Work in reserve. If you're switchblade came stock from the factory you will have no trim tab though
  5. Yes if you want it to look right if you don't care bolts and 5200.
  6. Sure you can remove it. I have not removed one but have installed one. Problem you are going to run into is what to do with the 4 9/16" holes left in the transoms. They go all the way through and are located below the water line not to mention the 1/4" holes In the transom that the wires pass through.
  7. How far is the lean and how is your gear distributed? Mine leaned slightly to the right tel we re distributed our gear. The opti v hull is somewhat sensitive
  8. RI237 Ramfill

    My ramfill is full by 65% if you ride on a river make sure you fill going against the current. When trying to fill going with the current we have to hit override and it takes longer than filling going against
  9. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    After owning a boat with a switch blade and having spent plenty of time behind my friends avy with sideswipe I would go with the typhoon based on those two factors alone. The switchblade is a pain. Its heavy and you have to put it on and then take it off once at the boat ramp because you can not trailer with it plus the fact it's always in the water creating drag and decreasing gph .And as for sideswipe there is no real good fix for the noise.
  10. In our fi23 we ride all full with the exception of the bow bag which I fill to 35% plus we have 100lbs of wake ballast under each rear sack 100lbs under transom sack plus 50lbs each side mid ship. Our wake is anything but washed out.
  11. I have started the boat to fast without letting everything cycle and had the gauge read empty. turned off boat let everything cycle then started and gauge read fuel level again
  12. Create another profile or go to ballast screen and fill sacks that way.
  13. Why disconnect the transom bag unless you like a small wake we run all full except bow sack which we run at 35%
  14. 2017 RI217 Prop Options

    Stock was 15 X 14.25 surf rpms were 4500.it dropped rpms and still has plenty of power. It does not struggle to get to speed. Engine goes to 4000 rpm then settles to surf speed quickly
  15. 2017 RI217 Prop Options

    Like already said they make a 16" prop to fit 1 1/8 .I have one but prefer the 15.5 X 15.5

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