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  1. Yes exactly where mine are going. I have to shrink the gap between the numbers and leters to get mine to fit
  2. Only good flat place is just under the rubrail slightly forward of the windshield. I'm installing mine today.
  3. It's not that bad just time consuming. It is a flat metal plate laminated inside the swim deck. Check the length of the factory cap screws and drill slightly deeper than the cap screws. They sell drill stop collars or you can measure and wrap tape around the bit to set depth and drill slowly. Make sure you drill with the correct size bit for the tap you are going to use. After holes are drilled cut the threads in with your tap tell it bottoms out then assemble using locktight on the cap screws.
  4. Are the brackets lag bolted or drilled and tapped? When I did a swim deck swap on my old 226 I found our centurion puts metal inside the swim deck. I had to get a drill depth stop then drill and tap all the holes
  5. CATS question

    I felt it was important so I checked the box. The extra cost is not much we skipped on the clamping board racks that won't fit my boards with agenda traction and that covered the cost of cats.
  6. Had lifefourm 9's Installed on our fi23 and they work from the touchscreen
  7. FI 23 Surf settings

    I sure hope I can get a cleaner wake than this or I am going to be disappointed. Hurry up and get it figured out so I have a good place to start LOL
  8. Having owned both I have to disagree. The lifefourm have more of a white spectrum and penetrate the water farther. The x wins in color though as it's a deep blue.
  9. Both are excellent . If cost is the same pick what color you like best seablaze is a deeper blue than lifefourm. I really like them both but do lifefourm now because my dealer carries them.
  10. I posted about the spray and horrible customer service when you first started going on about the FAE. Keep us posted on how it goes for you. My bet is that it goes the same way for you as it went for me. Get rid of it or live with it
  11. CenturionCrew Spare tire cover?

    All Centurions from 17 to present are on extreme trailers with belly mount spares. We are back in a Centurion but because of the belly mount can't use a cover
  12. No it has not been listed yet. Boat is located in Tacoma Washington. It is a 2004 avalanche with the walk through. Boat has Fae, enzo sack center ballast tank ,heat,and stereo. No speed control. It is yellow with the silver flake flames. Everything works but it does need a new IAC so idle is rough . Boat could use some love but at 21k for one of the crew it's a option for someone willing to put in some work engine is mercruiser 315 mag Walter v drive and a 911 prop

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