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  1. We have a 2016 S238 that has been working great until today. We were out wakesurfing and sudden we lost power and the service required message appeared on the display along with a beeping alarm.. When this happend we could not get up over 7mph no matter how much throttle. I shut the ignition off and turnef off the main power switch for about 5m. I then turned the power switch on and started the engine and no service required alarm was displaying any longer and we were able to throttle up like normal and wakesurf for snother 30m or so until we suddenly had the engine completely stop/shut off but with no codes or snything showing on the display. I tried to restart the boat and it turned over like normal but would not fire up/start at all after many attempts. I suspected the engine was not getting fuel as I could not hear the fuel pump run and pressurize like normal when the ignition was turned to on prior to turning fully to start. I checked the fuses and sure enough one of the fuel pump fuses was blown. I replaced the fuse and it started right up and i could hear the fuel pump run when ignition switched on prior to starting. .I thought all was well and we surfed for abour 2hr when the service required warming and beeping alarm came on again and we could not accelerate above 7mph again. Does anyone have any ideas or advice as to why this issue with the fuel pump is occurring and what I can do to rectifyi the problem? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Thanks MFaso, great information!!! When does too much weight in the boat sink it?? LOL
  3. Thanks to everyone for the great comments. Don't get me wrong, our 2016 S238 Supreme throws a pretty mean wake but we are just looking into ways to improve upon it and make it abit longer so we can ride further back, in other words, more push further back I guess. I don't know the proper terms yet for describing the wake. We are very new to this whole wakesurfing thing but man do we ever like it. My eldest son (27) is a really good wakesurfer and does flips and 360's etc so he is a perfectionist and looking for ways to improve the wake for wakesurfing as well so he can finish his 360's without needing a rope thrown back quickly. LOL I think I may give the nauticurl a try and perhaps I won't have to list the boat quite as much. We are also considering the ~$400 upgrade to swap out our rear plug-n-play corner sacs for larger ones. I understand that there are larger sacs that fit in these compartments then what comes with the boat, not sure why Supreme doesn't install then right from the factory. hmmmm Does anyone have any knowledge of these larger sacs for the back plug-n-play corners of the S238 Supreme? Cheers everyone!
  4. Has anyone tried the 2017 Eight.3 Ronix Wakesurf Shaper on a 2016/17 S238 Supreme. I'm wondering if they are worth the investment and curious about the reliability/durability of the Velcro attachment system? Also do they work and improve an already decent wake for wakesurfing? They aren't cheap once bought in CDN $! :-( https://www.wakemakers.com/eight3-wakesurf-shaper.html Cheers....Blair
  5. 2016 S238 Supreme owners manual

    Crew and rrd525, all great comments and suggestions. Thanks guys!
  6. 2016 S238 Supreme owners manual

    Thanks Cwazy1, I previously had a 2008 Seadoo Challenger boat and it came with a very inclusive manual from start to finish much like a auto manual. Its unfortunate Centurion doesn't do the same thing as there are many aspect of the boat which could use description about how to use etc. Any chance you might also have a parts manual for the 2016 S238 Supreme? Cheers Blair Goldade
  7. I just purchased a new 2016 S238 Supreme and wonder if an all inclusive owners manual exists as the dealership didn't have one for me, only individual pamphlets on different components of the boat. I'm looking for a manual that covers everything front to back like the owners manual for a vehicle. Also I'm looking for a detailed parts manual as well. Thanks in advance!....Blair

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