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  1. Black on Black 257 build

    I thought that was lake Travis! I'm on lake Austin and have an Fi 23.
  2. Purchasing an FI 23

    I bought an Fi 23 back in the Fall and have just been too depressed by the winter to post pics, but will post them soon I'm in Austin and surf on Lake Austin. The wave is incredible. I put on a 16" prop before ever putting her in the water.

    You're gonna love it!
  4. Water Depth required for RI257 wave

    Is the Fi similar?
  5. Got to demo a 257! (video)

    Ashley's game is insane. She has her Ri237 dialed in and she convinced me to get an Fi23.
  6. FI 21 Video

    I was going to comment on the tint too, it looks awesome H!

    Fi all the way
  8. Starting to see some progress on my Fi23 from the factory!
  9. MB has a redesigned B52 23 for 2018 that looks pretty nice.
  10. Fi23 first impressions

    Mine should be in (austin) in September. Can't wait!
  11. Finally got to see...

    This is music to my ears, having recently ordered an FI23. Dealer says it goes into production tomorrow or Friday!
  12. Fi23 prop

    So would it be the ACME 3145? https://www.wakemakers.com/acme-3145-propeller.html
  13. Fi23 prop

    ok great, thanks for the clarification! I was a little worried about just getting the L96 but you've ended those concerns
  14. Fi23 prop

    I actually got a PM from them and they suggested the 16x13 for the L96. I'm stoked !! Just need to get the boat now
  15. Fi23 prop

    According to my dealer, the Fi23 will come with a 14.5x14.25 standard prop. @boardco has said in another thread that they're going to put 16" props (1 and 1/4" shaft) on all of their 2018 boats including the Fi... So I'm wondering what exact prop I should install? I'll have the base 409 L96 motor and running near sea level (Austin, TX). I don't care at all about top speed and want to weight it heavily and put out the biggest wave! I think it should be the ACME 2907 since it's the only 16" x 13" with 1 1/4" shaft on wakemakers? https://www.wakemakers.com/acme-2907-propeller.html

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