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  1. Have you made or tested w other boats? 2012 MXZ 22?
  2. We just ordered an FI 21 and also skipped the audio options. We only surf, and will only have the boat for the season or shorter if it gets sold. I will prob put Icon 8's up there. What size sub comes stock? Looks like prob a 12"? Do you have to cut the hole if you order w no sub? Is the space behind the sub wide open or enclosed? If enclosed any idea of the volume inside? Thanks all!!!
  3. The hull would do it for me... the FI is the only one with Opti-V. Although the ZS is incredibly cool and the RI is just beautiful. I'd split the middle on the price and get the FI.
  4. FI21 ballast set up.

    @H20 KING Thanks so much again for taking the time. Changed order to inlude silent stinger and all ballast. Can't wait for it to be built!
  5. FI21 ballast set up.

    @H20 KING. See above.
  6. FI21 ballast set up.

    Also, are you using the 16x13 prop? Getting standard 409. Im at 700ft above sea level.
  7. FI21 ballast set up.

    Thats with the transom bag also? Do you know how much weight the bow bag is? If youre not filling it is worth getting vs lead?
  8. FI21 ballast set up.

    @InfinitySurf thank you for taking the time. I actually met and hung out with the wake ballast guys out in Arizona this past fall at a competition. I'll definitely check out that seat riser. I'm not tall and spend alot of time driving. Thanks for the reminder. You pretty much confirmed my thoughts on silent stinger, transom bag, and ski pylon. Yes, for sure... I've seen all those BoardCo vids. They do a fantastic job! Thanks again, Mike
  9. Hello All. Looking to see who out there has spent time tuning an FI 21 surf wave. Going to be getting one in the next few weeks. Are you using lead? Should I get the transom bag? What are your settings? 60+% of the time its just my son and I while he practices. Also I'll take opinions on some options stinger vs silent stinger? How much quieter is it? Ski pylon? (I dont need it, but will avg buyer want it?) What prop? I'm not at elevation. Only surf, but dont want to be racing the engine to go 20-25mph.
  10. Want to Buy

    Hello All, ***WTB*** Blew the tranny in my Moomba yesterday. Looking for ideally an 05 or 06 Avalanche (3200lbs), or SV230. Must haves inc.: C4/full swim platform, 2:1 tranny ?. Wants: <600hrs, switchblade (not likely i know), bimini, full audio, custom ballast, good/great condition, typical surf boat stuff. Cash buyer, willing to ship for right deal, I'll have it gone by next weekend. Thx, Mike
  11. 05 Avy w/ switchblade

    Its ok. Sry, i have little kids... you know "boys drool, girls rule" and visaversa.
  12. 05 Avy w/ switchblade

    Troy, is that the technical description? Seriously though, are you not a fan? Why?
  13. 05 Avy w/ switchblade

    Thank you both!
  14. Hello All, I'm considering an 05 Avy with switchblade. Has anyone used SB? Thoughts? Opinions? Never heard anything bad, just havent heard a big demand either. 05-06 have 2:1 trany, but trying to keep it light (3600lb lift), so 07+ is out. Single biggest concern is surf wave. Actually its #1,#2, & #3. Thx, Mike
  15. Supra SG vs. RI 237

    I was at polar bear... i am not the boat expert most here are, but i can tell you that both boats were impressive. Dans supra is a beast. Quite a few people liked it best. I think it is by far the most traditional looking of all the boats out there. The 257 is impressive in a number of ways... its shear size!!! Im used to 21 footers. It does turn on dime... thats damn impressive. Yes it was a preproduction boat. Its wave was huge, but more than one rider didnt love it and didnt ride it all that well. And yes... it does have a ton of bow rise! And yes, it fills incredibly quickly!!! Freakin amazing! You can feel it sink. I can tell you though that Ragboy is just a good guy. Everyone has prefferences, bias, incentives, etc. but he and the ppl he associates with seem to be really really nice ppl. This seems like the perfect situation for demoing, cause they are very different. Starkly so. I think the decision will be very easy. You will prefer one over the other. If you do want to confuse youself after that, try the G23. I loved it too.

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