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  1. What about the M50 Water Dragons that the factory uses? https://www.covertlights.com/M50-xx12-1/ They claim to be 5500 Lumens each on the 12 Diode model. Which seems to be higher than the life form 9 for example for a comparable price.
  2. If you do order another boat (Centurion / Supreme), make sure to have your dealer call the Factory Rep and see if they can kick in a extra discount for all the headaches with the S238.
  3. I ran sumo 1000's and I busted out a divider. The fix is to get a #10 or #12 1 1/4" screws and replace the wimpy screws that come from the factory in the brackets. After that no more problems. Remember to use sealant on the screws as you are essentially screwing int the edge of the hardtanks. Sumo 1000 and #800 pound of lead worked well all season and this was good with two people on the boat. I still liked to run 400# on the seat though when short on crew. 6 People and the wake was great. I found storage more than adequate with this set up. I like you was not interested in mid ship water bags. Add more lead and let the forklift operator worry about it.
  4. I find it doubtful that a FS33 is 5600#. 4600# Makes more sense. An Ri 237 is #5500 dry and that is a much bigger boat.
  5. Yeah if your dealer is not stepping up to get all your issues sorted now in the offseason then its time for a call to Fineline to let them know. I don't know what your issues are but I am sure all can be resolved, except maybe the wakeboard wake thing. Ha! I think Supreme is a quality boat. Even though I have had issues with my bimini, stereo, trailer, transducer and some minor stress cracks around one tower arm - my dealer will get it taken care of in the offseason. During the season its tough as most dealer are jammed up with big ticket items, so knocking off these minor issues can take time. Is MB going to be better, who knows. Personally I think the Supreme 238 gets most things right - simple spacious classic boat that gets you all the modern convinces for a decent price. I personally also prefer the pcm power plant to the indmar offerings. Once they add Opti-V and MORE Ballast this boat will be hard to beat. Nevertheless I am buying an Ri! Good Luck and hold your dealers feet to the fire and get them to make it right.
  6. 18 Ri 237 VS 17 Ri 237

    So how about a 2017 with H6 and CATS vs a 2018 with HO 6.0 and No CATS?
  7. 18 Ri 237 VS 17 Ri 237

    Good info gents. The whole motivation for the question is to decide if a 18 is worth it over a 17. With the price increases and depreciation factored in I lean to a demo 2017 with a 16" prop if the surf waves are comparable.
  8. As mentioned. Pull all the blue drain plugs and remove your hose for you heater and then blow down the line to get all the water out of your heater core. Also, read through your PCM engine manual, it should say the same thing. Cover up and wait for some warmer weather - we can get a few more surf runs in. I mean sunny and 15C Ambient and 58C Water Temp is nice right? As long as the Damn wind stays away.
  9. Curious if the surf wave is impacted by the change to the Opti-V hull on the Ri 237 for 2018? I understand that the efficiency and RPMs have improved with the hull changes and the move to a larger prop - but has this changed the wave?
  10. If Fineline would give this thing enough ballast to start and CATS it would be such a killer boat. Just give me a way to keep the wave face nice and clean no matter what the conditions. I don't wake board - so have little input on the wake there. Also, if you are not running 1000 pound bags in each corner and 800-1000# of lead then yeah I could see how some people get a bad impression. I am over the whole list the boat philosophy now too. Fill the dam thing, drop the tabs and surf side to side all day. Quick and convenient. Works great for our needs - everyone obviously is different. Still want an Ri237 with Opti- V but man the price uptick is no joke - so compromise. S238 = Rock solid boat, great stereo, wicked power plant and roomy. Overall great value and straight up classy style. Is it perfect no - but what is? Now I have seen some MB's that tun my head for sure - not keen on the dash at all - but other than that looks like a wicked boat. Not sure on the wave - but I am guessing it can out surf most of us.
  11. Fi23 first impressions

    Just buy a 257 - You demand the best surf wave , buy the biggest nastiest thing going - cost be damned.
  12. So can we retrofit the 2017 6.0 with the Livorsi? This boat already drives pretty great, but I may pony up the cost if it's reasonable and improves the overall experience of driving.
  13. Good points. The boat is going in this week, so I will put it through its paces and report back,
  14. Any update on this? Supreme sent my dealer a little dongle with a resistor on it. Yet to install and may not even hassle with it if its the same part that did not fix the problem for Cwazy1.

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