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  1. S238 vs. The Usual Suspects

    I installed the reinforcement kit just to be safe. The kit is a cheap piece of mind. The bags don’t fill completely full but they fill to at least 950lbs or more. Putting that into perspective at 950lbs that eliminates your 200lbs of lead back there and you can put it elsewhere. I am 6’3” 205lbs depending on the season lol and I surf ropeless with no problems. The board plays a huge factor too. If you are riding a board that isn’t meant for your weight it will feel like the wave sucks because you can’t stay in it. I found this out when I demo’d a board that was meant for 185lbs max. Lead placement depends on how many people I have in the boat but 85% of the time I run 200lbs port side and 100lbs starboard only because majority of the people I surf with are on the port side. All of my lead is placed under the midship seats as far back as it will go. I do this on purpose to lengthen the wave even more as it is already plenty tall. I thought I would move the lead around more then I actually do but even when I switch to a goofy wave I leave the lead where it is because the wave is always better on the goofy side anyways. Thanks for the enthusiasm on the Oilers aha maybe next year.
  2. S238 vs. The Usual Suspects

    I own a S238, my neighbor just bought an A22. We have surfed each other’s boats. Here are the findings: A22 - besides the obvious 2ft length difference, the wave is good, not great. Surfs well out of the box, wave can be tall or short but is not long. It felt like I was surfing against the back of the boat the entire time, in fact my buddy handed me a beverage off the back of the boat and I didn’t need to surf up to him to grab it. S238 - you will either need more then 500lbs of lead or get the dealer to upgrade the bags to at least 1000’s. I have 1100’s and the wave was amazing. I had lots of compliments from my other neighbor with a G21. Getting an amazing wave is an addiction so I added 300lbs of lead this summer and the wave got even better and I am happy with it and won’t be adding anymore weight. When the A22 owner was finished surfing behind my S238 his exact words were, “ Wow that wave is long, I didn’t think you could surf that far behind a boat. How can I make my wave that long?” The boats speak for themselves. You didn’t mention anything about going on a demo with any of the boats but I would suggest to demo them and see how you like them. If your dealer sells lead take some on the S238 demo so you get a true comparison. Final thoughts (unbiased as I am not afraid to admit if another boat is better then mine): With a bit more weight then you mentioned the S238 will surf just as well if not better then the 160K+ boats. We were in the same boat as you, no pun intended, for a budget and we feel we nailed it with this boat. Goodluck with your search.
  3. I will have to look into borrowing a shaper if i can find someone around me that has one. I may also look into changing the prop, ill pay close attention to the rpm next season. Thanks for the info.
  4. I want to be right around where you are at maybe a bit more. Any reason you use a wake shaper? Does it make THAT MUCH of a difference and if so where in the wave do you notice it the most? The reason i bought the boat is because of the tabs so i didnt have to use a shaper.
  5. I am sure you must be getting an amazing wake, cant wait to hear what the extra 600 does. I have the high altitude prop.
  6. I have the High Altitude Prop. How much would you say is too much weight in these boats? I am assuming the motor would be the limiting factor? I don't plan to go anymore then what i had stated above but i am interested to see how far some people have pushed these boats
  7. I’m am curious to know who has the most aftermarket weight in their 238 without sinking it or causing issues. Post details on the following: Type/Amount? (Ballasts, lead) Location in boat? Engine size? Total weight including stock ballasts I currently have: 1100’s in the rear lockers 350 engine Total weight of 3800# I want to order 600# of lead and some midship seat bags which would put me close to 5000#.
  8. S238 bench dimensions

    Are you using the 260 or 390 under the seats?
  9. S238 bench dimensions

    I am interested in this as well for some bags.
  10. I am in a bind. I planned to winterize my boat next weekend but it looks like it is going to dip below freezing this week during the night so I need to do it ASAP. My manual is at the lake, rookie mistake I know. Can anyone provide me with pictures of the winterizing section of the manual (I can provide my email if needed) or an explanation of the plugs that need to be pulled and any other stuff that people do to winterize. Thanks in advance! ( I also realized this is in the wrong place Admin please move it)
  11. New board

    @bomoseen avy What board did you find is best for big air? I am riding a skim style right now and can spin 360's no problem but can seem to get the board completely out of the water when jumping. I have never riden a surf style but have heard that the surf style is better for air. Are any of these boards a happy medium between a surf style for air and a skim style for spins? @Troy How do you like your Doomswell? Does it meet any of my requirements above? I can not afford to spend the money on a doomswell but if one day i can i am curious how they ride. I am 6'2" 200lbs if that makes a huge difference.
  12. S211 tower issues

    There is an arm bracket kit that does a slightly better job of folding the tower down, only thing is the throttle needs to be in the reverse position with this kit. Part number is F0238.
  13. New S238 owner! HELP

    Ive got a '17. I have had my best luck from filling everything. The 238 loves weight, a 226 you can get away with not filling as much but the 238 is a huge boat and needs weight to sink it in the water. Surf tab i run between 65-80, trim tab start at 0 and increase it until the wave cleans up which will vary with the amount of people in the boat. I cant comment on the dash The bags in my '17 have their separate pumps, i cannot confirm on your '16 but they should be separate.
  14. July pic video thread

    I will look into one, thank you
  15. July pic video thread

    What board are you riding @InfinitySurf? I am looking for a big air surf style board as my skim style board is not doing the trick for air.

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