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    Yes I did. I traded in our 04 Supra launch. I only had it for one season. And it was my first boat so I am really a newbie. I love surfing though. It really got me hooked on my friends boat. I just got back from extreme. Bought 500lbs of lead so I hope I’m ready to roll. We live about 5 min away from cultus so it’s our home lake but I’d love to hit a few more this summer. We spent 5 days at Mabel lake last summer which was unreal. Barely blew up at all. And warm
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    And hey I was wondering, where's a good lake out your way for surfing rrd525?
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    Great thanks for that help!
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    Hi MFaso, I have a 2016 s238 and purchased it late last summer so I only had it out a few times with stock ballasts. I did upgrade to two 1100 bags in the rear lockers. It is different then my buddys 2017 238 where he has a couple more bags than I do. I have the two hull quick fill tanks, a center tank and the two big bags in the rear. Just wondering a couple things. How much weight do the hull tanks provide and how much weight does the center tank provide? Also, are your bags in the rear 1100s? Just curious as to what I should get for lead. Thanks, Craig

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