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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me the part number for the raw water impeller of a 2017 supreme s238? Thanks, Craig
  2. If you can borrow someone’s and try it along with your tabs. I find that I don’t have to use as much surf tab or trim tab. The wave has more push, its harder and not a lot of whitewash. I bought the boat too so I didn’t have to use the shaper but one buddy I ride with is pro skim and he owned a 2016 226. He used the shaper and loved it so I tried it. I took it off the other day and the wave was not as good at all. The other thing maybe is my prop its a 15x17.75. Such a difference
  3. I have 1100lb in each of the rear lockers plus 200lb lead in each of the rear lockers I also move around 200lb of lead on the seats Total i think there is 4650lb all together. 350 engine And a wicked prop that changed my rpm while surfing from 4100 down to 3100! My gas bill is so much better! I also use a wake shaper on it. Guys i ride with all have centurions and i dont notice any difference in their wave.
  4. Well now I’m sorry it took so long for this response! Thanks for the help! I had already replaced the solenoid after I first posted and that has not fixed issue so I will try those things. But first I am going to hit the dealer now for warranty as they are slowing down in there. I also didn’t want to lose out on any lake time having in there. Thanks again
  5. Hey Honcho, I have a related problem with my trailer brakes. When I put it in reverse the brakes remain on. I tried with another tow vehicle and same thing so I talked to dealer and he mentioned that solenoid/slave cylinder (I think) that you show in your pic. Just wondering when I change that do I have to bleed the brake lines? Thanks, Craig
  6. Just wondering what the fill/drain times are for the quick fill hard tanks?
  7. Hi, I just looked at mine and it says quick fill for each is 2:30 and drain is 1:30. Bow tank is 4:00 fill and 3:00 drain. Bow bag is 5:30 fill and 4:30 drain. Let me know what ya think. Craig
  8. Hi, sorry if I'm bit off topic but I just purchased a '17 238 with the digital touch screen and wondering how to fill my 1100s up. I upgraded them and on the weekend went out and gave it a go but seemed as though the computer stopped them at the stock 550 volume of water. First time with the digital so apologize if seems redundant! Thanks Craig
  9. help

  10. help

    Yes I did. I traded in our 04 Supra launch. I only had it for one season. And it was my first boat so I am really a newbie. I love surfing though. It really got me hooked on my friends boat. I just got back from extreme. Bought 500lbs of lead so I hope I’m ready to roll. We live about 5 min away from cultus so it’s our home lake but I’d love to hit a few more this summer. We spent 5 days at Mabel lake last summer which was unreal. Barely blew up at all. And warm
  11. help

    And hey I was wondering, where's a good lake out your way for surfing rrd525?
  12. help

    Great thanks for that help!
  13. help

    Hi MFaso, I have a 2016 s238 and purchased it late last summer so I only had it out a few times with stock ballasts. I did upgrade to two 1100 bags in the rear lockers. It is different then my buddys 2017 238 where he has a couple more bags than I do. I have the two hull quick fill tanks, a center tank and the two big bags in the rear. Just wondering a couple things. How much weight do the hull tanks provide and how much weight does the center tank provide? Also, are your bags in the rear 1100s? Just curious as to what I should get for lead. Thanks, Craig

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