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  1. Goofy Wake for Elite

    How much bow weight?
  2. Goofy Wake for Elite

    Hmmm. I need to see what mine does goofy. I almost wonder if sometimes more wieght works against us.
  3. Question on gelcoat from Fineline

    Only mix what you need in a seperate cup. Most auto paint supply stores have mold release. You can use plastic wrap. But it will make it rough and harder to wetsand.
  4. Question on gelcoat from Fineline

    I too thought that it was pre mixed and used it. Couldn't figure out why it would harden. Fineline has us all thinking its pre mixed but gel coat cure with out air so as soon as the put the lid on it would start to harded.
  5. Question on gelcoat from Fineline

    They send it with no hardener. You wll need harder to mix in it. I got some a few years ago and it will stay usable if the can is sealed. Tape about an inch around the repair with blue or green tape and then sand into the chip or scratch with 120 grit. Blend it out to the tape. You can use a brush to apply it. Then for it to fully cure you need to brush a mold release over it. Then let it sit over night. Then wash off the mold release and then wet sand the repair down smooth with the boat. Then buff it out. Lots of how to's online but thats the just of it. Not too bad on single colors but if you have a spot that two colors meet like i did its kind of a mean woman. Good luck.
  6. Stabil in fuel?

    I use a product called enzyme at the end of the season before i store it. Not sure if it helps but it cant hurt.
  7. Makes perfect sense. It was one of my concerns. There are no flappers but i figured the bends would keep it from rushing in. I did drill some holes for drain. We leave it on the water all summer so it wount be in and out. Appreciate the feed back
  8. This is what i came up with. Hopefully it does the job and help the wake and wave. https://www.wakegarage.com/projects-archive/exhaust-modifications/fae-wakeplate-contraption-r123/
  9. Posting pictures?

    This post was not ment to be an attack or compaint. I simply feel for this forum to grow like the people running want it to it would help if it didn't have so many caps on what we can do. If it is ment to be an elite few that want to pay and and share amongst themselves then fine, make it just that. Now look back at the info you have gathered and has saved you money and time. Chances are 90% of that info came from a non paying member. 😀 I personally will not pay a fee. Guess I'm the odd man out?
  10. Posting pictures?

    The thing is im on several forums and i pay nothing to post pics and whatever. I love this forum. I love sharing and learning. I have info and pics now that i would love to share but i cant on this forum. Hell i share on moomba without issues. Wake garage. Never once asked to pay. I understand its not free but if you want somthing to thrive you have to put into it. We have several members here that support and share helpfull info to this site only to not be able to post pics of what they are posting about. Im sure im not the only one that feels this way.
  11. Posting pictures?

    I know i will get flamed for this but... With all this talk about facebook pages and all. I cant help but think the traffic and topics on here would benefit big time if we could post a picture of projects and stuff with out all the hoops to do so. It needs to be easy and not something only paying members can do. Until then this site will continue to get out shined by other pages. Just my two cents
  12. What do you all do with them. I was thinking that unless you unbolted it the water would collect at the low spot where the exhaust and fae meet. I would think even the silent stinger would have a spot that would hold water? What do you all think.
  13. Loon lake wa? Im in that area
  14. So you are running it free air?
  15. So lets say its late in the season and its gonna be close to or feeezing. How effective would it be to just make sure you take your boat for a spin and get the motor hot. Would it hold enough heat that night to not freeze?

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