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  1. I think anything that builds confidence and is not a tube is great. Been thinking about getting one also.
  2. I just capped them off.
  3. What dealer are you getting Centurion through? I'm in spokane also.
  4. Wakejunky. You are in cda correct? Have seen the new Centurions due to no dealers around but was not impressed at all with axis i have seen and the malibus have really lost the high end fit and finish i remember. I love my 2006 centurion amd if i could i would not hesitate to buy one of the new ones.
  5. What app is everyone using??????

    Its not easy unless you are a paying member. What did you want to share? Check out the official centurion and Supreme page on facebook. Much easier amd tons of active people.
  6. Check out the official centurion and Supreme page on facebook. You can search the page. Several plates on there. This page is hard to add photos and most all traffic that was here is on the facebook page now.
  7. In search of Surf Boat

    Elite v doesnt have a step at the cooler.
  8. Sundance in spokane does good work.
  9. New boat

    Any spy photos of the supreme thats coming out?
  10. Removing Side Swipe

    Where in the exhaust chain is this installed?
  11. Bad tush. You need to put this on wake garage.
  12. I have a 06 elite v. Getting it dialed. Plumbed rear bags and did hydrophase ridesteady. Run about 900 steal and lead. Home made suck gate. This site wont let me post pics. Check out chris butler on facebook or chrisbutlergcp on Instagram. Aren't you in the northwest?
  13. And it fills much faster bypassing the sprinkler valve. One of the first things i did to my elite.
  14. Goofy Wake for Elite

    How much bow weight?
  15. Goofy Wake for Elite

    Hmmm. I need to see what mine does goofy. I almost wonder if sometimes more wieght works against us.

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