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  1. Dan Gib, When you say you lengthened your wires and used it for another pump (tsunami pump)....were the sprinkler valve wires not hooked up to the switch controlling the original ballast pump. My thought was that both the sprinkler valve wires and the main ballast wires are hooked up to the same switch so when one powers on so does the other, working together in unison opening the valves at the same time. Again, I have not had the time to trace the wires to see where they end up. Thanks
  2. When you guys remove the sprinkler valves from the system completely, what are you doing with the wires that power it. Are you removing the wires from the system completely or do you just wire nut and tape them off. I haven't really traced back where they are coming from. I assume they run back to the switch? Id like to remove mine as i don't feel they are appropriate on my 'one factory center ballast tank'. thanks

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