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  1. You most likely have a 'ballast puppy' impeller pump that fills the ballast and an aerator pump that empties the ballast (shown in your picture). So if your fuse is only blowing when you empty the bag, it means you need to replace the cartridge in the aerator pump or the entire aerator pump. Easy fix. Youtube it. Your impeller pump will most likely be located in your v drive compartment located under your back seat. Thats how my 08 elite C4 is set up.
  2. I don't have an enzo so I'm shooting from the hip here, but on our Elite, the factory used a ballast puppy to fill and a cartridge pump to empty. They have separate fuses, so check all your fuses for any that might be blown. The cartridge pump will probably be attached to the factory hard tank, where as the ballast puppy is usually located in the v drive compartment. Lift your back seat up to see if you can find it. The impellers on the ballast puppy pumps should be changed out every year or so depending on how much you use it. $35 and an easy fix. Otherwise old ones get stuck and pop fuses (probably why it popped in the first place). Cartridge pumps go bad also. Another easy fix. Change out the cartridge and will run like new.
  3. As stated above, wiggle the throttle a little. take it out of neutral and than put it back in, than try starting it again. Occasionally this happens to my boat where it won't turn over because I'm not 'perfectly' in neutral, or at least the boat doesn't recognize it. If that doesn't solve the problem, it could be the relay for the throttle which is located near the engine block right next to the 50 amp fuse back there. There is a write up on this forum for this exact problem, you'll just have to find it. People changed it out and claim to fix that issue, if thats whats causing your problem.
  4. As stated above. Check the fuses for those ballast pumps. They're probably located under steering wheel. They will most likely be blown. Replace them and then try your pumps again. If they blow right away, you most likely have stuck impellers in the housing of the pump causing it to pop fuses. Replace the impellers and they will run like new.
  5. I did the same thing on my 08 elite. I'd say don't cheap out. Get two reversible pumps, one for each rear locker bag. After all, time is fun. The quicker you can fill and empty lockers the better. The reversible pumps can fill and empty out of the holes in the bottom of the boat. I drilled two holes in the bottom (one for each pump) and two holes in the side (one vent for each bag), one vent on each side of the boat. I used 3/4 inch tube for the vent tube and 1 inch for the fill/empty tubes and I've had zero problems. I did put the vent holes as far up on the hull as possible to prevent back siphoning. Again, zero problems with back siphoning. Im very satisfied with how it turned out. It really wasn't difficult at all, just take your time as stated above. The hardest part was squeezing two new on/off valves and pumps in the V-drive area. I ran new wires to be 100% sure, I did not use the factory wiring. My fuse panel also has the port and starboard already wired up but I think from the factory they might have used that spot in the fuse panel for something other than ballast due to the 5 amp fuses already in place. It was difficult for me to trace the wires to figure out so I ran new ones. i can fill two 750's in the back and the factory center tank in 4-5 mins. i think it ran me about $1000. 100% worth it.
  6. Dan Gib, When you say you lengthened your wires and used it for another pump (tsunami pump)....were the sprinkler valve wires not hooked up to the switch controlling the original ballast pump. My thought was that both the sprinkler valve wires and the main ballast wires are hooked up to the same switch so when one powers on so does the other, working together in unison opening the valves at the same time. Again, I have not had the time to trace the wires to see where they end up. Thanks
  7. When you guys remove the sprinkler valves from the system completely, what are you doing with the wires that power it. Are you removing the wires from the system completely or do you just wire nut and tape them off. I haven't really traced back where they are coming from. I assume they run back to the switch? Id like to remove mine as i don't feel they are appropriate on my 'one factory center ballast tank'. thanks

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