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  1. Wall storage for your gear!

    Looks nice. Little hard to get to though. LOL.
  2. Good job. Sometimes the pressure switch on the v-drive becomes corroded also. Clean the connection while you are at it.
  3. just buy a new switch, and replace one wire at a time. Remove a wire off the old switch and put in on the new switch in the same location. Easy. To remove the old switch, break the key off to unscrew the ring that holds the switch to the panel.
  4. Welcome! tons of threads on here on how to mod the 230 it will throw a beautiful listed wave. Some use the suck gates. If you need/want to swap sides a lot then look into infinity surf tabs. For me, I'd just upgrade the ballast, (add an a-plate if you want a good goofy wave), list it and surf it.
  5. I guess it wasn't Dreamer. This thread has a picture and discussion. Sporty did a custom one but couldn't find his photo topic.?
  6. Might be able to find some pictures on here. I think maybe Dreamer did a custom bubble?
  7. Would changing the angle of the engine have any issue with oil in the engine? If you drop the Front of the engine (rear of the boat) and raise the rear of the engine to accommodate the different strut angle will that along with having the rear of the boat down so much surfing have a negative effect on the way the oil is in the pan? Just thinking out loud.
  8. Is your a-plate cut around the FAE?
  9. Prop suggestions

    How has the boat felt to this point with the 911? Ive been very happy with the prop Acme and Nettles Props suggested for my 08 Avy. Their suggestions are usually very good.
  10. Welcome to the crew! What engine? What Prop?
  11. Yes. I took off the close out panel under the helm by the drivers foot and under the observer seat storage area. Gets you a full view of both sides of the cooler. I put foam around it. I think a sticky back type radiant barrier would work better.
  12. I just replaced with Normal bolts and washes. Think I went with a washer that was over sized (more flat area)? Been a long time. I did not do anything to the transom but bolt up the new bracket.
  13. Was it a salt water boat or fresh water? Check fluid levels, colors, smells. Ease of steering (stiff, might need a new steering cable) Perfect pass/ Cruise control operation. Throttle operation. Surf wave. And test it, just because a wave looks nice, does not mean it surfs good. An Enzo 244, can and will throw down an awesome wave, this will just tell you how many mods are in your future, if it doesn't throw an awesome wave on your test. Have you owned an inboard boat before? If not, have the dealer show you the docking and trailering tricks and you practice. Beautiful boat! Hope all works out!
  14. I just put insulation around mine. I love that cooler.

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