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  1. Stabil in fuel?

    Just due to the engine tune. they can advance timing to get more power with the higher octane.
  2. Hull blisters

    Oh man! that stinks. Your dealer should take care of you though! Sorry I don't have any useful info, but want to wish you luck and hope it is taken care of in a timely manner.
  3. abandoned hull at the old factory in NC

    Just got back on the site. Think we could build a "F-enzo" for $40-$50k? We could sell the crap out of those!
  4. abandoned hull at the old factory in NC

    Reese, lets start building boats!
  5. Box Anchor on sale

    Daylight and green didn't work for me today BUT Spring2018 got me $20 off. Ordered and on its way.
  6. @KeefMy cell number 919-464-61 zero zero. Let us know when you're there. Like to put a face with a name.
  7. Maybe coil. I'd start with the plugs though. when mine was acting like that the rotor and cap fixed it.
  8. DFW boat show Feb 2-4 and 8-11. http://www.dallasboatexpo.com/ http://www.freedommarinetx.com/ Freedom normally puts on a good display of Centurions and Supreme's. Jason, one of their sales guys, has been awesome. I think we are planning on the 10th for going.
  9. Yep that’s my 2008 Avy and here is the last pic of it non-extended. I’ll try and get more pictures tonight.
  10. Fi23 Review

    Sounds good. I'm in no rush and no budget (no cash available). LMAO. So I would have to beg, steal and borrow. Do you still have my cell or email? We can discuss that way if easier. Thanks again and beautiful boat.
  11. Fi23 Review

    I tried to PM you and it says you cant get messages? How much for the Roswell amp and speakers you are removing?
  12. Yea, sure. I always forget when I get home though. Shoot me a text or call 919-464-61 zero zero. I'm in central time, I'm usually home in the evenings.
  13. I have an 08 Avy with a pop up ski pylon. I'll try and remember to get a p/n off of it.

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