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  1. Cyclone I believe has more of a V-bottom where the Falcon V and Enzo 216 had more of a flat bottom. Share some pictures and we will do our best to help.
  2. My 08 Avy has one. Built into the multi-function gauge.
  3. Nettles has the 1631 for less than $420.
  4. Fuel/water - yes inline - I didn't have to swap barbs, but maybe you have to? All in all, yes that easy.
  5. He said with the weight that I run (about 2k+ listed) the 1631 cup and pitch will make my boat feel much better and better GPH than my factory 497. I called them, we went though my engine/tranny/v-drive combo with my boat and ballast that I run and he (cant remember his name and just threw away my notes) suggested the 1631. I hope he is correct and by boat uses less fuel and surfs better. Give Nettles a call. I couldn't find a place that could beat their prices.
  6. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    Well I got everything moved around and re-wired for the ARC Audio amp.
  7. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    Well guys, The Rockford amp didn't work out. It had a popping sound any time I turned a switch on or off and a bad whine with the blower motor running, no alternator whine. Roswell amp had no popping or whine. I troubleshot it for weeks, I think it was just a weird impedance issue with my stereo's RCA's. I ended up swapping to an ARC Audio KS300.4 for the in boats and downfires. I had to rearrange my amp rack and do a bunch of swapping around, to make the wiring work (I didn't have anymore power and ground 4ga). I should be done with all the moving around and rewiring tonight and post more pictures. Shout out to Scream Marine for working with me on troubleshooting and swapping amps out. I think the ARC sounds better also.
  8. I just put on the Acme 1631, recommendation from Nettles Prop, factory prop i have been using for the last 8 seasons was the 497. I haven't had it out yet but I can let you know. Nettles was very helpful and knowledgeable.
  9. For going cheap, Roswell has a 2 zone control knob for $40.
  10. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    Oh. OK. So the bottom portion where it mounts to the boat is a solid piece with a 1/2" hole through it. So getting all the speaker wire through the 1/2" hole was a little tricky but with 2 people not bad at all. I did have to drill a hole through the boat but when I took the bolts out and moved the tower mount out of the way the rubber piece left a spot on the hull that had a perfect spot to drill the hole. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of that when I did my install. When you loosen the tower mounts and move them, you will see and it is really straight forward. You have my cell number now if you want to call and talk.
  11. I think that is what I put on mine a couple years back. No issues.
  12. Rear seat back rest

    Sorry bud. I've never removed the seat backs. I am of no help. I've only remember seeing just a few post about removing the seat backs also. Hope someone can chime in soon for you. Welcome to the crew.
  13. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    Here is the wiring jumping from the upper part of the tower to the lower part. I used a connector to be safe Incase of an issue and I need to disconnect.
  14. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    So here is a few pictures of the wire from the tower into where the amps are. one picture is from the speaker area looking into the gunnel where the wires are coming into the boat from the tower. The other is inside the storage compartment looking aft. You can see the split loom going through a panel, that is the speaker wires going to the tower. That the pictures you wanted?

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