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  1. That is the Evolution tower not the Gladiator.
  2. Prop Thread

    Call Nettles Props and talk to them. They helped me pick out a new prop for my Avy this year.
  3. There is a write up on here about changing out to the PSS. I used it and worked very good for my 2008 Avy. Yes leave the prop nut on until the prop is loose. Hope everything works out for you.
  4. So I was finally able to put the boat on the water this past weekend. Initial reaction is great. The wave seemed like it had more push. The lake was a little choppy and I had a new driver on the boat, so I was concerned about that too. But all in all, so far I really like the new prop. The fuel usage was up, but I think the first time on the water each year the fuel usage is more than normal (older fuel and running the boat to winterize and summerize) More to follow.
  5. Check the wire connections on the sensor. I remember some people having issues with the wires becoming disconnected.
  6. My Avy, we list it. Only fill the sacs on the surf side and center. I have about 100lbs or so in the bow. The wave is very nice and easily surf-able. Then also make sure your crew sits on the surf side only. Speed from 10.7-11.2 depending on lake conditions and the wave I want. Trim tab up. We surf starboard side. Custom starboard sac (about 1400lbs?) Factory center, about a 100 in the bow, custom a-plate full up. usually only my wife and 2 kiddos in the boat.
  7. 2019 Centurion Ri217

    I love the Ri series. Wish I could get one.
  8. Also give Nettles a call. They were extremely helpful. I still haven't had my boat out to test the new prop (adult-ing sucks), when I do I'll update my thread.
  9. How do you all like the speaker sox? Looking to get a set for the downfires I installed this year.
  10. Awesome write up. Looks great. Only thing i would suggest is to round the corner of the black diamond plate. The square corner could hurt. But when I reread your write up you already know that. Great job!
  11. Cyclone I believe has more of a V-bottom where the Falcon V and Enzo 216 had more of a flat bottom. Share some pictures and we will do our best to help.
  12. My 08 Avy has one. Built into the multi-function gauge.

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