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  1. I have the 330hp Black Scorpion but my oil filter is upside down at the front of the engine, starboard side.
  2. 1 each rear locker. 1 under port seat, mid cabin. 1 under starboard seat, mid cabin. one center under floor. That should be the 5. Looks like you found the cabin ones. Ones that are left are the ones in the lockers by the engine. They could of been replaced with bags. Not to many people leave the factory hard tanks.
  3. Squeal coming from the belt? might of got oil residue on it and slipping?
  4. sounds like an amp issue. If the amp + and - are ran directly to the battery (straight, no coils) and you unplugged the RCA's and the noise is still there, I would point at a bad amp. Back in the day I installed an amp temporarily and had my wires coiled because the permanent install was farther away, and I had noise. I uncoiled the wire and the noise went away. For the temporary install I just ran the wires back and forth like an S instead of a coil.
  5. Yes I have an a-plate. I did a write up on here about my plate.
  6. If multiple people have leftover screens, I would be interested also.
  7. I'm not worried. I'll have to double check what my sticker says. With just ballast, what I normally run is the 1400lb custom, factory 250 center and another 300lb on the seat with another 150 i move around in sand ballast. Plus my wife and 2 kids (9 and 12yo's). My rub rail on the surf side is touching the water sitting still. This weighted down takes practice driving and watching closely on water conditions. there's been times I tell the person in the water to wait, I'll be back, then circle around to avoid waves. If i have more people on the boat, then i drop some water ballast to make up for it (don't fill the 300 on the seat and maybe leave the sand ballast at the house). I have not used a wake shaper. Don't plan on ever using one. Weighted like this, I still do great of fuel consumption and I love the shape and push my wave has. I'll see if I have a picture of my boat slammed.
  8. Need more ballast. The Avy’s listed wave is awesome. Here is mine from this weekend with just my 1400 custom sac almost full, factory center, me and 100lb kiddo. Just the kiddos riding that day so I didn’t sac it out.
  9. The differences question, probably have a better time getting an answer over on FB. Labrandon seems to know a lot of technical info like that. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1882458648689246/
  10. Not sure of the differences. Welcome back and lets see some pics!
  11. That looks like a good board also. At $200 it’s worth a shot, that’s for sure.
  12. P5 scamp has my vote. My son 12yo just out grew it and my daughter 9yo still rides ours. Great board for kiddos.
  13. vDrive dash light

    My Walter V-drive is on the starboard side. Check the wire connections. They corrode.
  14. All the way up for me is slightly up from level with the bottom of the boat. You wouldn't have issues with level with the bottom, I wouldn't bend it so it goes down though. IMO

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