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  1. Lets see your ride doing work!

    Over the winter I dropped my truck with new wheels. 2.5 in the front and 3.5 in the rear.
  2. Finished putting the Gatorbak on the boards last night. Then took today off to put the new bunks on the trailer. Right now we are enjoying the lake. I’ll have to report later on how they are to put the boat on the trailer.
  3. I finished my two 8’ boards tonight. Looks nice. Can’t wait to get the other 4 boards done.
  4. Canyon Lake, TX

    Thank you for the info!!! Not sure if I can get off work, but if I can I think we will be going. Long tug for the boat, but I bet she can handle it.
  5. Anyone boat at Canyon Lake, TX? Looking at going down there in July 13-15.
  6. Yes, Very expensive but looks like it will last a long time. If the boards do rot out, which they shouldn't because they can dry a lot better than with carpet, you can unscrew the Gatorbak and put it on a new board. I can't wait for the rest of the stuff to come in. So far the customer service has been phenomenal. Note: Don't order on or around Memorial Day, LOL. Also sometime through out the year they do have sales. Obviously I didn't get a sales price. They also give discounts to military, fire, police ect.
  7. Most of the material came in. Some was on back order so it should be here this week.
  8. Avy Pre-Purchase Questions

    The Tribal tower gives you a ton more head room and the Bimini is super easy to put up and take down.
  9. Avy Pre-Purchase Questions

    Love my Avy with the Tribal tower! Great boats. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. Avy Pre-Purchase Questions

    My Avy had a "bulkhead" but it was only held on with a couple of screws. removed those the little board came out and I installed my custom sac. Post up some pictures! and welcome to the crew.
  11. Tower Tube Sizes

    Sorry I didn't post the boat and such. 2008 Avalanche with the Tribal tower.
  12. If no one answers you, text me tonight Nine1Nine-464-6100 and I can look at mine for you. I will not remember unless you remind me.
  13. If the plugs/wires and cap havent been changed in a while it is a cheap and great place to start. When my 330 mercruiser started missing/sluggish that was what was wrong with it. Cap was corroded the wires were shot, plugs didn't look too bad but replaced them also.

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