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  1. New Member Intro!

    Welcome. I am located North of Fort Worth. We normally go to Eagle Mountain or Ray Roberts.
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  3. Troy's Pics

    08 Avalanche purchased new Jan/2010.
  4. CREW DEAL: CenturionCrew.Com branded CAPS

    Very nice.
  5. New Member Intro!

    Empty and still better than some other boats.
  6. New Member Intro!

  7. Have to make it down one year!!!! Freaking work keeps getting in the way! also my boy came down with strep on Friday and if we had planned to make it we would of had to cancel. Can't wait to see some more pictures!!!!
  8. That Blue FS on this video is SWEET!!! Surfed it yesterday! OMG. I'm just 6 numbers away from owning it.
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