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  1. I think I have an extra at the house, I'll see if it has a p/n on it or the packaging. Trick is remembering when I get to the house.
  2. Picture of the “new” brackets
  3. my swim platform had aluminum in the platform itself to drill and tap. My transom bolts lined up but the platform screws did not.
  4. I don't remember the price but they were steep ($300-400?). No new holes in the transom but new holes in the swim platform for me. If I remember correctly I did talk with Centurion also to verify that the new brackets would bolt up with out issues. I believe I talked to Gloria.
  5. Well, just checked and still no prop burn. So far so good.
  6. I ordered my Stainless brackets through the dealer a few years back (2015). They knew exactly what I was talking about and when I said I needed to replace my aluminum swim platform brackets with the stainless ones. Ordered, came in, installed and haven't worried about them since. I don't have the part numbers, though, sorry.
  7. Trim Tabs

    I leave my powered a-plate trim tab up 99% of the time.
  8. Most likely a 20.5 ft and 93" beam.
  9. I run a custom 1400lb or so bag on Starboard (we only surf goofy side), about 100lbs in the bow, factory center and an a-plate, Then we put a small bag on the starboard seat when we have a small crew. We changed our prop this year which made a difference on our push also. I think our wave is quite nice.
  10. Looks like how mine is on my 08 Avy but #3 goes to the side vent on the port side. I removed my blower from the #1 and moved it to the #3 because we only surf the starboard side, that way when water comes in my starboard vent it doesn't go through the blower, just straight to the bilge.
  11. Those are Aerator pumps that pump out of the bag only. the pump in would be an impeller pump located (most likely) on the ski pylon bracing. One of them is bad if it is blowing the fuse.
  12. First 3 times out this year, fuel usage was up. 4th time out and the usage was down. The last 3 times I got fuel at the same gas station but at different pumps. I am going to try the same pump for the next few times to get a better reading. I will say, the wave has more push with the new prop, with out a doubt. Very happy so far with the new prop, I do need to check for prop burn, I just keep forgetting when I get home to look.
  13. Sorry I can't really help, I would think though that you drained and filled that the V-drive should be fine. Just keep an eye on it and make sure the milky oil doesn't come back.
  14. Great list to start with. By chance have you had the boat out the water and completely drained the bilge? Far fetched idea but maybe extra weight has accumulated in the bilge of the boat.

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