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  1. Need 8 gauge or better to go 20 feet. If you keep it under 12 feet you can do 10 gauge. https://www.wirebarn.com/Wire-Calculator-_ep_41.html
  2. Try listing the boat. Fill the 1100 on the port and center. If you have any extra bags (500lbs or so) put them all on the port side seat and fill them also or just have everyone sit on the port side. A little weight in the bow also. No suck gate. about 10.7-11.2 mph. Trim plate all the way up. Put that Typhoon on a nice list and try that wave out.
  3. I stand corrected. I just contacted Scream and they are still only doing audio. Not getting into Repair like I thought. I apologize for the bad info earlier.
  4. Yes but trying to get into repairs also. Shane is the man when it comes to Centurion boats.
  5. Upgrade the Avy. My 2 cents. Pumps, sacs and tunes your are set.
  6. Just joined

  7. theres a How-to to assist in uploading pictures.
  8. Try Scream Marine. Shane works there now and is a Top Notch Marine tech and use to work for Centurion. That sucks you are having issues like that from Freedom! Hope they get their service situation figured out quick.
  9. Someone else ran a plate with a wing on both sides and the wave wasn't good If I remember correctly.
  10. I forgot to measure last night. I have an 08 Avy also. Also check your distributor cap. Mine has green stuff growing in it regularly. I keep my boat inside at my shop.
  11. Love my 08 Avy. Great Boats. Not a bad idea to have a pre-buy inspection done.
  12. New RI257 owner

    Beautiful boat! Get it from Jay Tee at freedom? What lake? We boat at Eagle Mountain.
  13. Canyon Lake, TX

    Well we didn't get to go. Our friends that we were going to stay with had a family friend pass away and the funeral was on Saturday. Much rather have our friends be there to support the family. So maybe someday we will make it to Canyon lake.

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