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  1. Have you looked at Great Lakes? I think that era racks were from Skylon.
  2. Picking up a boat

    I run a custom sac probably get 1700+ lbs or so in it (fills the whole locker and under the starboard seat) and another 150 in sand bags on the seat corner. Listed hard. A-plate all the way up. I don't think I had anything else in the boat on that picture. If I had more, the sand bags would of been on the floor next to the seat and a 300lb bag on the seat. I custom built my a-plate. I have a thread on here about it.
  3. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    My Neo is from 2016 (might be a 2015 board) and my Nub is a 2019/2020. Couldn't find the picture of it when i bought it.
  4. Picking up a boat

    An Avy will throw a great goofy wave with a few mods. My 08 Avy’s wave is great for the price. Check out an A-plate. And custom sacs. We’ve owned ours since new. Just my wife in the boat.
  5. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    I haven't rode a Flyboy either. Sorry.
  6. Doomswell nubstep/neo

    I have both the Neo and Nub. I like the Nub better. Seems faster and easier to carve. Out of all the boards if ridden I like the Nub the best. Ive tried a few Soul's and IS's but not the G-Ride. I still love my Neo and if I want a more forgiving board (rough lake) then I'll hop on the Neo and have a great ride. If the water is good, it will be the Nub. With your new supreme I think either board 4'6" would be fine. My buddy is 6'4" about 220 or so and he rides my 4'6" with out issues. The 4'8" lets him recover easier but loses some of his ability to throw the board around on the wave. He just ordered a Blu Surf. I can't wait to try it out! Happy shopping!
  7. Ri series help

    For me wave 237-257-245, 245 being the best. I haven't been on a 265 yet. The 245 wave was so impressive! the shape was like my Avy (which i love) but just bigger. First time behind a 245 was my best run I've ever had and I was in a long wetsuit. Test them all out and see what you think.
  8. You will love the Vi22. Great boats. Congrats!
  9. 2012 SV233 or 2014 SV233

    Awesome! Pics?
  10. Ski or Wake Boat?

    Mitch talks about the Tornado in this video.
  11. Where are you located? Maybe someone from here could meet up and help out. I’m in DFW area and I would. Lots to learn being new. BUT the willingness to learn makes huge strides. If the dealer is close don’t be afraid of going back. Dealer support is huge. It is a boat, it will need to be worked on. Down here in TX the listed price will most likely be the price. Hard to find a Centurion for sale. I don’t take a low ball as bad, I just don’t accept it. If you’re willing to go higher, talk to the dealer. If you can’t go higher (budget), talk to the dealer, they might have a trade that would work for you coming in. My $.02.
  12. Air Chairs are awesome and fun. We bought one about a year ago and just started riding this summer. Great times.
  13. Harold had a Falcon V 2008/2009 which was the same hull as the SV220, and had his wave dialed. Hopefully he will reply here or on FB. I tagged him on your post on FB a few days ago.
  14. Avalanche C4 Surf Help

    Yes. OK back in they day, centurion actually did big cut outs. Yours is where a plate should go, yes. I did a write up on my A-plate, it should be searchable. If I get time this weekend I'll try to find the thread.
  15. Avalanche C4 Surf Help

    DMMontana. Let’s see the transom of your Avy. My boat listed. Little different depending on crew. But basically the same.

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