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  1. New dealer in North Texas. Action Watersports DFW picked up the Centurion line. Lee and the guys at Action are great! If you have any questions or would like to visit them, let me know!
  2. you can always turn the key on and then tap the gauge to see if it comes alive then.
  3. Check voltage at the battery. Mine shows like 10-11 volts when running, according to the dash but the battery is getting 14.
  4. Winterized my black scorpion 5.7

    that's what i do. not sure if its right or wrong but.......
  5. Winterized my black scorpion 5.7

    I fog mine. through the intake. Not sure if it is the best or if it helps but I do it. I don't remove the plugs and fog there, just the intake.
  6. Do you heater hoses up by the driver and observers seat? Usually the boats that had a heater installed had pull out hoses or outlets up by the driver and observer. See the black circles under the observer seat and by the walkthru? Heater outlets. Just a quick example.
  7. Someone just posted a detailed write up on the FaceBook group. Winterize the engine just like you would on the Direct drive. IF you have a heater blow the water out of it, add some anti-freeze. Add some anti-freeze to the ballast bags and then hit empty on the pump for a bit to put anti-freeze in the pump. Hard tank? use the "in" pump to pull anti-freeze into the tank. That is all if you live somewhere it gets real cold for a long time. For me in TX and my boat stays in my insulated shop. I pull the plugs to the engine to let water out of it. Remove the ballast strainer and empty the water out of it. and Change oils. I don't have a in boat heater and I don't worry about my ballast pumps, bags or tanks. It doesn't get real cold and when I'm out in the shop I turn on a heater, so rarely does the shop ever get cold.
  8. An Avy is 2 inches wider and a foot longer.
  9. Best Surf Boards

    I (5'11", 170lbs) run a Doomswell Neo 4'6". My buddy (6'7" 220lbs of so) just bought a 4'8" Neo. He surfed my Neo all the time until he just got his Neo. He tried a bunch of boards out and still liked how the Neo surfed and bought his own. Another buddy rode my Neo and ended up buying his own also, since he liked mine so much. Either way, everyone will have their own opinion. Try and find a place willing to let you try before you buy, and go that way. A Broadcast is a great learning/boat board.
  10. That will get you a surfable wave. I wouldn't put the 350 in the bow. If you want put it on the floor, surf side. During the off season, get 2 custom enzo sac's (if you surf both sides) install and enjoy the much larger wake. Again I like to list, fill just the surf side and have people or put the 350 on the seat. The wave would be what I love. Tall, steep and long. I did a custom sac in my Avy and did a write up about it. I plumped in a line to fill the extra bag on the seat when light on crew. My reversible pump fills and empty's the sac on the seat when needed.
  11. New 2011 avalanche c4

    No side swipe. my push is awesome and having less than 2k lbs in ballast, i am happy. Super easy to drive. only thing I watch out for is rollers from other boats. Once the surfer drops, put the boat into neutral and turn to the opposite of the lean, let the wave pass which will turn the boat for you, then idle back to the surfer. No issues at all.
  12. New 2011 avalanche c4

    If you are going to list it, you need the rub rail close to the water sitting still. Here is my 08 Avy. Little exaggerated, the run tail is usually just at the water level. Then here is my buddy at 6’7” surfing with his 8yo daughter. I would call up wakemakers and have them build you custom sacs that fill the locker and go up under the seats also. Have each bag it’s own reversible pump to fill and empty. It takes about 8min to fill/empty my custom sac. If you want to list it, you can. If you want to use the suck gate you can. Best of both worlds and just buying bags once. I started out with the 1100’s and then bought the custom. I bought bags twice. lol.
  13. I have to tap on my gauges every now and then to make them come alive.
  14. Welcome, The Enzo SV230 is an awesome surf boat. Back then we listed the boat, and the wave is awesome. Some guys like the suck gates now, I still prefer my listed wave. Not near the weight needed and much better on fuel. You should be able to get a surfable wave out of what is in the boat now. You will want and the boat is capable of much more. Lots of threads on this site about how to set up that era boat. Basic same setup for all Enzo 230/240. (240 being longer can handle more weight). If it was me, I would fill factory center and everything on the surf side, add the 350 to the seat in front of the locker, list it and surf it. That Broadcast is a great learning board and boat board. Learn basics on that and then figure out if you want skim or surf. For surf I would recommend trying a Doomswell Neo 4'8" (you can ride a 4'6" but you will not have as much play room on the wave. My buddy 6'7" 200lbs or so rides my 4'6" neo all the time but ordered himself a 4'8") Pictures of the boat?
  15. And Look at the HIN. Does it start with an NC or CA? NC boats of that era seem to be better built. Not plywood for seat bottoms and such. just another thing to look at. If I was to guess, since it is on a boatmate trailer that it is a NC boat. For me that would add value also.

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