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  1. Welcome! Beautiful boat. Most people replace the pad with a see deck or gator step. The bow filler? probably be better off just building one. They are hard to find.
  2. If I remember correctly my surf RPM is 2800-2900??? its under 3k. I have no idea what my WOT speed and rpm is. I might have done that once 8 years ago when we bought the boat. Fastest I go is 30 when I slalom ski and that is extremely rare (like I haven't skied in probably 5 years). Normally, if we are empty we go about 25 and that is about 3k rpms. Don't see any reason or need to go any faster. Correct I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Home lake elevation is 649 when it is full. My plan was to go with Nettles and send my old one in for them to check it out. Don't think it is bad at all, and it will be a great back up. Jim at ACME seemed very confident that the 1631 would make me very happy.
  3. Hey Y'all. Last time out in the boat this fall, I was loading the boat with help from someone, and instead of doing it my normal way I listened to him and ended up tagging my prop on one of my bunks (tore up my new Gatorbak bunk.) I took the boat back off and did a test run on the water with no ballast and didn't feel any vibrations or anything. Didn't have time to test with ballast in the boat. So I am taking this opportunity to upgrade the prop. I talked with Jim at ACME and he suggested the 1631. Since I have been using my factory 497 for the last 8 years and no issues, mainly surf, roughly 2000lbs ballast, he thinks the 1631 would be best. I tried some searching and only finding old threads (old boat = old threads) and no one mentioned the 1631 which I think is a fairly new prop. Anyone running a 1631? Thoughts? Jim says it has great hole shot and will keep the RPMs down while surfing also. 2008 Avalanche, 330hp Black Scorpion, roughly 2k lbs ballast (listed), usually 2 adults and 2 kids on the boat, custom a-plate. Don't know what other details is needed.
  4. Choices!?!?

    Between those 2 it would be hard for me to decide. The 2007 240 has the 6.2 is nice and $8k cheaper and a longer boat. Build it how you want. The 2012 233 has the fwd helm design and better vinyl. If both are in the same condition and the color you like then I would pick the 240. If one has a better color and/or condition I would lean that way. For surfing, the wave will be one of the best on the lake with less weight and less fuel usage.
  5. The 2009 and up Avy has a bit taller top cap, might be the reason yours fills all the way also.
  6. I ran 1100's in my 08 Avy until I went custom sac. No issues. Did they fill all the way? no. Did they hold more than the 750's? yes I believe so.
  7. Looks like a nice valve. Let me know how it works for you. I wouldn't mind replacing my factory sprinkler valves also.
  8. Welcome to the crew. Sorry I can't answer any of your questions but someone should be able to shortly. The Ri and Fi waves are awesome!
  9. My buddy Joe (dark colored shorts) is 6’5” and rode that out on a board too small for him, plenty of push. I have on the multi colored shorts, still trying to get air. And then my wave, it was rough out when I took that picture but I think it still shows the wave fairly well.
  10. Since this has the step like Gravity12 posted it must be an Avy. The picture angles just make it look really narrow to me. The Avy will produce an awesome wave. The best wave? No but it will be awesome. I only list my boat, so I can only comment on that wave. Some people weight it evenly and use a suck gate but I think that uses more fuel and is harder on the engine. I run about 2k worth of ballast and will post up a picture from my phone. I have a custom sac. Factory center. about 100lbs in the front. if we have a small crew then i have another 250 sac for the seat also. All the weight on the surf side except the bow which is centered.
  11. Fi 25 on the way

    Cant wait to see it! So going to be a cold first ride or are you waiting till it warms up to put her on the water?
  12. This looks to be an Elite V. 21' 93" beam. The interior looks too narrow for an Avy. That tower is the Tribal and it is an awesome tower with tons of head room.
  13. Typhoon is the larger Avalanche. Typhoon = 23' 100" beam Avalanche = 22' 100" beam Elite V = 21' 93" beam

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