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  1. This looks to be an Elite V. 21' 93" beam. The interior looks too narrow for an Avy. That tower is the Tribal and it is an awesome tower with tons of head room.
  2. Typhoon is the larger Avalanche. Typhoon = 23' 100" beam Avalanche = 22' 100" beam Elite V = 21' 93" beam
  3. The 09+ will have a taller top cap. not sure of other differences
  4. I completely agree with checking water levels. I had my accessory battery not acting right. Checked the water and it was gone. Refilled with distilled water and all is good again.
  5. September 2018 Ride Pics

    I guess I can add some pictures to this thread.
  6. One thing to think about and consider is what the hitch it rated at also. 3/4-1 tons usually have a higher rated hitch. Half tons usually have a 5k/500 hitch. All these newer boats weigh more than that and I bet if you took your SV230 to the scales you will be very surprised at what it weighs.
  7. Nope. Mine is an 08 with the Clarion Head unit.
  8. Did you check power at the control head? Yellow - constant 12v Red - switched 12v If I remember correctly black - ground
  9. My 2wd F150 pulls our Avy out just fine. I have a E-locker rear end so that helps. My next truck will be 4wd just to give me a little more ease. Plus I don't always pull the boat out and sometimes my buddies do spin the tires. How you drive makes a big difference.
  10. What kind of speakers are those? Why are you removing the tower? Going with a different design?
  11. 4200 rpms? wow. Sounds like a prop issue. I bet the new prop will help fix it.
  12. any chance the wiring is reversed? Hit pump out and it actually pumps in? Maybe bad impeller?
  13. Congrats on the Avy. I can't help with the wiring issue. Here is Centurions phone number from their site. 209-384-0255. good luck and post up a picture.
  14. Here is my thread on the A-plate I had built for my 08 Avy. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8608-addition-of-asymmetrical-plate/&tab=comments#comment-106796

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