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  1. Congrats on the new Avy! Check out the Noco battery chargers. They hardwire to your batteries and then you just plug them in to charge. https://no.co/products/charging/gen
  2. Check out https://towerbiminis.com/ https://towerbiminis.com/product/centurion-over-the-tower-bimni-w-evolution-tower/
  3. Yes, I went with the 316 stainless. The 2 1/2” was a perfect fit. I very happy with the new setup.
  4. Hit up fresh air exhaust FAE. They make stainless steel muffler replacements. I just put one on my boat.
  5. 2005 centurion lightning

    From what I have heard around here that hull with the back cut outs on the transom make it hard to get a good wave….
  6. 06 AVY Upgrades

    Got my Fresh Air Exhaust in October last year, a week after I winterized and wrapped my boat. Spent last weekend putting it on. First I used a heat gun to loosen up the factory exhaust hoses as I was replacing the stock muffler. This part was pretty straight forward. Next, I used a laser level to get my vertical center line and prop center line dialed in. With the help of a buddy we where able to measure and cut the square tube and bolts to size with a cut off wheel. I have only been out once since the install but I'd say I am pretty stoked. Way less noise even with the muffler delete and no more carbon in the air!
  7. I just finished my install of my new Alloy Marine brackets on my 2006 Avy. The spacing on the transom blocks match up perfectly with the existing holes. There are no nuts on the inside there is a metal threaded sleeve built into the fiberglass hull. I ordered some new 3/8 16 2 1/2" socket flat head bolts from Bolts Depot. Wish Alloy Marine would include these with there install as I could not source any locally and felt like the OG 2" bolts were too short. I was lucky that the OG brackets were only silicone on and came off easy with a thin putty knife. Install of the new brackets was a breeze. The swim deck now has no play and is very secure.
  8. Gel Coat Color Code

    Thanks Troy! Talked to Bear @ Centurion yesterday and he went in the archives and called me back when he found the gel codes. My black is 991BK136. Called Spectrum Color and they matched that part number to their Jet Black 80079 CENTURION JET BLACK CCP 04-14 SKU: 80079.
  9. Trying to find the correct Gel Coat Color code from https://spectrumcolor.com/pages/product-result?rq=mk_centurion~md_black~yr_2006 Its shows 3 different color options of Black for my year 2006 Centurion Avalanche? I called a Centurion Dealer with my hull id but they could not would not help since I did not buy the boat from them. As I am not the OG owner I don't know the dealer that sold the boat...
  10. Hi, @souperfly you reused the transom bolts, are there nuts on the inside of the compartment under the carpet? Did you have to cut into the fiberglass to access the nuts on the inside?
  11. I’d second what Troy said. 👍
  12. That would be awesome if you found those pic’s! I have a 06 avy and a FAE w/ muffler delete ready to be installed…. Just waiting for all the snow to melt… its been a crazy winter 700” of snow!
  13. Watch a youtube video on these guys, they look legit… https://gabescustommarine.com/
  14. ACME 537 New For Sale $375+shipping
  15. 06 AVY Upgrades

    BigCappt Thanks! The pumps are dedicated to 1 bag each, but with the 1200 gph speed and 1 1/8" hose I am @~6min fill/drain time and I am stoked with that! on my old avy it only had 3/4 hose and 800ghp pumps and they were slow...~15mins

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