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  1. PSS Shaft Seal

    Would this fit a 2006 Avalanche?
  2. With the stuff you said the dealer did, you didn't mention the distributer cap and rotor. Very common that moister causes green icicles inside. Easy to check and or replace.
  3. Site Upgrade Feedback

    I guess so
  4. Site Upgrade Feedback

    Hey Admin. Trying to renew my membership but it will not let me. Says it is already done. Not able to PM or send messages. What to do?
  5. Hey guys, I got a couple of questions for those of you with great knowledge and experience. I have a 2006 Avy with the Mercury Black Scorpion, been nursing a slow starter issue for the last few weeks. When I turn the key it takes a second or two for the starter to engage. Sometimes it fires right up, other times it sets there for a couple of seconds before it fires up. I am thinking the starter is dragging (maybe flat spots on the brushes). I don't think it is the batteries (two, no Perco) although they were in the boat when I bought it 4 years ago. I will pull the batteries and have them load tested. 1. My question is what starters have you guys used or heard of to replace? Is there that much benefit to using a Mercury Brand? Any suggestions would be appreciated. 2.The neutral safety switch is not suspect because the starter eventually engages without movement. Any other suspect areas to check. Thanks
  6. I just have 1 Y valve that I plumbed into the original Jabsco pump. It fills the center tank then we switch over to use a auxillary hose. We use that to fill and drain a couple of 400lbs sacks that we throw around the seats. It works well except when you forget to switch it and pump water into your storage up front. Gets kinda wet up there, but that's what happens when you start getting senile. That's when it also works great as a backup bilge/wetvac. So we switch it once when we start (after the center is full) and then again when we are leaving so we can drain the center. That valve is located under the rear center seat compartment right by the Jabsco.<br /><br />I have two Johnsons, each dedicated to one side filling 1100's and underseat sacks. So basically I can fill about 2300 lbs. in about 9 minutes. Or pump out an pump in a switch to either side in about the same time. When switching sides all 3 pumps are going.
  7. We are thinking about it again this year. Can't commit just yet. But if we do the old Avy works on either side.
  8. . Never heard of a hot water station. I don't think they will be doing any decontaminating.
  9. So for those of you that have been doing this for a while. I can get pulling both plugs, that shows a token effort. But what about all of the sacks and tanks. The center tank doesn't seem to completely drain, and I have 6 additional sacks. Do you have to unhook and drain overboard to get the leftover from them out as well? Anybody in Texas been checked yet
  10. "one of Duras"??? Dura how many wife's do you have?
  11. Inboat speakers

    Well, It looks like three will be just fine lol
  12. For my slalom skiers out there!

    It's been about 5 years since my last slide to the side. Not sure my boat could pull my fat butt up fast enough to get the spray out of my face. Maybe I will try again next time to see what happens.
  13. Inboat speakers

    You might want to try this for those hard to get places. They are quite handy. http://www.chapmanmfg.com/HK7331.html
  14. Just did mine and came to the same snag when trying to pull the old one out of the 2 inch hole at the helm. Was thinking jig saw as well. Be sure you have the end shaft pulled all the way in before removing. The few inches shorter made all the difference, no jig saw needed. The cable is in there pretty solid (that is why your replacing) so I used a screwdriver one tooth at a time to draw it in. Good Luck!
  15. Hey Kris, Dura, and 7.5, keep a eye on the bar in the hinge. Was putting on my license plate yesterday and noticed that it had worked its way out about 4 inches. Wouldn't want to lose that out on the water

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