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  1. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    I love these old boats. My classic boat is a Ski Nautique (1980), but God, I love these old boats.
  2. The light simply indicates that the switch is sending electrons down the wires; it doesn't tell you that your pump is bad (that's what the lack of pumping sounds tells you :-) ). Try and find the same pump so that R&R is easy.... you get a different form factor pump, and then you have to do work.
  3. Nice. Can't believe you waited that long.
  4. I never lube mine. I think it's designed to work with water.
  5. We still slay with an '08 - '10Enzo and enzo sacs from wakemakers and a switchblade. The newer boats are a bit better, and easier, but you would have to get into 2013 models to do it.
  6. This is so awesome. This thread started like 7 years ago...
  7. That's about right, a little over $300 (in 2011). They bolted right up to the boat, and there was a bit to work out with the holes on the deck; no big deal, use some 5200 of an appropriate color.
  8. Don't put a check valve in. It's not setup for the pressure/flow. Absolutely put a valve in if you don't have one. It'll save your boat when the pooh goes down.
  9. Yup, replaced my '08 brackets in '11. Call your dealer, or Shelly at Fineline, they'll be expensive, stainless, and perfect. You might have to sort out the holes in the deck, but you'll figure it out.
  10. Your surfing will be more fun if you don't look... ;-)
  11. Seriously, get on the phone with the Wakemakers dudes. They are cool AF, and they know their pooh.

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