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  1. Dial in my wave 04 SV230

    ...and you're going too fast.
  2. Dial in my wave 04 SV230

    ...don't counter-sink it from the other side... you might need to get more weight forward (you don't wanna be poppin a wheelie down the lake), but keep it all on one side, until you are pushing +2k pounds. Good rule of thumb is get one side of the swim platform 12" under the water, and the other end is 12" out. At this point you'll notice to only turn back to your rider on the "sunk" side. You shouldn't have to screw around with a "wake shaper" ... that might be icing once you got this cake baked.
  3. 2004 SV230 Surfing

    That^^ Dude knows...
  4. Did you swap your ballast? Enzo sacs? I love the Switchblade
  5. 2006 Avalanche C4

    Wakemakers makes an 1150. What'd you end up doing? That Avy can surf like a mofo with the ballast slammed down.
  6. 09 enzo sv230

    That ^^ Slam it down. Get the 1500 enzo sacs and enjoy your life.
  7. How'd those rams work Pack? I've got an old Enzo (2007) I'm eyeing to restore (remove the tower, rehab the switchblade, put a bitchen bimini on it, carpet/upholstery) and surf our brains out.
  8. Don't worry about the "shapers" until you slam it down with ballast. It's a bit daunting the first couple times, but you'll get used to having the rub rail right on the water. Even the new boats (new Tige) we slam it down...
  9. And when you're done, put enzo sacs in there...
  10. My buddy has a newer (2016 I think) Wakesetter. He still prefers it when I show up, slam up one side, move the people in a bossy voice, and take the "Malibu wake stuff" mostly out of play. Just up/down trim, and tiny bit of surfgate.
  11. You should try really hard to rehab them. Lube, soft-metal mallet, patience.
  12. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    I love these old boats. My classic boat is a Ski Nautique (1980), but God, I love these old boats.
  13. The light simply indicates that the switch is sending electrons down the wires; it doesn't tell you that your pump is bad (that's what the lack of pumping sounds tells you :-) ). Try and find the same pump so that R&R is easy.... you get a different form factor pump, and then you have to do work.
  14. Nice. Can't believe you waited that long.

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