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  1. 2006 centurion avalanche c4

    Just ask them about what regular maintenance that has been done to the boat. The cleaner the boat typically the better it has been taken care of. That amount of hours is no big deal, 44 hours a year average. I would rather see a bout that has been used regularly. Vs one that has been sitting most of its life. Check out the condition of trailer as well.
  2. I have had the boat for a couple of years 08 avy with 5.7 black scorp currently 510 hours. First issue i had was it would idle low or stall after returning to neutral. After replacing IAC this solved this issue however it still surges at a fast isle 1000 to 1500 rpm will not hold. for example after picking up a fallen rider. It wont stay at say 1100 rpm to fast idle to pick up rider. It will fall to idle then randomly surge back up and down. Runs great at all other rpm ranges. Could this be the tps? I have changed plugs, wires, rotor cap, going to change the fuel water separator this weekend.
  3. 2008 avalanche 14in prop

    The guy at acme said 1619 and the 1579 were going to preform the same, suggested the 2571 if i had clearance for it? what is everyone running? i am not high altitude, just looking for a little more acceleration with full ballast and crew.
  4. Anyone with an avalanche running an acme 2571? I was looking to upgrade from my 1579 and was wondering about clearance issues? Thanks
  5. Swim platform pad

    http://www.gatorstep.com/online-store/CENTURION-ENZO-SV240-2005-2013-p78618922 CAn anyone confirm this will fit an 08 Avy? Did the enzo have a different swim platform?
  6. The factory black rubber needs to be replaced, I wanted to order the one like the group buy a few years ago, grey with black logo. Seadek is telling me they cannot reproduce or use the centurion logo. what do you guys suggest? 2008 avy yellow and white boat. Might just order the grey teak.
  7. ok thanks, jw if these boats needed any bow weight or not. I am used to Malibu's previously.
  8. Bump, Ideal wake board set up? 500lbs ish in each locker or? Thanks
  9. Whats the going price for an a-plate? I am interested in getting one also. I may end up fabbing one myself, just hate to buy a whole sheet of stainless, to make one.
  10. Ok thanks for all the info, what about a wakeboard setup? How much weight do you guys run?
  11. Also ,Cant seem to find many wake board setups, what is the optimal setup? FYI the current setup is factory center and starboard tanks(250?) with an 1100 in the port locker.
  12. Thanks, boat is still in storage, just looking at some new ballast additions. Do you know an estimate of what that bag cost to custom build?
  13. Anybody have a suggestion on the dimensions of a surf sac for the starboard side?
  14. What about a front hitch for your truck?
  15. in 2013 , first inboard 1999 Malibu sunsetter lxi , cheapest thing i found with a tower and inboard, good solid boat. 2016 , 2008 AVY, love the boat

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