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  1. I have a 2008 avalanche and have had the sqim platform brackets brake a few times. So looking at upgrading to a set of brackets from a malibu that are available on bakes. The holes are 1/2" mounting holes. And i see that the mounting on the boat is molded into the fibreglass so wondering, has anyone drilled that out for 1/2" bolts and is that a plate or nuts molded into the fibreglass?
  2. http://www.kodiaktrailer.com/product/1hrcm-10-dac-kit/ Kit details
  3. Time to replace the drum brakes on my trailer. Found these kits from titan and a few others. 200$ for a conversion kit on amazon. Kit specifies #84 spindle. Not sure how to verify this other than it being a 3500# 5on4.5 axle. Trailer is 2008. Boat was originally delivered in california. Not having my trailer papers and boats in storage is it reasonable to assume it will fit
  4. Only difference marine to vehicle is spark arrest parts which r just rubber gaskets over connections / electronic pats. And they generally get some paint covering the whole outside.
  5. I went high output. Stock one tests out to 55 amps. High output does 135 amp. Local parts suppliers couldnt figure it out. Went to an alternator shop and they had one next day. I think it was about 120cdn. Worth it to charge up big batteries an not worry about draining during engine off and radio on. Running 1200w amp to sub plus 800w to towers.
  6. Get a mission delta suction cup wake shaper. 1100 lb bag in each locker. 300lbs in bow bag. Fill hard tank. 700+ in oberver seat. As many people as u can get. Speed around 11.8. Boat sits level in water and gives a good wave
  7. Ri217 Garage Specs

    Seems like u guys are missing a couple zeros for land cost... Tough to even find an acre available for sale in BC, much less for anything under 1,000,000.
  8. Breaker is front port side. The reset flips downward on mine and was difficult to see the black arm sticking down. But easy to hit the red button to break the connection. Also check that your gear selector cable is connected as we had ours bumped off during a service and was a frustration as we thought it was in neutral for a while...
  9. Pull the rear compartment side out get in and have a look around while somenes turning it over. Could b a winterizing plug fell out or is loose.. does your bilge come on often while driving?
  10. Possibly left over or spilled oil from an oil change or a leaking gasket somewhere on the engine.
  11. Surf rpm's

    So here in the fraser valley of BC I noticed yesterday that i was running an extra 100- 150 rpm due to the air quality. Its been exceptionally smokey this week so add that to theblist of possible explanations for extra rpms On 08 avalanche with suck gate we typically run 3100-3150 with a full level boat complement of bags and people. Yesterday 3300 +/- 20. Used to be around 2700 on a listed setup but does anyone run listed anymore?
  12. Yep. All but 1 bokt fell out. Ended up twisting the driveshaft before the last bolt broke. Use extra locktite and itll b good
  13. Maybe a picture of the finished product for better understanding of what ur making?
  14. 05 Avy w/ switchblade

    excellent option. wish mine had that option. check out DJ JameZ on instagram.

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