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  1. There may be, just will take more trial and error. Figuring out factory wiring is always fun...
  2. I wouldn’t recommend using the factory vent lines as they are only 3/4”. I drilled a total of 3 holes, one in bottom for new pump, and one on each side for vent. I used 1” hose. Your setup likely has a reversible for fill and a aerator for drain. I re used the factory reversible for one side and put in a Johnson for the other. I then added an aerator fill for the center tank using the forward existing drain plug. New switch required. Sorry if it sounds complicated without seeing it but to simplify I did one reversible pump per bag, and added a 800gph aerator pump to fill the center since I stole the fill pump for one side sac. Wakemakers has the ballast harnesses pre wired to make it easy
  3. I have an 08 avalanche storm series 1, also only came with center hard tank. Mine also has the switch bodies behind the switch panel and also is pre wired with wires running to the rear lockers areas. I tried to make sense of the factory wiring and had planned to use aerator pumps for the rear sacks, but seemed like more frustration than it would be worth. Ended up adding reversible pumps with new switches and wiring. Not complicated, just take your time and plan everything on paper first. Drilling holes in my boat was scary at first, but once you measure 10 times first it isn’t so bad. Wakemakers will have everything you need and you aren’t gonna beat the prices imho.
  4. Hahah true story on pulling out too late.... ideally a custom sac that extends from back locker to port bench would be best but of course my wife surfs goofy and that seems like it be a pain to try to fill bag only partially. Plus I already have sacs plumbed in back there
  5. Thank you for this info. Makes sense regarding being slow etc. I will try it out and plan for the better setup this winter. I have done impeller pump installs before just didn’t want to dive into that at this moment. Thx again
  6. Thx for the reply. The center hard tank is below the floor and the tube sac would be above the floor under port bench. Would this elevation difference allow the water in the tube sac to flow back into the hard tank while draining.? not sure what you meant about removing tank and getting bigger sac. My main reason for doing this is so I can have another 370lbs on the port side for surfing. I have rear bags as well on their own pumps.
  7. Having a tough time figuring out if this will work, seems like it would but nothing is ever that easy for me. 08 Avalanche with stock center tank, aerators for both fill and drain. Want to piggyback a 370lb tube sac under port seat off center tank. I was told if I used vent line off center tank to fill tube sac and then connected other port from tube sac to existing vent line/thru hull this would work. However I read somewhere there could be issues with the draining and negative pressure in the center hard tank. Will this work and if not how can I make it work? Thanks!
  8. Wow, I bet that sounds incredible. Looks like some great install work as well. Did they vent that 15" under the port observer area?
  9. I replaced mine last year due to idle issues. I replaced it with the exact standard motors part you show and it cured my issues and boat has been running normal. I have 2008 with the same motor.
  10. I am currently using the stock jabsco ballast puppy to fill two 750’s in the rear lockers. 1” thru hull to on/off then to pump, after pump I have a pvc diverted “y” and mounted on/offs for both sides. Only check valve is one for the bag vents which I again used a y for above the water line thru Hull. Bag fill times are obviously slower but for first year with automated ballast we make it work (12-15 mins for rear 750’s).
  11. Hello everyone I am new to this site as I just purchased a 2008 Avalanche C4 this past weekend. Love the boat, not so much the stereo. Done some research and I think I know what I want, but need a few questions answered before I proceed. -My boat has the evolution tower with no speakers on it. I understand options are limited, but I have decided on a pair of REV8's using the x-mount (I believe this is the correct mount). Question for this is will this mount work in the upper and lower positions, or just one. And what would you recommend as far as upper or lower mounted. Will tower be able to be folded down with speakers on? -I am going to replace the 4 in boat speakers, head unit, and also add a sub. I plan on using a 4 channel bridged to run the Rev8's, and a 5 channel to run the 4 in boat speakers and sub. Question is what head unit do I need as far as hooking up and managing all those RCA's. It appears I will need some splitters, but tips on best way to hook this system up would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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