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  1. Picking up a boat

    That’s a great looking wake, Troy. What set up do you run? I’ve been learning about A plates. Do you know where you can find one?
  2. Hey everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. Looking for some advice from some experts here. My wife finally gave me the green light to get a new (to us) boat. Top priority for me is surfing, and my wife just likes boating around in lake powell, so it seems centurions are th ewway to go. I know prices are super inflated right now, but this is my window to grab one. I've got a few options. I am a goofy rider, so thats important to me, but everyone we go with surfs regular, so I need to be able to produce a good wake on both sides. Option 1: 2005 avy c4. 500 hours, looks to be in great shape mechanically and cosmetically. Has upgraded ballast bags in both lockers of an uknown size to the dealer. asking price of 35k. https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2005-centurion-avalanche-7610371/ Option 2: 2006 avy c4. Uknown hours currently. looks to have been more used than option 1, but the dealer is replacing the perfect pass, upholstery, and redoing the gelcoat on the outside. Stock ballast have been removed, and the dealer promises a good deal on new bags if we purchase it. asking 37k. Pictures have been taken down from the original ad, because the previous owner had his name in vinyl along the side, and they are redoing the gel coat before the repost side shots. https://www.onlyinboards.com/2006-Centurion-Avalanche-for-sale-St.-George-Utah-117967.aspx Option 3: I have a budget of about 40k. I could stretch it for the right boat, but it would hurt when I did any mods or upgrades to it. I have seen an 07 enzo I've considered, but the asking price is 44k, which would hurt. I can hold out, since surf season is still a few months away, and hope that a better deal comes along. Any advice? Tips for setting up a goofy wake that i'll love after the purchase?

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