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  1. Acme 1579 Propeller

    Time Left: 23 days and 22 hours

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    Acme 1579 propeller, straight no dings. Price $195 plus shipping by USPS.


  2. I wanted to fill an additional sac to sit on seat. I used the bow sac factory fill and empty and made extension fill and empty hoses. I also made quick connect plugs so I can swap hoses even if the bag is full. Seems to work for me.
  3. Maybe this company but theirs looks to be 1 7/8” but I think a lot of centurions are 2 3/8” but perhaps they made different size for centurion https://www.newdimensiontowers.com/boat_towers.html or extreme marine in Tennessee they used to make Mastercraft zeroflex flyer towers which look similar
  4. On your old boat the SV230, were you using your sumo bow sack sitting on top of the bow seats or hidden beneath the seats? You really did have that boat dialed in. Would you say the boat was evenly weighted from back to front except for the 150lbs on the back seat? I suspect the suck gate helped too did you place that very far back on the hull? Thanks for your input still trying to dial in my SV230.
  5. I just replaced mine on sv230 Enzo. If you can get to the rear of the tank after lifting the tab on the cartridge unscrew just the cartridge and lift it up and out. Snip the two wires on the bad cartridge as close to the old cartridge as you to leave as much wire as you can to connect to the new cartridge. Buy this replacement cartridge being sure it’s the 3/4” 1000gal model (not 500gal) look at the new cartridge and you can see the two wires. https://www.amazon.com/Mayfair-Replacement-Cartridge-Pump-28512/dp/B00DHRGBC4/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1FRQVCWFEBWRB&keywords=mayfair+replacement+cartridge+bilge+pump+motors&qid=1562296637&s=gateway&sprefix=Mayfair+repl%2Caps%2C277&sr=8-5 just strip the wire ends and attach to the two wires left after you took out old cartridge.
  6. Is there a chance the pumps were accidentally turned on while the boat was out of the water? If so the impellers are probably going to be bad. They can’t be run out of water if they are ballast puppies. Hopefully though it’s just a fuse.
  7. No but I have 500 lbs I could put in the boat
  8. Has anyone installed an Equalizer Hitch (surge brake model) on their vehicle to pull their boat? I’m using a Sequoia 5.7 v8 4wd to pull a SV230 about 1,200 miles. Didn’t know if the EQ hitch would help.
  9. Anyone know if you can retrofit an impeller filter on a 2008 sv230 ?
  10. Might try looking at this thread it solved my beeping problem on 2008 Enzo 5.7 Black Scorpion
  11. Did you set the high pass filter at 80mhz or something different?
  12. Just recently rode an Fi25 in a wakesurf comp in Arizona. What a great wave. For the comp the boat settings were Stinger Plate at 85 on the trim, Quicksurf setting 85, 11.4 was the speed and boat was 100% full all bags. No Cat was used but they said you could add 8 for regular and -8 for goofy and drain 5% on the counter/opposite ram fill side as an option.
  13. 1579 is the go to prop for me 2008 Enzo
  14. Someone is going to get a really nice boat from you. I did have a request from you. Is your trailer a sport boat trailer? If so could you take a picture of the small V shaped bunk on the very front of the trailer? I also have a 2008 and a dealer recently re did my bunks but I think they built the front V bunk incorrectly. I forgot what it looked like so I can’t say for sure they did it wrong but it doesn’t look the same and I’m worried it might gouge the hull. Thanks for your time.
  15. Do you use much weight on the starboard side when surfing regular?

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