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  1. Just recently rode an Fi25 in a wakesurf comp in Arizona. What a great wave. For the comp the boat settings were Stinger Plate at 85 on the trim, Quicksurf setting 85, 11.4 was the speed and boat was 100% full all bags. No Cat was used but they said you could add 8 for regular and -8 for goofy and drain 5% on the counter/opposite ram fill side as an option.
  2. 1579 is the go to prop for me 2008 Enzo
  3. Someone is going to get a really nice boat from you. I did have a request from you. Is your trailer a sport boat trailer? If so could you take a picture of the small V shaped bunk on the very front of the trailer? I also have a 2008 and a dealer recently re did my bunks but I think they built the front V bunk incorrectly. I forgot what it looked like so I can’t say for sure they did it wrong but it doesn’t look the same and I’m worried it might gouge the hull. Thanks for your time.
  4. Do you use much weight on the starboard side when surfing regular?
  5. Here’s the one I bought the proclip comes with power source option. https://www.wakemakers.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Cell+phone I own a version of these in my cars but could easily be adapted to boat. https://www.proclipusa.com/
  6. Thanks for the photos very good idea on the koozies. Do you happen to know the custom size of your port mid sac? Is there a concern about the starboard rear locker sac pressing up against the starboard Bennett tab box? When you surf do you use any other weight besides the custom Enzo and custom mid sac now? Thanks
  7. Wanted to get Maxx M8008 but they didn’t come in 8 ply any more for ST215x75X R14. Went with Costco Towmaster SS 8ply Trailer Radial. We shall see how they do.
  8. I was planning on using a mission delta 2.0 wakeshaper. Would I need to sink both sides equally or is it still better to list. We are port side regular riders.
  9. Ceramic Coating

    What product brand/series of ceramic did you use?
  10. I have an SV 230 and was wondering the same thing about the 750 vs 1100. I know the 1100 won’t fill all the way in either of our boats so wonder if it’s worth it.
  11. Congratulations, I think you will be very happy with it. Be sure to check the tires. If they are DOT tires you can find the date code of manufacture.
  12. Regarding your custom sacks, could you post a picture of how you have the drain pumps hooked up? Do you have the pumps loose attached to the sack or did you use the pump bracket from the hard tank and mount the pump sitting upright? Thanks getting ready to remove the mid ship tanks on my 2008 Enzo.
  13. If you are regular riders then yes you might consider waiting. I don't have any experience with riding right hand rotation but I'm sure there are several on here that do. You might also check past threads on wakeworld regarding reverse rotation. There was one poster named Duffy who talked a lot about reverse rotation as I recall. Where is the price on the boat your are looking at compared to NADA? Also have you checked boattrader and onlyinboards for possible boats. Even though a boat might not be in your location it can be shipped for anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00 a mile or you can go on a roadtrip. You can save a lot of money that way sometimes. Be careful though if you are financing that they don't require a marine Survey although having a mechanic check it out is good. Check the tires out too the date stamp for the tires is located after the DOT number.
  14. Will you be able to do a lake test on the boat before purchase? The reason I say this is you might want to be able to determine if you are ok with how loud the exhaust is. There are several threads on baffles or options to reduce the sound. On the other hand you might like it just the way it is. The boat you are looking at is really well appointed.
  15. Is the load capacity the C, D,or E, load range ie; 6ply,8ply, or 10ply?

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