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  1. When you ran with 4 to 6 people where in the boat did you seat them? Thanks
  2. I got a new replacement set of rams for my Gen 2 Switchblade. Do you just splice the wires just inside the transom or do you run the wires all the way up to the dash? No instructions of course..
  3. Does anyone have a photo of rocker switch locations for the Infinity Wave setup on a SV230 or SV240? Thanks
  4. That glue worked great thanks. Used some left over trailer bunk carpet scraps.
  5. The best 50lb weight bags in my opinion are wakeballast. You will need some of those too.
  6. I would recommend you take a look at infinity surf tabs also.
  7. I had a boat mechanic in Seattle do it. It took him about 2 1/2 hrs. They do need to unhook the V drive so it’s rather involved. I think there are some older posts on how to do it this on the site. The factory one never really kept the water out.
  8. I need to line the Starboard mid tank area on my SV230 after removing the hard tank. The fiberglass inside that area has pieces that have sharp edges and I’m worried about puncturing the replacement fat sac. I guess I could sand it down, but I might throw things in there when sac is empty so carpet would be nice. Not sure if contact bond, silicone, or something else is best. Thanks
  9. Had the PSS Shaft Seal installed on my 2008 Enzo SV230 as the original factory one was leaking badly. Quite happy with it, much drier in the bilge. Had it done in Seattle before heading to Vegas. Probably the best upgrade I’ve done so far.
  10. I wonder if adding check valves would help the the filling?
  11. Going the FAE route is is the way to go. On my previous boat 2008 SV240 I changed the sideswipe to rear exhaust with flappers and then went with the FAE exhaust. Had to go fiberglass work and buy new exhaust pipes so it cost a lot more than the new FAE.
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    Your'e welcome.

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