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  1. New member new owner

    Your'e welcome.
  2. What size was your under seat bag on the regular side? Did you put any weight under the lift up observer seat?
  3. You might get some ideas here, http://www.lemonlawcase.com/new-boat-lemon-law/
  4. Yes, you can check out Lake Mead, Lake Powell, and Havasu too.
  5. New member new owner

    Welcome to the crew your boat looks great. You have a knack with the buffing wheel that’s a lot of work but looks awesome.
  6. Getting ready to tow boat 1,200 miles. Good test to see how Rockgard and Transport Wrap works.
  7. I just bought a set of gen 2 lenco rams from Switchblade as I recall they are 1 1/4" Stroke. They were $600. I suspect if you wanted to you could get Gen 2 Rams and then buy the replacement Switch or the Gen 3 Gauge assuming that the hardware ie: blade and mount are the same on all three models? I have heard of the lenco rams being rebuilt. I was able to get mine going again by putting the switchblade on and pulling down and up while the wife activated the dash control up and down. Not sure how long they will work that's why I bough a new pair. I never trailer with it and always take it off when we get out of the water. I also use a bungee from the campground to the boat launch so it doesn't slam back and forth while driving. I plan on buying the infinity wave system which may render the switchblade obsolete.
  8. It’s the hinge one. I found a match but it doesn’t have a set screw top.
  9. What is the best product to lube the black collars that the Switchblade rotates on? Thanks
  10. Anyone know what size and where to get one of these tower bolts? Guess it fell out just noticed it.
  11. Just picked this up, works quite well. I can grab my drink or put it down without taking my eyes off the lake ahead. Heavy enough it doesn’t move around even over most waves. Called the beverage bandit.
  12. Just had a PSS shaft Seal Installed on my 2008 Enzo SV 230 couldn’t be happier. The factory seal was blown and it was leaking water at a pretty good clip. Nothing like a dry bilge. Only took mechanic about 2 hrs to install then tested on the water. Time to go surfing.
  13. Using a rubber mallet and some prying with the rams on the switchblade and running it up and down I was able to get mine to work finally. It had been stuck in the 5 position instead of neutral.
  14. Be sure to check that the Switchblade actually works it’s not installed in the photos. You will need someone to hit the up and down switch on the dash while you are back at the transom to see if it goes up and down. The other issue is that it has sideswipe exhaust. It will be loud. Some are ok with that. I recommend you take it for a test drive to see if you are fine with the loudness. I would suspect the wave is quite good with gosurf and Switchblade. You will still need ballast. Additionally that has an EVO tower check for cracks as parts for those towers are not available. Looks like it’s in good condition.

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