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  1. I have a skylon 2008 Tribal Tower I lost the top part of my nav light. Found that it’s a match to Atwood 912079 bought the light unscrewed the top part I was missing and put it on tower. It’s the same as Malibu tower light 4131009 might see if same. I think mine came off when I put a cover over my tower.
  2. Additionally my Switchblade was the Gen 2 model which is a 1 1/4” throw for the ram. Gen 1 and gen 3 are different lengths I think.
  3. I did find out though that if your old actuators are frozen you can in a pinch unbolt the shaft end and put a screwdriver or rod into the hole and either screw or unscrew the length of the shaft to a fixed position so you could surf. Make sure you make both sides even. Obviously you would be stuck with that position.
  4. I bought them from Custom Stainless. PM sent. The new pair with shipping was $600. Also I added the Infinity Wave Tabs too so I have both Switchblade and Infinity Wave tabs and Bennett tab. Unfortunately our launches have been closed so haven’t tried. Ramps just opened up this weekend so it won’t be long till I get out.
  5. Also if you go to the gallery and general forum “let’s see your rides” you could find photos of boats with evo towers. Not sure who made the factory Bimini’s but maybe someone else could answer that.
  6. Here’s a pic of the evolution tower. https://towerbiminis.com/gallery/centurion/ You will get some additional info joining the Facebook official Centurion/Supreme boat owners forum. Do a search on the forum for Evolution Towers.
  7. When you ran with 4 to 6 people where in the boat did you seat them? Thanks
  8. I got a new replacement set of rams for my Gen 2 Switchblade. Do you just splice the wires just inside the transom or do you run the wires all the way up to the dash? No instructions of course..
  9. Does anyone have a photo of rocker switch locations for the Infinity Wave setup on a SV230 or SV240? Thanks
  10. That glue worked great thanks. Used some left over trailer bunk carpet scraps.
  11. The best 50lb weight bags in my opinion are wakeballast. You will need some of those too.
  12. I would recommend you take a look at infinity surf tabs also.

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