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  1. Surfing with my daughter
  2. Lol, I bought the SV240 in the BoardCo listing posted above. The first things I’ve modified are: 1) upgraded the factory hard tanks to 1100s in the rear lockers and 650’s under the benches. I bypassed the sprinkler valves and have the fill lines coming straight from the jabsco pumps into a manual y-valve, then from there one line going direct to the rear bag and another line going direct to the bag under the benches. 2) I had the infinity wave surf tabs installed, and now am working with them to have an actuated double winged center plate fabricated (similar to the current Supreme boats) since it has a small fixed plate currently. The regular wave is really nice and clean, but the goofy wave still gets washed out not having a winged center plate. 3) My winter project will be to remove the sideswipe exhaust and replace with the FAE conversion kit. The 8.1L engine is very loud at speeds over about 16mph through the sideswipe. All in all, we’re very happy with the boat. We got a sub $50k boat, put about $3k of upgrades into it, and have a fantastic surf and wakeboard boat.

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