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  1. Can you share the specs on where you got it from and numbers? I have been looking for a couple years now.
  2. Surf Tabs

    Following and interested in a set as well.
  3. Any updates on finding new ones? Mine went out last year and trying to decide if I am going to pull the system or replace the rams.
  4. 2010 SV230 Need Cover

    I ordered my new cover from Savvy Boater last year. I couldn't be happier with the quality and fit and it covers the swim platform as well! Price was under half of what a custom cover was going to be.
  5. Enzo 230 prop

    So just to follow up I spoke with Wake Makers, Nettle, and Acme and all recommended the 1619 for my application. Should be here on Friday so looking forward to getting it on and getting better performance. I was at the point on selling the boat and finding something else due to everyone talking about the wave on the Enzo. So far my experience has been quite the opposite. Any tip on getting it dialed in would be appreciated as we are spending the next two weeks on the water.
  6. Enzo 230 prop

    Thanks guys for the responses. I will give Nettle a call this morning to see what their thoughts our but leaning towards the 1619. Yesterday while on the water I could hardly get to boat out of the water with 12 people onboard and no no ballast. Topped out at 25 MPH turning 3450 RPM's. Didn't relieve how much heavier this boat was compared to our old Avalanche.
  7. Enzo 230 prop

    So I have been through every post I could find through the search but nothing that is exactly like my setup. Our Enzo is a 2006 sv230 scorpion 330 motor with the full length bag on the port and an 1100 bag on the starboard and switchblade. The boat currently has a 817 prop which is a 13.5 x 17.5. We are at 5200ft and it is a complete dog. Looking at everything I believe an 1619 or possibly a 1433 might be the ticket but only have 5/8" clearance. Anyone have some experience that would help?
  8. Enzo vs V232

    Both boats they are asking around 35k for them. Still have my feelers out for other good deals as well. Great info on Supreme as I had thought Fineline owned them by then and was under the same umbrella.
  9. Enzo vs V232

    Great information guys thanks. Does anyone know for sure how different the hills are on the Supreme?
  10. Enzo vs V232

    Now that our Avy has been totaled out it is time to get back on the water. We are looking at a 2005 Enzo and a 2008 V232. Help school me on which direction to go knowing that we surf most of the time. V232 has about half the hours but both boats looks to be in excellent condition and price is about the same. Is there any others that I should be looking at in a 23 plus ft range? Loved our Avy but looking for something that is a little bit bigger and less weight sensitive. Thanks for any advice. Cheers
  11. Long story short is that we had a 100mph wind storm in our area a couple weeks ago and the house down from our storage area had their roof blow off and carry over 75 yards and land on my boat. Interior is toast, tower snapped like a fresh green bean and the windshield and frame is next to nothing on one half. Luckily the fiberglass didn't take to bad of a beating other than some blemish that a new gel coat will fix. The biggest issue that every company is running into is finding a new windshield frame and glass. It is a 2004 Avalanche and of course no one has one anywhere including Centurion. Does anyone know where I could look or have a custom one made? The but only has 200 hours on it of which most was put on by us in the last three years of owning it so I would rather not let the insurance total it out like they are wanting to do. Thanks for the help.
  12. Yes you must remove it. Not sure how you would build the skeleton with it on anyways. Seen a couple people shrink wrap boats without the skeleton being built and windshield popped over the winter from the tension. I have done my own for the past seven years.
  13. Suck gate 1.1

    Pictures please.
  14. Tall person friendly life vests

    X2 as I am 6'4" and my Centurion Body Glove vest has fit me the best of any to date.
  15. Need help to clean up wave

    Thanks for all of the help. To clear a few things up. No we are on a lake. Average depth is 126ft to 250ft deep so shallow water is never a issue. I don't run any counter weight other than the wife driving at 110lbs. What do you guys use to check your gas speed. Phone App? Sounds to me like I need to add a little more weight. I have a 450lb sac that I could put on top of the seat? Kris on the forum here made me a a A plate that is installed. It does a great job as you can see in the second photo with my son but with me I loose all of the push from the wave. Kalidgh your son looks like he is about to get it and your wave looks great as well.

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