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  1. Prop Thread

    More holeshot I guess. I wiped out the prop so I'm getting a new one. We only surf and boats got enzo sacs and surf gates elevation is 2500ft.
  2. Prop Thread

    Is there any props for the 2008 sv230 that will perform better than an acme 1579?
  3. Any pics yet? Boats prob winterized already lol.
  4. I wonder if you could run the outer baffle and the inner baffle from ggb or whatever.I already have the outer one.
  5. Ri237 surf/wakeboard settings

    Kinda disappointing need lead.
  6. Swim Deck

    Talked to a guy that knows the guy I bought the boat off and I guess the platform came off during a storm one night not sure why didn't use same holes to bolt back on or what ever.Anybody know how the bracket is mounted to the boat are they lag bolts or what surely I could use bigger ones or whatever and use old holes now I guess there's another set of holes.Prob something I don't want to bother doing but it's going to bug me now.
  7. Why is my deck lower on one side than the other.Nothings bent would it have been installed wrong?
  8. Not sure why my centurion cover with ratchet want few inches bigger all around it would stay on way better.
  9. Kids wake surf boards

    I have scamp and zup do more 1.5
  10. Removing Side Swipe

    Can someone post a pic of stock sideswipe opening on the boat.
  11. Thats all mine had its definately just whatever the workers decided that day when he instslled.
  12. .Got it out one side had two lag bolts the other side had one .I didn't see second one.was easiest to get at through speaker hole.The other side wass just stuck a bit.

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