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  1. Where did you install the heater?
  2. Got it out one side had two lag bolts the other side had one .I didn't see second one.was easiest to get at through speaker hole.The other side wass just stuck a bit.
  3. Ok I took two big lag bolts out on each side of the back and four long screws from along the back middle but it still seems to be fairly solid what am I missing here to get the rear seat back out?
  4. Any tips or tricks on removing the rear seat back?Is there nuts up under the fiberglass accessed from the back or what's the deal?
  5. How do you like my wave?

    I have the gsa on my enzo 230 with enzo bags both sides and a bag up front.Never had much of chance to mess around with how it worked or how full to run bags.Anyone else have this setup dialed?
  6. My sv230 has wavemakers wakecontrol system on it enzo sacs both sides with another bag in front, seems to throw a nice wave doesnt seem super long but has good push and height.
  7. And the abs is in water so that cools it.So the exhaust flappers are still on back of boat in stock position? just trying to figure out what all need for parts for a Fae on enzo with sidewinder.
  8. Sideswipe with suckgate

    How did the swell work with your sideswipe?

    Anyone getting rid of a enzo 230 around an 08 to get a new fi?
  10. How low in the water are the backs of your boats when your all weighted down?let's see some pics.
  11. Was there any major differences between these two years of boats? I was also wondering what the 230 plus edition entailed?
  12. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    Hate to say it but mabye you drive like my wife go too fast and slam on the brakes at every turn and destination.To get that much heat build up are you driving some mountain passes or what?

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