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  1. 2017 RI236

    Has anyone put a 3337 prop on the 1-1/8 shaft?? Prop specs are 3337= 16x15 If so how did it go and how was surfing?
  2. Ri237 Rides leaning to drivers side

    The gear is even and People have been even and it still wants to lean to the right. I will double check surf tabs but I tried cycling them to.
  3. The boat will sit perfectly flat when not moving but as soon as we start driving the boat is leaning to the starboard side. It can be leveled out with the cats fin but is this normal. Does anyone else have this problem. I checked all the ballast bags and they are empty, ramfill is empty. Any suggestions??
  4. RI237 Ramfill

    How long does the timmer have to be set on the ramfill inorder for the water tonpour out the side vent. Has anyone changed their timer settings?
  5. the adjustable wake plate is that a package a person can buy?


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