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  1. Centurion comparison

    Depends on if you want to maximize the potential of the boat. I have a 257, bought in 17, with 1000 lead. Added the lead after 2 months. Is it required? No. It makes thewave that much better. We typ havve a crew of 3 or 4.
  2. RI257 Ballast/Lead placement

    Not sure what the locker bags actually are. I run 1000 lead with 100 under each locker bag near the front of the bag, then 400 each side just in front of that. The wave is like freaking huge. Also run the bow sack. Everything full and overfull.
  3. Winterizing RI boats

    Hi guys, been very busy with life. Winterizing now. Boat is in shop so no probs. I changed oil and filter, worked great with surflo extractor. pulled all of the 9 blue plugs, no probs. The tyranny one was a biotch. Used compressed air to blow out the heater core lines. Gently, so I wouldnt burst the HC. Am going to check the impeller, easy access with the locker panel and top locker panel support rail out. Going to pour pink AF in heater core lines also want to do the motor just to be sure. Which house would you all suggest pouring AF into? @wheels, my fake lake doesn't cover the brass strainer all the way, so I cant suck it up that way...I guess..yours did?? The fuel filter access is going to be tough, will prolly have to remove another side panel, which I am not sure how big the panel is.
  4. What app is everyone using??????

    Thanks! Prolly going to drain and fill with RV antifreeze, then do the oil and all filters in march..
  5. I understand what the website says, but @Darkside and others said, was that the factory shipped out bigger bags after they had already taken possession of their boat because Fineline figured the boat needed more weight. I am assuming I already have the larger sacs since my 17 arrived a couple months after Darside's did.
  6. @Darkside said that Fineline sent him larger bags after he took delivery of his '17 257. My wt calcs.. Boat plus full fuel 7800 per bosshogg. Ballast with larger(?) bags 6150 Crew, Gear, anchors toolset, etc 1000 Lead 1000 Total 16000 or so
  7. What app is everyone using??????

    Imgur works....waiting for me to winterize it. Shop is heated tho. Life threw me a curve ball, so I havent had the time.
  8. I came from an 15 A22, in all fairness it was an awesome boat, , did load it with 4k ballast. Also the dealer was great. And the 2 pairs of revs410 speakers . Buuttt..I wanted more. Researched the big boats and the ri257 is the heaviest combo of dry wt. + stock ballast. Add 1000 lead and the wave is unparalleled. I figure with a crew of 5, we gross 16000, using Bosshog's scale ticket for boat and fuel. @BoardCo, can you clear something up for me? I am under the impression, that Fineline upped the transom and both rear lockers by 200 lbs. (I have a 17 Ri257) If so that would be 6150 of stock ballast. Is this true? I just want to make sure my bragging rights are accurate.
  9. Fi23 - Bent my prop

    I have the 2829 prop on my 257. 16x15 with .075 cup, I also run 1000 lead. It generally does okay. Have thought about getting the 16x13 prop , but havent.
  10. FI25 finally on the water

    What was your speed? Looks great!!(also the wave!)
  11. Table for RI257

    I didnt get a table with mine..
  12. Fi 23 vs xt22

    I dont know about the fi personally, but on my ri 257 with 1000 lead, I have not hydrolocked ever. My swim platform is 6 inches underwater. I generally dump ramfill before we take a swim break or tie up, and leave pnp full. One time, we floated for an hour with 4 of us on the back of the boat fully ballasted(I forgot to empty ramfill), no probs. I also have a buddy with a fi23 he put a lot of lead in the transom, and his swim platform was prolly 12in under water(he said). It did hydrolock. He pulled the plugs cranked it over to pump out the water, then put the plugs back in and it started. He then went on to finish the day, no probs. Doing what the dealer says is no probs. It takes 60 sec or so to empty ramfill. That is our 'rule'
  13. Ri Series recommendations

    I have a '17 257 and highly recommend it. If you go that route, get all the ballast options, including the front sack and rear transom. I have also put 1000 lead in under the rear seats. We typically have a small crew, 2-4. The wave is massive. See short vid. Me surfing, wife and daughter in the boat. With lead. When the transoms bag is full, I dont think you can fit boards back there, never tried tho. I know you can fit them in if the rear transom bag is empty. I dont use CATS much, but would prolly always order with it.
  14. Wonder if I need to lube my ramfill gates on my 17 257..(??)thinking prolly do..

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