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  1. Black on Black 257 build

    Looks gorgeous setting in thewater!
  2. And so it begins!!!

    Nice!!!!! So when are you going to get the boat wet?
  3. Black on Black 257 build

    I don't know off hand how to do it but you can add 30 second increments to the fill and empty times. they can be programmed in so when you hit fill or empty the increases will be saved.

  5. Black on Black 257 build

    Nice boat. Now lets see some surf pics and vids! Use pro surf right or left for starters. A lot of us that have 257s also have 1000 lb of lead. Do you need it? No. Does the 257 like lead? Yes.
  6. Fi21 or Supra SR

    Thats a tough call. They are close in weight and ballast capacity.I would say surf both and see which boat fits you and your fam.
  7. Black on Black 257 build

    That boat is beautiful!!!
  8. Centurion wakesurfing music video

    Nice! don' think I would have it on my boat play list but is was nice seeing the surfer and general lake fun.
  9. Towing with Toyota Highlander

    can' go wrong with 2500 Diesel, you pick the brand. I have a 2500 Ram Diesel. deleted, etc. love it. My wife drives a new Duramax. nice truck but I prefer Ram for diesels.
  10. Lets see your ride doing work!

    well I guess I'm at about 1000+hp. and 1500+ tq. my Ram Diesel has a 200hp tune also adds 400tq. that as last June when we picked her up. tsunami season is almost here!
  11. Black on Black 257 build

    yep Black Boats Matter. black hulls rule. can' wait to see yours built.
  12. And so it begins!!!

    going to be a beautiful boat! like the dark colors!
  13. Box Anchor on sale

    wouldn' that get caught up in submerged trees or other debris? there are a lot of that where I boat.
  14. New FI23 or used RI237

    along with Darksides thoughts, I would get all factory ballast possible. I did on my 257. also IT LOVES 1000lbs lead. If you have the transom bag you can always not use it. same as the bow sack. it may be too late by now but JMO. I use all my ballast and lead. the bow sack allows the lead in the back without too much bow rise.

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