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  1. Congratulations!! Absolutely love mine. I don't wakeboard behind mine but I like my surf waves. Only after market addition is i added 400 lbs lead in the rear. I run anywhere from 10.8 to 11.6. Slower shortens and steepens the wave, faster stretches it out a little. I only fill my rear pnps and ram, but fill them all to the brim. Sometimes i shed some RAM for beginners. For right side I run negative CATS (9-20), 65 to 75 in quick surf tab and 55-65 in center tab. For a quick switch to left side I zero out the cats, maybe 45 to 55 (little less) center tab because the engine works a little harder pushing a left side wave. I run mainly right side so haven't developed my left side wave as much, but I have pulled some pretty big guys on my left and one went out and bought a new ri afterwards. Visually both sides are super clean and crisp. Feel free to direct message me if you have any questions. Happy surfing homie
  2. Hey crew, anyone know how to self remedy a warning code for when your intake manifold temp volt is above normal or gas a short high source? Getting a warning code of SPN 105 and FMI 3. Be nice to fix her this weekend if anyone has a solution. Thanks in advance
  3. May....picture thread

    @davidcastelhano congrats on the new boat. Love the colors
  4. Silly Question

    Definitely want to have the T plug in before you launch. Not a silly question at all COV2. I once had my T plug wiggle out while running back in. Bit of a long story but ran my girl until the recommended 20 hour service. Got her back from thd dealer after the service and didnt think i needed to check my T plug. Sure enough it was choppy on the way back into the marina after the first day of surfing and my T came out. Was curious why my bildge was running so opened my rear compartment at my slip and had a good 6 inches of water. After the initial shock, was able to determine the T plug was missing and then barley spotted it lying on the rear port tranny under what is now more like 10 inches of water. It was really hard to see partly because of all the water, but mostly because of how deep the engine compartments are in the RIs. Finding the plug was the easy part, getting it was another matter. Dove in head first and after growing my arm about 3 inches, could just barely reach it with my fingertips, thankfully. Now the real challenge was getting myself out of the engine compartment upside down water to my nose. Honestly I was stuck for a second and thought, well, upside down in my sinking boat . . .guess there are worst ways to go? At least it would make a catchy headline and great photo op (feet sticking out of a partially submerged wake boat, almost too perfect not to be staged). But somehow I was able to wedge myself out against the hot engine. Chest was covered in small burns and big bruises, but I live to fight and more importantly, she still floats, another day! Moral crew: always check both plugs, no exceptions.
  5. April....picture thread

    Air temp 73, water 58. You really try hard not to fall April 27th is the earliest launch date ever for us in Colorado, thanks global warming! Nice to have my girl floating again
  6. CATS question

    Congratulations Gdmatson!!
  7. CATS question

    My buddy said he was under the impression he had CATS on his new 2018 but the sales rep said it was no longer available as an option? Maybe its just a misunderstanding but discontinuing CATS made no sense to me since it has such a big effect on my wave and running attitude. But I only have a 217 and do not have the new optiV hull so i wanted to see if what he was hearing was true. Thanks all for clarifying - sounds like my buddy better make sure his boat has the fin underneath if he thought he paid for that option.
  8. CATS question

    I guess i heard that maybe . . . regardless, thanks for the clarification @NW Boat Sports. @Blackcrowwhite
  9. Hull blisters

    @cripper, I had the exact same issue with my 217. I had it repaired and ate the expense because I float my boat and thought that might have caused it but my gel coat tech swore it was an issue with the factory molding. He also told me it just comesmetic but i had it fixed anyway because i wanted her to be pretty again. I considered having the bottom coated to prevent it from reoccuring after floating it this season but decided not to after the gel coat guy said i was an idiot (which i already knew but he help reaffirm). I was also considering a lift and second slip but after reading your post it appears Centurion had some issues with the molding process on the 217s. Be interested if anyone else comes forward. My guy sanded the small area down with his sander, 600 lb wet dry followed with 1200 lb wet dry paper, and then a premium ultra popish to match the color and smooth out the spot. Make a warranty claim for the repair costs and fineline shouldnt sweat you. If they do PM me, i know a lawyer that will throw any demand on his letter head 😎
  10. Hey crew, my buddy was saying today that centurion was discontuning CATS starting with the 2018 models? I had not heard that yet and was wondering if true
  11. Hey crew, my buddy was saying today that centurion was discontuning CATS starting with the 2018 models? I had not heard that yet and was wondering if true
  12. No zoom on the contour. Love the rearview mirror idea infinity 😎.
  13. I use a contour camer mounted to my tower. Slightly cheaper than a gopro. Video quality seems comparable to the gopro but no viewing screen. Super light weight, same mounts and water proof.
  14. I put the reg #s there also.
  15. Fi21 or Supra SR

    Test surf them if possible and choose the one that has, in your opinion, the best feeling wave. All other considerations aside, you will never regret spending some extra money on a better wave. However, knowing there is a better wave that you passed on will haunt you everytime you see that boat pass, that is if you are anything like me. If you cant tell a difference in the waves after surfing them, then buy the cheapest option and know you are a genius. Thats my 2 cents

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