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  1. Budget Ballast System

    Awesome, thanks! Do you have any pics of the surf wave the typhoon throws? I had over 800 hours of surf time on my Avy that was dialed in and loved that wave, woke up one morning this September to find just the nose sticking out of the water at my dock (insert heartbreak Gif) . I've had a hard time finding a pic or video of an 07 typhoon wave but found a killer deal and pulled the trigger. Seeing that it's a stretched out Avy hull, I'm hoping its comparable.
  2. Budget Ballast System

    Hey Guys, Long time forum comber first time posting. Not trying to hijack this thread but had a questions that relates to this thread: as I'm redoing my ballast system on a 2007 Typhoon I just picked up thanks to all the great advice on this site, I'll be updating my manifold to a 1 inch, and replacing the sprinkler valves with 12V Ball valves. My questions is in regards to the aerator pumps for draining. When going to custom bags of 1600 lbs or more, there will be a lot more head pressure on the pumps then the smaller stock ballast would produce. Do I need to worry about that pushing water out the drain port or am I over thinking it?

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