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  1. CREW DEAL: Hula Boat Care Products

    Gnarly doing well so far. Still had some spiders but I think it helps. I just have too much surface area on the house boat. The ski boat is slick clean!!!
  2. CREW DEAL: Hula Boat Care Products

    Awesome, thanks John. I am experimenting with the gnarly on the houseboat to see if it will limit the spiders getting on the boat at the marina. I will let you know the results. So far I have not seen alot of spiders on the house boat since spraying. So far, not one spider has been found on my Centurion in the slip. They only thing I do different is spray it with gnarly after taking the boat out.
  3. CREW DEAL: Hula Boat Care Products

    LOL sorry, I thought it was 30 years. From your experience and knowledge it seems like that long. This is Travis by the way with the houseboat and ski boat at lake Belton. I buy the gallons from the boat show every year.
  4. CREW DEAL: Hula Boat Care Products

    Also, if you have any boat care questions, do not hesitate to call John at Hula. He has extensive knowledge for he has been in the business 30+ years. He was with Meguiers for a long time.
  5. CREW DEAL: Hula Boat Care Products

    I absolutely love the Hula boatcare products and know John (the owner) personally. The polymer sealant provides awesome protection and shine. It is a synthetic sealant that lasts much longer than waxes. If you store your boat in a marina with spiders and bug issues, wipe the boat off with gnarly spot remover and the bugs stay off. My guess is that it contains fruit acids that spiders may not like. Who knows but it works. The spray detail is great for keeping up the shine. Lastly, I love the vinyl cleaner/conditioner. It keeps your vinyl in great shape. John always sends me goodies with every order. He also provides most every item in the gallon size if you use alot of the products.
  6. 2013

    Lake pics
  7. Drug Money

    Other lake pictures from our houseboat

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