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  1. Fi23 - Bent my prop

    I second the 16X13 prop. I have that on my FI 23 with 300# of lead and the 409 (1 and 1/8 inch shaft). I average around 3500 RPM's. My RPM's go down if I add more bow weight, usually.
  2. I am sorry you are having so many issues with Freedom. I had an older Centurion through them and was pleased with their service. I would definitely let Centurion HQ know for sure so they can get it addressed.
  3. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    There is an Axis A 22 at our marina, which I have seen him fill up with gas twice in an afternoon while surfing. My friends with the wedge, their motors scream when that wedge is down. Rough calculations, on the FI 23, we burn about 5-6 GPH while surfing. That is usually with 5,000 lb of ballast and 6-7 passengers. With a few people, we have burned about 4 GPH. I usually do not use more than a quarter of a tank when surfing for several hours (63 gallon tank). Opti-V is for real!!!!
  4. Black GatorStep

    Have the black silver and it is harder to keep clean. As already mentioned, it is not bad if you keep all shoes out of boat. We love the look of it though!!!
  5. FI 23 Surf settings

    Add transom weight, 350#, and will make a huge difference. If you do not have weight for transom, fill all 100% and keep center tank empty. It’s a decent wave, but transom needs weight for larger wave
  6. FI 23 Surf settings

    We have found that added bow weight will mellow wave and extend wave a little. It takes the steepness out too. You do have to use much more stinger, the more transom weight you have. I believe the stinger is flush at 30, correct??? If so. you would want your minimum to be 30 to have some effect to smooth wave. I have not tried to move my lead forward in front of the PNP's but was asking someone else about that. Their response was to keep weight in transom. That is interesting, I may give it a try putting lead in front of PNP's. I believe that works best with the 257 too. Oh speaking of water in transom, if you plane out fully ballasted, come off throttle really slow. That rooster tail is huge and will come over stern of boat. LOL
  7. FI 23 Surf settings

    Sorry for delay, 560 seems to be a good target. Yes we are surfing with 350 of lead in transom and 100lb on each side under side benches about 2 ft forward from corner seat (550). This works well with various numbers of peeps in boat. with just a couple of peeps in boat, put 400 in transom and go. on front center tank, fill more as you add more peeps. With 4-5we fill 20%, 6-8 we fill 60-80%, >10, full. Use center tank to help adjust your attitude for optimal wave of your liking.
  8. This is where I placed my numbers. As H2O said, this is about the only flat space for numbers.
  9. Hull blisters

    Wow that is crazy. I have had boats on lifts for years. I may look into that gator trak. I have never seen blistering but did not really look for it. I will look now.
  10. That's great. I think the TR3 would be a good option too. The spray detail seems to minimize water spots and make it look good.
  11. When I had my Aegis tower, the best results came from cleaning it with a mild water spot remover. I used Hula gnarly water spot remover. Then I would go back over with a spray detailer (spray wax). Again I used the Hula spray detailer. This seemed to keep it looking good and shiny. If you do not have Hula, I think any brand would work. Hope this helps.
  12. Me too, I had no boat in college. I Graduated in 1991 from University of Texas, College of Pharmacy.
  13. FI 23 Surf settings

    You will be able to get it cleaned up with the QS and stinger settings. Still perfecting the goofy side, but this wave is alot of fun. For pure surfers, this wave is a blast, steep, and long, with a lot of push. A friend recovered on the wave >20 ft from the boat. Water is warming, so will have more surfing pics soon.

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