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  1. Fi23 Mods

    Sorry for the late reply, you probably figured it out already.The blue and white (12v) wires were both connected to the purple/red wire on mine. Sounds like you did it correctly, red from the ignition switch to white on the module. Cheers
  2. Fi23 Mods

    EliteV, Sorry for the late reply. So, I did mine with flat brackets approximately 3” down and 3” in from the hinge side with trays out. The top bracket are 90 degrees and approx 12” from the hinges along the center rail. I used a scrap piece of metal (old triangular door hinge I think) to make the flat bracket to get the connecting ball to sit 3” down from the top. Then marked the location on the tray and drilled a hole for the ball connector to pass through. Hope that helps, Cheers.
  3. Yes & yes, we run the 16x13 prop on our Fi23 409, same shaft with 500lbs extra lead at 5500ft elevation. Surf Rpms are between 3500-3800 depending on speed and crew, top speed is 32mph wot. I personally think if you’re at low elevation you could run the 16x15, acme just recently came out with one for that shaft size, think it’s a 3337 if I recall correctly. For what it’s worth I personally know 2 other FI owners locally running the same setup all with close to 100 hrs this season and no complaints. Keep in mind that up to a year or 2 ago even the supercharged motors were on 1 1/8th diameter shaft. hope that helps.
  4. No pop burn on the 14.5” only happened when I tried going up to the 15” diameter.
  5. We had a 2015 Fs33 for 2 years and 250hrs with the 450 up at 5500-6500 ft of elevation. We experienced similar issues and tried so many props as a result, even 5 blade models but the only one that performed when loaded was the 2079 (14.5x12). Hope that helps. May also want to try running more trim tab when surfing (50+) to get up to speed.
  6. Fi23 Mods

    It’s a 3 stage approach, first stage stereo and accessories turn on, second stage turns the screen on, long press at anytime starts everything including the motor. Once he motor is running, pushing the button will revert back to stage 1 with screen off, motor off but music and accessories on. Hope that helps.
  7. Fi23 Mods

    Sorry for the late reply, here’s the struts I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01HXFXS4Y?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
  8. Fi23 Mods

    So sorry for the late reply but yes, exactly as you described, removed the plate and phone holder, drilled a second hole, removed the wires from the board, re soldered and ran the power cable to the USB port behind the dash. Hope it all worked out!
  9. Fi23 Mods

    You have to connect the red wire from the switch to the white wire on the module and you should be all set! Sorry for the late reply!
  10. 2017 RI217 Prop Options

    16x13, 409 motor
  11. 2017 RI217 Prop Options

    I agree with Boardco, 16x13 is a great prop for the 409 if you’re at elevation. There’s also a newly released Acme 3337 which is a 16x15 for the 1-1/8th shaft if you’re closer to sea level. For reference, our Fi23 surfs l around 3400-3800rpm depending on crew size with 500lbs of adfitional lead if that helps.
  12. Fi23 Mods

    I agree, here’s a link to the one I used if you’d like to give it a try. Cheers! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0792N1C78?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
  13. Fi23 Mods

    Email Erik @ support@wakeblaster.com for the push button starter kit, mention me for the same price and configuration.
  14. Fi23 Mods

    Email Erik @ support@wakeblaster.com for the push button starter kit, mention me for the same price and configuration.
  15. FI 23 Surf settings

    Ok great, thanks for sharing. We haven’t quite figured out if the fi likes bow weight or not. We started with just 400lbs in the transom lockers but felt like the platform was almost 2ft under water and the locker would flood when coming to a stop. Bow seemed to ride high so we kept the center tank full and used more stinger. (60-80) We then moved all the lead under the seats just infront of the pnp’s which seemed to work better. We’ve since added another 160lbs far forward in the bow and found we can go lower on the stinger (30-50) which makes sense since the higher stinger setting was countering the transom weight before. How about your surf settings? Still got a lot more playing around to do but so far out best results were achieved with pnp’s full, 80% on the counter Ram, 30-50 on the stinger, QS@65 reg, 75 goofy and lead weight spread almost evenly throughout the boat. Cheers & thanks again for sharing.

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