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  1. Thanks volzalum. Heli coil kit was the answer. For anyone not sure of the size, it was a 3/8" coarse.
  2. So, I have called a few dealers and Centurion directly with no success. Just called Boardco in SLC and the guy in parts was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He seems to recall that there was a sleeve that slid into the hole, possibly plastic, into which the bolt threaded. He is trying to track it down for me or find an alternative. What great service. If anyone has any thoughts on what that part might be it would be a huge help. Thanks!
  3. Hoping someone can help me with what should be a simple problem to fix. Last weekend we noticed the swim deck was loose. The top bolt on the port side bracket had come loose. We removed the swim platform and pulled the bolt out. Looked in the rear locker and assumed we would find a missing nut that would need to be put back on. No nut anywhere. Went and got a nylock thinking that would be a simple fix. Nope. There is not enough room to get a nut on there. The bolt coming through is right against the hull below the bolt with no room to fit a standard nut on there. Is there a different type of nut or what holds this on? Tried to look at the starboard side to see what is holding that on but cannot get to that due to wiring and a panel. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the replies. It is a 12/6 but I think I am going to remove the prop for the 3.5 hour drive, put it back on and launch, then take it to someone at Bullfrog (Lake Powell) to try to bend it for me. It is like a millimeter away from touching so I don't want any of the bouncing to cause damage to the prop.
  5. Having challenges figuring out how to fix this one. Should be simple enough but beyond what I can figure out. Hauled my boat from Powell back to Grand Junction to have some work done on it (06 Enzo SV230). When we got there we noticed that the prop is about a millimeter above the trailer metal below it to protect the prop. Looks like the metal may have gotten bent upwards. I have no idea how that would have happened. Wondering how I can bend it back? Anyone ever have this problem? Thanks for any ideas!
  6. I have documented what I did to my SV230 in another recent post, but with the double wing tab and surf tabs from Infinity Surf my goofy wave is actually better than my regular wave. 1100 in the back lockers running about 75% on the non-surf side. You can check out my other post with more details. Still hoping to post some pictures one of these days.
  7. I have no opinion on the Go Surf Assist. Never used them. I know that the Infinity Wave is a well engineered system that directs the water where it needs to go. I liked the price point and the fact that they were willing to have the double wing plate made for me. I had wasted far too much time researching design and who could make one for me. Infinity Wave made it easy. The guys that make them are very helpful. I went with the double wing tab as Shaka had the exact same boat and experimented with a-plate and double wing and found the double wing to be better on the SV230. He would probably know which is better on your boat. I put the some of what I saved with Infinity Wave into improved ballast. The two together made switching from regular to goofy a two minute process and a killer wave. My goofy wave is every bit as good as my regular wave and that is not what SV230's are known for. I wish I could figure out how to post a video but the files are quite large.
  8. Last year was my first year of boat ownership. I went looking for the best wave for the dollar boat and wound up with a 2006 SV230 for my starter boat. Last year we ran either a mission delta or a Nauticurl with 1100lb bags in the back lockers and the stock 250lb tanks under the seats. I used tsunami pumps to fill the back bags and then would have to dump one into the other when switching from regular to goofy and back. Very time consuming. End result was a decent regular wave and a not so great goofy wave. We had fun, but I wound up on a mission to make the SV230 as close to a higher dollar boat as possible with minimal investment. I started with buying 500lbs of lead. I then purchased the WakeMakers reversible complete ballast system with two ballast king pumps, one for each rear bag that I all ready was using. I also removed the under seat hard tanks and replaced with what WakeMakers recommended, which I seem to recall were 400lb bags and used the stock sprinkler system with those bags. The system fills fast and is awesome. Total game changer. I wish I had timed it last week in Powell but did not. I now had all bags that could be filled and emptied with the flip of a switch, or four switches as the case may be. Next were the Infinity Wave tabs. Shaka suggested I install a double wing plate rather than the often discussed A-plate in conjunction with the tabs so he had one manufactured for me. This replaced my fixed plate. It fit perfectly. I had to have the swim deck raised which required some routering of the deck for the curve, which may be due to some warping of the deck. It was shimmed up about an inch and looks perfect. Tabs were installed and wired to the switches. System looks great and functions even better. Shaka was able to give me some good guidance on the weight distribution but at the end of the day it took a lot of trial and error. First trip out we wound up with a very good and surfable regular wave. After more experimentation we wound up with a great regular wave that was highly adjustable. Goofy wave was more elusive and I again consulted with Shaka for some advice. He said once you get it dialed in you may have a better goofy wave than regular. He was right. Earlier in the week we spend 4 days at Powell and I had ridiculously good waves on BOTH sides. We could surf forever. Here is the weight configuration that worked best: 200lbs lead to the outside of each rear locker (400lbs total). 1100lb bag filled 100% on surf side in rear locker. 1100lb bag at 70% on non-surf side in rear locker Under seat bag filled on surf side and empty on non-surf side. Surf tab deployed on non-surf side and up on surf side. Center double wing tab down slightly, adjust up for steeper and down for longer wave, adjust to taste. Speeds at 10.5 to 11 We had a crew of 4 to 6 with no one weighing over 155lbs. Wave was UNBELIEVABLE on both sides. After two days I could take a look at the wave and make minor adjustments with the tabs to get the wave exactly where I wanted it. Surfer would give me a shorter or steeper and click, I would adjust to exactly what they wanted. To switch sides I only had to drain 30% from one side while simultaneously filling the additional 30% on the other side. Took no time at all. The one weak point was the original pump for the under seat bags. I will be upgrading that this winter. I will try to post some pictures as I get them but they just will not do justice to how great the waves are on both sides and how easy the system is once you figure it out. InfinityWave tabs get two thumbs up and worth every penny spent. I wish I could say that I installed the system myself, but between ridiculously long work days and the lack of work space I had 970 Marine in Grand Junction do the work for me. I had never used them before but my review would not be complete without giving them the highest praise possible for the quality of work done, responsiveness, and attention to detail. If you are on the western slope in Colorado, these guys fantastic.
  9. Shaka: Thanks for the link and the further explanation. Looks like a nice setup at a reasonable price. Tried to PM you but looks like you cannot get PM's. I'll call the number on the website on Monday, time permitting. Would be very interested in pictures or videos of the setup on your SV230 and I am specifically looking for how the goofy wave looks. What ballast setup are you running? Thanks again.
  10. Shaka: That would be awesome. I send you my email via PM. Not sure what infinity has planned but would be interested in that as well. End of the day, just need a slightly better goofy wave. Having read every thread on the subject I know you have been working on this for a long time. Much appreciated.
  11. OK, so the first year of boat ownership was a huge success. Many of you helped me set up my 06 SV230 and it was much appreciated. Now I start planning for modifications and improvements to do over the winter and in the spring. As we are a mixed crew of goofy and regular, I really want to find an A-plate. The existing fixed plate is bottom mounted. I have looked at all of the previous threads, spent hours upon hours researching. I see a lot of partial plans but none that I could actually hand to a fabricator and say "make this please." If anyone has a source on plans or someone that can make one I will be forever in your debt. If someone can make one and knows what they are doing, even better. Happy to pay and not looking for a deal. That's project one. Next one will probably be hard plumbing in some enzo bags. Thanks!
  12. I too saw the same pictures of that boat last year when I was looking but in a different location.
  13. 2006 Enzo storm

    I too have the same boat. First year of owning a boat and it was fantastic. To answer your question, I think that the stock tanks were 350lbs. To get a good wave you will need to add some ballast and wake shaper. Pretty simple really. I have, so far, kept the stock tanks and added two 1100lb bags that I fill with a tsunami pump, but I only run one on the surf side at a time. When switching sides I fill from the full bag to the empty bag on the other side to save time. I run one 1100lb bag with the factory ballast full and have a fantastic wave. I figured that was the cheapest way to experiment before doing some more expensive and permanent modifications. Still working on the goofy wave but it is pretty good. I have both a nauticurl and mission delta wake shaper. I cant decide which one does a better job. Still toying with the idea of an a-plate but have not quite found the right design, although I have someone to make it. The boat is great in chop and ran flawlessly all summer.
  14. Looking for a little help on my speedometer and Perfect Pass on my 06 SV230. The speedometer reads fast, really fast. Might say 40mph when my phone gps says 25 or so. I think the same with the RPM's but not really sure. Perfect Pass reads closer to accurate (based on phone/GPS) but still a mile or two high. Going out to Powell, where the boat is located, and would like to take whatever parts might be the issue. Alternatively, should I just upgrade to stargazer? That is an option but I would like to be able to figure this out. As always, thanks for the help.
  15. Just back from Powell and though I would post an update. First and foremost, thank you for all of the great advice. We filled the 350 stock port tank and the 1100lb bag in the rear locker for the regular side. One big difference was getting the top bag vent to the front of the boat when filling and making sure we had all air out of the bag when it filled. I have a feeling that I had a LOT of air filling the bag last trip. The bag was full of water this time out. I think I had the vent at the back last time and as the bag filled the back would sink the boat making it impossible to fill it completely due to trapped air with no way to escape. Having the vent to the front caused it to be at the highest point as the bag filled. I also realized I did not have the bag situated as far back as it could go in the locker last time. This time I had it all the way back. Thanks to the advice given here, I was able to get the Nauticurl to stick. Not without significant effort but I got it to stick. I had to play around with it to get it far enough back. Having it back did make a difference. Did the opposite for the goofy side. No front weight. End result, excellent wave. We were all able to ride ropeless and had nice waves to cut back on. Wave was big and had good push. We could get back in the pocket when we got too far back. Goofy wave is only slightly less impressive than the regular wave but that is really splitting hairs. I may try the Aplate at some point in the future but totally satisfied for now. Thanks again for all the great advice.

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