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  1. Looking for a little help on my speedometer and Perfect Pass on my 06 SV230. The speedometer reads fast, really fast. Might say 40mph when my phone gps says 25 or so. I think the same with the RPM's but not really sure. Perfect Pass reads closer to accurate (based on phone/GPS) but still a mile or two high. Going out to Powell, where the boat is located, and would like to take whatever parts might be the issue. Alternatively, should I just upgrade to stargazer? That is an option but I would like to be able to figure this out. As always, thanks for the help.
  2. Just back from Powell and though I would post an update. First and foremost, thank you for all of the great advice. We filled the 350 stock port tank and the 1100lb bag in the rear locker for the regular side. One big difference was getting the top bag vent to the front of the boat when filling and making sure we had all air out of the bag when it filled. I have a feeling that I had a LOT of air filling the bag last trip. The bag was full of water this time out. I think I had the vent at the back last time and as the bag filled the back would sink the boat making it impossible to fill it completely due to trapped air with no way to escape. Having the vent to the front caused it to be at the highest point as the bag filled. I also realized I did not have the bag situated as far back as it could go in the locker last time. This time I had it all the way back. Thanks to the advice given here, I was able to get the Nauticurl to stick. Not without significant effort but I got it to stick. I had to play around with it to get it far enough back. Having it back did make a difference. Did the opposite for the goofy side. No front weight. End result, excellent wave. We were all able to ride ropeless and had nice waves to cut back on. Wave was big and had good push. We could get back in the pocket when we got too far back. Goofy wave is only slightly less impressive than the regular wave but that is really splitting hairs. I may try the Aplate at some point in the future but totally satisfied for now. Thanks again for all the great advice.
  3. Thanks. Probably was not locked. Pretty easy to flip. I'll try that next time out. Guess I need to figure out how to lock it. Maybe I should read instructions....
  4. Went out to Powell last week. For the first time launching, trailering, and driving a boat it went great. We had and absolute blast. Started dialing in the wave and port side was really good with the stock tank filled, 1000 in the rear locker, and 250 up front. Only problem was the Nauticurl would not stick no matter what I tried. I'm wondering if I just need to try a different wake shaper for the Enzo. Never even weighted the boat for goofy due to the Nauticurl not sticking. Lost it a couple of times and glad it could float. Also loved the Navionics app I purchased. I could retrace my path perfectly right back to where it fell off. Any thoughts on getting the Nauticurl to stick or try a different one? Thanks.
  5. Silly Question

    OK, so that is the drain plug. I know where that is. I thought there was the a drain plug at the far back. Glad I saw that and I appreciate the answer!
  6. So I got the new to me 06 Enzo sv230 home and have been tinkering and getting it ready to hit the water later this week. First boat and I know nothing, other than what I have learned here. While poking around I opened the locker in front of the engine and was surprised I could see light through the hole where the arrow is. Is this normal? Thanks,
  7. Jlagos, have stock tanks but installing fat sacks with a tsunami pump. Infinity: Thanks. Sounds like I just need to zip tie them up higher in the compartment. Ultimately, I will probably want to do some permanent plumbing. Thanks for the replies.
  8. I am installing 2 1000 lb bags in the back lockers of my 06 Enzo SV230. There are vent hoses in there. Do I just install and fill them up or do I need to do something with the hoses.
  9. Wow. So much good information. I too would be interested in how those tabs turn out. With all this great guidance I am going to play around with the setup. I'll see what I can get with the bags, lead, stock tanks, and suck gate. If that is not what meeting expectations I will remove the hard tanks and go with bags under the seats and probably look at replumbing. Will try evenly weighting the boat with suck gate and listing for comparison. Once I see how those tabs turn out it might be a project for next winter. Even though I have another month of skiing (live in a ski resort) I can't wait for spring to play around with this. I'll report back and can't thank all of you enough. This is all new to me.
  10. Info just keeps getting better. 200lbs up front?
  11. Good stuff and thanks. So game plan seems to be fill all ballast, 1,000 in both storage lockers plus both 350 stock tanks, and run the mission delta on the side opposite the side surfed and see how it works. Experiment with listing if necessary and if none of that works on the goofy side, go with an A-plate. Good plan?
  12. Thanks for the info. Not sure how I missed that thread on the A-plate but that was helpful. Rhuntlll, pardon my ignorance, but not sure what you mean about the vent lines and not sure what a flapper is. Sounds to me like you are saying evenly weighted with the mission delta I might not need the A-plate for the goofy side. This is just the info I was looking for. Now I just can't wait for the weather to turn so I can go try it out!
  13. Thanks for the reply,. Where does one buy the A-plate? I have searched and searched.
  14. I have spent the last few months reading countless threads on boats and wound up buying an 06 Enzo SV230. It is my first ever boat. We got hooked on wakesurfing last summer out at Powell and McConoughy. I have read previous threads on the subjects for hours on end and have a pretty good handle on most things but now need some specific advice. The boat came with a fixed trim tab. I bought a mission delta shaper and two 1000lb bags to supplement the 350 stock tanks. That seemed like the path of least resistance and get the same weight as the Enzo bags. Also bought the brackets to reinforce the panels. Now for the two questions. Trim Tabs. I am goofy. Everyone else is regular. I have read that an asymmetrical trim tab will clean up the goofy side. For the life of me I just can't find where to buy one. Is the mission delta going to accomplish the same thing? Do I need to install one with an actuator as well? Ballast. Boat is not close to me right now, but I recall there are vent hoses going through the lockers. No sideswipe. How does that work with the bags? Trying to get all the parts together so I have what I need first time out. I'm sure I will have more questions. All help is very much appreciated. V2

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