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  1. My turn, what boat to buy

  2. My turn, what boat to buy

    You should buy my boat, it has the wave you're looking for. 2016 RI 217, 450hp, 5k ballast, cats, everything. 112 hours. Make you a smoking deal.
  3. Speaker Size?

    Ok....just a little rundown, I have 10 alpine 6.5's, 4 on the tower, 6 in the boat, and two kicker zxm700.5's to run everything. Planned on the 5th channel on both amps to run a sub...if that helps... You guys have been great!
  4. Speaker Size?

    I have two kicker 5 channel amps in the boat now...don't remember the exact model number..
  5. Speaker Size?

    Speaking of Polk audio...anyone know if these are any good? Wasn't really concerned about price, although I do have a budget, but these seem ok and all the reviews speak highly of them... As far as I know the specs seem ok... Is there something I'm missing or is this a great deal? http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_14921_Polk-Audio-DB1240DVC.html
  6. Speaker Size?

    Thanks for the info...now it's time to do some shopping...
  7. Speaker Size?

    Wylie or True....off this topic, but I'm wanting to upgrade my sub/subs on my boat. Right now there is a single 10" free air kicker under the drivers console. Is there any other places to put another sub? Or do I need to look at custom enclosures under there? I'm thinking about upgrading to either 2- 10's or 2- 12's...all depending on space....or options. Thanks!
  8. I've essentially got the same truck...same year, set up, etc...and my mileage is identical pulling my avalanche and I normally run at least 5 over the speed limit everywhere I go. I just ordered a new 2015 CC 4x4 with the 6.2 and max towing package...it won't be here until mid October, so I'll have to update the results next season... My surf season is over by then. I thought I was the only one getting horrible mileage!
  9. CREW DEAL: 2015 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    Just checked my tracking number....it's already on the truck for delivery today. It'll be there when I get home from work!
  10. CREW DEAL: 2015 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    Got my tracking number...finally. Can't wait until it gets here. Thanks Admin.
  11. Bimini Top

    Check out my post.... http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php/topic/8599-i-need-help-finding-a-cargo-bimini/ +1 for sewlong
  12. Your pumps could have seized up...mine went bad last year and I replaced them, not to hard or expensive...
  13. I need help finding a cargo bimini...

    Tried to send pm....it said you can't receive anymore.

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