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  1. Winterization 2007 Elite V

    Great, thanks for the info. Yes I am going to run antifreeze because you never know if you get all the water out. So it took 12 gallons? Did you run until it came out the exhaust ? Before running antifreeze do you drain the water first I assume? I’m trying to store a place that keeps heat at 55 but may not make it through the door at 8ft. Other option is a not heated option but either way I want to winterize. Just did oil yesterday...took a long time to get the oil out? One other question... is there a neutral lock on the throttle? Thank you!!
  2. Winterization 2007 Elite V

    Yes I am wondering the same thing. I have a Enzo FS44 with the XR550 in it. I’m in the mountains and need to winterize for a very cold winter where we are. Is it necessary to run antifreeze through the motor when my engine already has it? Or should I just empty the things the manual says and blow out? Also what about ramp fill? Thanks!

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