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  1. I have a 2003 Elite V and I just changed the steering cable on it. If you have a little help, you should be able to do it in less than an hour! All you have to do is remove the cotter pin and bolt where it attaches to the rudder, there is a 1 1/8" nut to loosen off forward of the rudder about a foot and a half. (I removed the two cooling hoses off the water pump to make a little more room) and then tie a rope to the cable where the pin goes through. Undo the four bolts at the steering wheel and have someone help feed the cable forward as you slowly pull it from under the starboard front seat(works best for angle going through he belly of the boat). When you feed it back in have someone way out front with the steering wheel end and feed it back through with via the front seat opening and then it is easy to get the wheel attachment part back where it belongs by passing it up and under the dash. Then just tighten and put everything back together. A quick explanation but it really was not hard to do.
  2. We have a 2003 eliteV , run 750 in the rear locker, centre stock tank full, about 400 under left seat and about 350 in the nose on the left side with a 400 lbs sack not quite full . Works great. Thinking about trying that mission delta wake shaper and that might make the final touch to make a really nice wake.
  3. Howdy all. My starboard locker gas shock packed it in, and I says to myself, self "take a pic" of the part number and when you go home get a new one! Of course I forgot! Anyone happen to have a 2003 Elite V in there close proximity that would be able to pass on a part number? Thanks Brant
  4. Pull the trigger! I am a fellow Calgarian, have a 2003 Elite V. Very happy with our boat and able to surf no problem behind it. The goofy wave is a little tricky to make but a regular one is not a problem. Definitely need some fat sacs though. We have 2/750 lbs for the lockers, 2/260 lbs for under seats or bow, and 1/150 lbs brick for wherever we need it. The newer ones also have the newer hull which helps with the wave making! Good luck and happy surfing! Not as pretty as a bigger boat but plenty of fun! Brant
  5. Hi all, just curious, has anyone ordered a cover from Cory lately at Evolution Covers. If so, what has been the timeline for completion and delivery? Thanks,
  6. She could always teach herself to ride none goofy! That's what my wife did. I'm just sayin.
  7. We have an 03 Elite V and I just ordered a cover from Cory at Evolution covers. He is great to talk to on the phone and I have seen nothing but positive comments. Have not received it yet but will comment when I get it.
  8. Out of curiosity could one just add a sprinkler valve after the pump on the drain line and wire it up with the pump?
  9. Quick question for you? Which fly high sac did you use in the bow and under the port seat? That is almost the same thing that I would like to accomplish as well. thanks Brant
  10. Now that is why I love this forum...I have been festering over what might fit for a week now...thought this morning awe hell just post it on the forum. Come back at night and tonnes of information....if only it worked that way at tax time
  11. Thanks all, Of course the boat is six hours from where I live and its snowing like a bugger....might pick a different weekend to make that trip
  12. Speaking of wind dam's, where would a guy find one of those?
  13. Anybody with a similar boat have any sacs under the port side seat and under the seat s in the bow. If so what sacs have you found that fit well and would work well to be plumbed in for a surf ballast setup?
  14. Hi all, Our boat also did not come with cleats(2003 Elite V), Have four nice centurion ones in had and am ready to install them...found the backing that was mentioned? Problem 1: They put decals pretty much right over top of the location of the backing! So, I am thinking I will just alter the location rather that pealing off the decals (they are centurion decals so I would rather keep them) ...leading to problem 2: I will need to add some backing! I have a couple of ideas but thought I would go to the ever-wise public forum to see what else was out there for ideas/suggestions for backing... what do you all think?

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