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  1. FI 23 Surf settings

    70-71 no wet suit needed
  2. FI 23 Surf settings

    Here is the wave that H20king is referring to. The wave was $$
  3. Calling all PDX

    Anyone have weekday mornings open? Anyone?
  4. Calling all PDX

    I more on Hayden island and will go to willamette. Pm me if you would like to go, I’m broken too lol.
  5. Anyone in the Pdx area want to go surf tomorrow morning (5/22) let me know, I’m looking for one more person. Or if you’re available weekdays let me know, I like to surf during the week when possible.
  6. CATS question

    in addition: when you are just cruising you can completely level your boat without worrying about where people are sitting etc. totally worth checking the box.
  7. March Video - Picture Thread!

    Got out for the first time this season. Makes me so happy that my wife is addicted to this sport as I am now I just need warmer weather at home so I can go out with my boat. almost got the alley-oop down
  8. March Video - Picture Thread!

    This looks like Joe’s ride! Such a great guy!!
  9. No problem at all! Enjoy her
  10. This is the 257, but I put them in the same place on my 237. They are domed numbers.
  11. I put mine below the rub rail on both of the ri’s I’ve owned. They fit perfectly on the flat part right below the rail. I will find a picture in a second and post it.
  12. And so it begins!!!

    Congrats! That looks sharp.
  13. I made that exact jump. I had a ‘16 237 and went to a ‘17 257. I can say that the 237 was great but the 257 was definitely worth the upgrade. The wave is awesome, the fuel efficiency is greatly improved, the space is awesome. I really can’t say enough great things about it.
  14. New boats

    I have had nothing but great experiences with warranty work (what little I’ve needed). I’ve been out and surfed the ri and fi. Both are incredible machines (works of art). I prefer the ri, not for anything other than personal preferences. I’ve never surfed the tige so I don’t have any input on that one. Like others have said, the best thing you can do is demo all of them. I think the choice will then become easy. Have fun and good luck!

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